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Certified Home Inspection Training in Northeast Ohio

Recent Class Testimonials

Read what our students are saying about us throughout the United States!

This class taught me all I need to know. I loved the hands-on and involvement in the course. It is very fun to learn all of these things about homes. This is the best course to take if you want to learn about home inspections.
Braden Walters
I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be a home inspector. Joe & Todd know what they are doing! I have a Bachelor's and a Master's in Business (MBA) and none of my instructors were as good as Joe!
Marcy Mathews
The program is very informative, and Joe Jefferys is extremely knowledgeable. Enjoyed my experience with the HomeSpection Training Institute. Todd is very helpful with any and all questions you may have.
Michele Schmitt
I feel this class takes the edge off stepping into the home inspector industry and gives you the confidence and comfort to trust your judgement and you have the assurance to have the best train you.
James Mack III
Mr. Jefferys is a true professional, he takes his time to make sure you understand all materials and shows enough examples so that you feel confident in what you are doing!!! Todd and Joe made you feel like family and went above and beyond with all aspects including learning material and teaching you in the right direction for a successful career.
Randy Sands
From the idea of becoming a home inspector through this current moment of passing the exam I felt supported by Joe and Todd. My inexperience with the home industry made me nervous from the beginning. Now I feel like a pro. Both Todd and Joe supported me with seeking financial assistance for tuition, transportation from Cleveland and every aspect of home inspection. Very happy with my decision in choosing HomeSpection.
MySonia Shorter-Little
The class was very enjoyable. A lot of examples were shown to give an idea of what was going on. It was rough in some areas because I have never done any type of home improvement jobs except painting and landscaping. I appreciate you taking the time to show us the proper way to do this job. Thank you!
Tyron Godbolt
My experience here has been drastically more than I anticipated. It's very obvious Joe has the best intentions for his students. I feel blessed and encouraged to have an instructor I can trust to stick around and assist me as I start this new career.
Leyannah Ridenour
Thank you for all the time and information that you gave, not only me but the whole class. I will be telling my brother about the class too because of all the places it can take you.
Scott Cox
I have truly enjoyed my time and conversations and all the knowledge you have provided me with. I look forward to a long relationship sir, very much appreciated.
John Johnson
This class and course surpassed expectations. Students could not ask for more passionate and knowledgeable people to lead a school. I would recommend anyone interested in this career to complete this course with Mr. Jefferys. Todd is extremely helpful to students throughout the process and setting students up for success.
Ryan Clark
Joe and Todd were extremely professional and fun to work with. Todd is always available and eager to help. There's a lot to love about Joe's training style and techniques. Highly recommend this course if the goal is to be one of the best.
Geordan Griffin
Joe and Todd are extremely knowledgeable about everything you need to know about being/becoming a home inspector. They are both great guys and you learn things that even I thought I knew.
Shane Milligan
A well instructed class with real life examples of how and how not to do inspections.
Keith Boyer
This is by far the best hands-on training I've ever received. Todd and Joe are very informative and are very committed to the success of their students. The classroom setting is very professional and the atmosphere is family centered.
Damien Taylor
Having each of us do reading is a great idea. Coming into this, all I'd ever done was painting. I started taking inspection courses online and knew that I had to get hands-on. The pictures during/after each chapter were valuable. Can't wait to be in the field inspecting houses next week and begin to feel comfortable inspecting in my new career.
Adam LaBonty
Joe was a spectacular teacher. Went through all subject matter thoroughly and explained everything explicitly. Couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Todd did a heck of a job and is also very knowledgeable.
Randy Simitoski
Throughout this course Joe has been a great instructor keeping to class interesting and teaching in ways that make the information stick.
David VanCura
Straight forward class. Makes learning as simple as possible with thorough explanations.
Tyler Howell
Very easy to learn from. Very informative.
Shawn Cordova
The class was very informative. I enjoyed it and would recommend everyone take it.
Brandon Simmons
Between Joe and Todd, they are a class act. Class process from beginning to end went flawlessly. Class was very informative and I learned many aspects of homes that I wasn't aware of. Training and class time was top notch, always answered all of your questions and was talking from experience. I learn better from a hands-on class than off of a computer. All the knowledge I got from this class I couldn't get off of a computer. Thanks for helping me on my way to a prosperous career.
Daniel Grcar
You have been an awesome instructor. You are an outstanding guy and I am grateful that you offer these classes. Not only to teach others, but teaching people the right way. Your support is nothing like others. I wish there were more people like you in the world to help others. Thank you. Todd, you did an awesome job explaining everything on the phone and are a super nice guy. You definitely add to the great environment, thank you.
Michael Price
Coming into the class I was faced with a lot of difficulties. Living in Cleveland and traveling to Canton every morning definitely was a hard task, especially with my car being broken down. Not only did Todd and Joe make me feel welcome at all times, they were always very supporting and did everything in their power to ensure I made it through. Joe offered to stay after class to do some extra studying and even gave me a ride to the bus station. A very stand-up individual and I have appreciated my time with HomeSpection Training Institute.
Michael Fields
My experience with the class is beyond exceptional, very positive, clean and professional. The instructor and all employees presented themselves in a clean, respectful and professional manner. The excitement completing this course with all the positivity, and certainty that a good career is coming with life changing experiences.
Nathan Peters
Todd was very helpful from the beginning. I appreciate all the time he took with me to even get me into the program. Thanks! And thank you Joe for going above and beyond for being an instructor. I appreciate everything you have taught. Love your work attitude and love and passion for home inspections. You are doing what you should be doing! Here's to the future! Thanks!
Krystina Papesh
The training was awesome and Joe made sure we understood the material and answered every question any student had. It was the best classroom experience I've had. Todd was great on helping me setup my classes and had information and knowledge of the courses.
Gene Eller
I had a good experience; they are very good at what they do and I would refer anybody to come to this school. I appreciate them so much!
Garland Alford
Class was very informative and Joe kept it interesting by giving examples of his long time in the field. He has me ready and eager to get out here and start helping clients. Great course with great people.
Randy Bentley Jr.
I learned a lot during this course. Mr. Jefferys was an excellent teacher, and his teaching style caters to all types of learning. I would recommend this course to anyone considering this career path. 10/10 experience, I'm thankful I came here.
Dyllan Deafenbaugh
I was very appreciative of the time and organization spent on the program. The classes were very informative and knowledgeable. All questions were answered and explained in depth. I left with no questions.
Mark Beverly
I found the course and instruction to be very well done. I learned a significant amount of information about the business of home inspection. I found Joe Jefferys to be extremely competent in his knowledge and I greatly appreciate his expertise.
Alan Manley Sr.
I did not expect the class to be as good as it was. I had trouble understanding and comprehending online classes, but in this school it majorly helped me understand everything way better.
Codie Powell
I have been thoroughly satisfied with my educational experience at HomeSpection. I look forward to returning for continuing education courses.
Shakeela Gary
Great class! Joe has years of experience in the trades that adds to his ability to teach and answer any questions the class has. Highly recommend.
Benjamin Kelley
My experience with the course has been good. I don't have any complaints regarding the education that I received at the HomeSpection Training Institute.
Nicholas Morissette
Very professional, no complaints.
Armon McCord
Joe and Todd provided an excellent experience from the initial phone call with my potential interest in the program all the way until my graduation. Joe is no doubt one of the most experienced and passionate professionals in the home and property inspection profession. Todd was available and educated in the entire process of admissions and student support. I highly recommend HomeSpection Training Institute to anyone interested in a career goal that has unlimited potential and coupled with unparalleled mentorship and passionate professionals - Thanks Joe & Todd!
Jason Brand
Awesome experience! I made a decision to invest in myself and my conversations with Joe & Todd beforehand cemented that decision. I believed in their confidence of leading me in the right direction before I believed it for myself. I can say that I am proud of myself for 'pulling the trigger' and I am grateful for the support of not only Joe & Todd, but all of the instructors that I have learned from over the three courses that I have taken. Now it's time to put it to work! Thank you Joe & Todd.
Joshua Thomas
Before registering I did do my research and you guys offer more than anyone else. Coming into class your passion shows and both of you and Todd exceeded my expectations. I appreciate all the time, energy and effort you guys have put into the success of this program and how much above the standard this program is. Again, thank you for everything, I'm leaving feeling very prepared.
William Fiala
This class is very professionally ran. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting into Home and Property Inspection. To be the best, get trained by the best!
Jeff Fidler
The course was very professional and well taught. Joe is full of years of experience and does a great job sharing his knowledge while keeping things light and fun. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the trade. Definitely better than any online option. You can't replace years of experience when it comes to training and knowledge.
Nolan Prochaska
I can't say enough about the HomeSpection Training Institute and the knowledge I gained from my experience. Joe is a class A instructor and I'm privileged to have had the opportunity to take his class. The experience and knowledge learned is second to none.
Steven Hadgis
I feel this class, specifically the teachings from Joe, have prepared me to become a successful home inspector. Joe has given me confidence to jump head first into the industry.
Anthony Rini
The class was informative and easily understood. The instructor takes his time and makes sure that you not only understand but can also apply it on the job.
Cassandra Eddy
I haven't been to school since 1983. Joe and Todd kick-started me back to success! The best school and educators EVER! Thank you HSTI!
Lawrence Brown
It was by far the best hands-on and educational training I have ever attended. Very to the point, and everything covered. All questions answered, if you didn't understand something they didn't go on until everyone understood. Would and will recommend this to all friends and anyone wanting good training.
Michael Brudnak
I came into this planning to work part-time as a Home Inspector for an additional source of income. The class has given me the confidence that I can start my own business full-time, allowing me to have more time with my family! I appreciate all the knowledge and hands-on experience I have gained. I look forward to buying Joe a steak dinner when things take off!
Raeann Baggott
Joe was a very informative, cordial, and entertaining instructor. He mixed book work and hands-on very well. Joe is a stand-up man and I look forward to working with him the future. Todd was very helpful and organized to keep things flowing.
Stephen Devorich
Enjoyed every minute of this class. I thought I knew a lot about my house, however I was wrong. This was a great experience, can't wait to learn more. I thought Joe was professional at all levels.
Kevin Uzelac
Very interesting, enjoyed the time in class. Instructor was very formal. I would tell others it was a good class. Looking forward to returning for more training.
Samuel "Troy" Uzelac
The class was entertaining and educational. Joe and Todd were friendly and helpful to answer all questions.
Mike Sullivan
This class was both informative and challenging. Joey & Todd did a nice job of creating a team atmosphere. They have given us the ability to succeed, have respect, and enjoy learning safety and professionalism. You can feel they truly care for students success regardless of background. Their effort does not go unnoticed. I personally appreciate their effort and I enjoyed this class.
Tyler Gibbs
The use of real-world experiences in delivering the content, combined with my own personal experiences, helped to solidify the instruction to prepare to be a competent, confident inspector. Thank you for preparing me to be an asset to my clients in their buying process.
Ron Brothers
Class covers the book extensively. Very useful as far as pictures and actual props. We also leave with a nicely put together binder with tons of resources and paperwork.
Shlomo Dunoff
I'm highly appreciative of the extremely informative, educational, and thorough education in preparation of the exam and a future in home inspection.
Gary Wehrle
I laughed a lot, learned even more, and enjoyed all of the above. Met cool people from other places and I am very excited about success.
Steven Masters
My experience with the class here at HomeSpection was very good.
Damon Hill
I love you!! Thanks for all your help, can't wait to take on the world with you right behind me.
Isaiah Davis
Training was taxing at first but through Joe's guidance it all came together at the end. Thanks Joe!
Don Bishop
Two words, "THE BEST!"
Larry Butler
Joe Jefferys was very detailed and informative.  The class was taught with great detail and extremely accurate information  Everyone associated with the school is extremely attentive to all the student's needs and they go above and beyond to see you achieve your goals.  Thank you Joe and Todd.
Joseph Roth
Really enjoyed the time spent here in class, it will go down in the books as one of the most enjoyable classes  I've taken.  Your knowledge of the course subject mixed with the slides of personal practice was amazing.  It opened my eyes to the things I don't know and have at my own home.  Will definitely be taking more classes in the near future.
Mark Wells Sr.
I thoroughly enjoyed each day of this course.  Joe was an amazing teacher who was very informative and knowledgeable with many years of experience to share.  The knowledge I have learned from this course far exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for being so passionate and truly caring for your students.
Matthew Reese
My experience at the HomeSpection Training Institute was very informative.  I learned so much about the interior and exterior of a home.  I am very pleased with this information and knowledge and I can now use what I know about safety hazards.  I will be teaching my small children about hazards that I didn't know about before.  I can apply what I know to my everyday life.  I can now save my life and many other lives on a day to day basis.  I enjoyed learning the foundation of what we have to live in daily.  I am very pleased.
Raynell Legrande
I certainly appreciate you taking your time to thoroughly teach us the in's and out's of home inspecting.  You've done wonderful!  You are so in depth with your experiences making sure we KNOW what mistakes not to make and that is awesome.  Thanks for your time and brutal honestly.
Erica Clemons
You and Todd have been great to work with and learn from.  There's a lot of knowledge in this school.  I may have passed the test with the school, but like you said, the test is only the beginning.  Looking forward to seeing what is in the distance from here.  Thank you guys both, I appreciate it, more than you will know.  I'll take that free steak now!
Chris Ackerman
Very simple and understandable instructor.  He encourages you to ask questions and answers them in a way that is easy to understand.  He informs you as you read the material to ensure that you understand.  The class is engaging and hands-on.  Last, he provides pictures as you read the material.  I would definitely recommend!
Cordrick Owens
Great experience, Joe was very good at teaching the class and has a lot of knowledge.  But the best thing is Joe really cares about your success.
Ryan Honeycutt
Probably the only class where I didn't want to sleep instead of read the materials.  The class stayed interesting throughout.  Thanks Joe & Todd!
Michael Angelino
I appreciate the particular detail that Joe puts on what we will need to say and do to best serve our future clients.  He explains how to protect ourselves from liability and teaches how to simplify the process.  I am looking forward to applying what I have learned in my future career.  I look forward to staying in touch with both Joe and Todd for years to come.
Logan Kirk
I was very concerned initially whether I possessed enough experience to enter this exciting field.  Joe explained everything at a very basic level that was easy to absorb and my fears were quickly neutralized.  I feel far more equipped now to excel  professionally in this lucrative field.  Great instruction, thank you again!
Paul A. Watler Sr.
I received a comprehensive teaching in a short period of time that will carry me through the rest of my life.  I am completely grateful and will show my appreciation by doing MY best in every property inspection endeavor.
Dennis Johnson
Joe Jefferys and Todd Petty are the best.  This program is well put together and I can't see myself taking or referring any other program.  Very informative and very welcoming.  Great guys all the way across the board.  I will be signing up for every program they offer!
Arthur Fayne
I've had a great experience taking this course.  Was very inspired by the professionalism in putting this course together.  Looking forward to learning more from your teachings.
Leonid Zavlunov
Joe is a genuine person with a history in home inspections and trades that is immeasurable and vast.  He imparts his knowledge upon his students with hands on training as well as photos and exploring the depths of several educational documents that challenge each student's ability to engage in analytical rigor.
Thomas Banna
I'd like to personally thank Joe and Todd for their understanding in the limitations to my schedule and not giving me a hard time for dropping my kids off in the morning before school.  Thank you guys!
Charles Graham
Very informative, family environment.  It has been a great time learning with everyone, great class!
Nick Toney
Very educational and all staff was very professional and courteous.
Joseph Molek
The teaching was very detailed and professional.
Kevin Orvos
I liked the fact that the class is hands-on.  Joe was a great instructor and helps you understand the material.  I really enjoyed coming to class because it was a great environment.  I felt that the knowledge I learned from this class will make me a successful Home Inspector.  Joe and Todd both answered any and all questions I had.  I will recommend this class to anyone I know that wants to be their own boss.
Duane Hall Jr.
It was a privilege to be trained by a man with the vast knowledge and experience in home inspections.  I truly appreciate everything I learned and further appreciate the fact that Joe will remain available to me with any further questions.
I highly recommend this Institute to anyone who seeks a career in home inspections.
Ken Saltz Jr.
Joe is very knowledgeable and makes the curriculum easy to understand.  The time and money spent to take this course was well spent.  Todd was very helpful with getting signed up for the course and explaining how the course would be presented.  I will be spending more time with Joe and Todd for future classes and look forward to it.
Josh Brandyberry
My experience was great with both Joe & Todd.  Overall, I'm very satisfied with what I learned, how it was taught, and with my classmates.  I wouldn't change anything!
Brady Chappell
Thank you for always answering my multiple questions I had to ask and making things I didn't fully understand clearly.  I appreciate the hard work you put into teaching our class.  Also thank you Todd for keeping me updated  with the class schedules and making sure I had what I needed to enroll.
Gavin Dockery
Big thanks to the great guys at the training facility.  We not only enjoyed ourselves, but we learned and understood each assignment given.  I will definitely recommend to family and friends.  Once again, thank you Joe and Todd.
Aaron Major
The best hands-on training I've ever been a part of!!!
Dylan Adams
Thank you for all your help.  You clearly are about your students and their success.  I don't think I understood the difference between schools before I arrived, however I am very grateful  that I decided to come here.  I feel confident in applying the skills I have learned to be a successful property inspector.  Both you and Todd have been nothing but nice and informative throughout the whole process.  Thanks for all your help.
Austin Kincade
Very straight forward and easy to understand.  Appreciate your knowledge and wisdom.  Thank  you for being considerate and respectful, also thank you for caring for people and your students.  I look forward to you being my mentor throughout my home inspection journey.  Also Todd was cool too, but seriously thank you for your help.
Crystal Arp
I thoroughly enjoyed the course teachings and hospitality of both Joe & Todd.  I came in with the understanding that not may women are in this field, however by the end of the course it barely crossed my mind due to the inclusiveness of my instructors.  There is an immense amount of knowledge within this institute and it is evident why this is the #1 school in the nation.
Courtney Lockhart
Taking the in person class was very successful for me.  Joe Jefferys, my instructor, was a pleasure to have for all the training and instruction.  Joe made all aspects of my learning experience very easy.  He had all the answers I needed or was looking for.  Todd Petty, the Director of Admissions, was also quite the help with my learning experience.  I would highly recommend both of these guys for training and knowledge.
John Jordan
I enjoyed attending this program with your approach integrating experience and book work.  Thinking of the safety aspect has opened my eyes & will help with attention to detail.  Todd is great with handling the VA process for me.  Thanks!!!
Vinnie Camacho
Learning this material was much easier than anticipated due to the laid back personality or personalities of Joe & Todd.  Made myself feel comfortable and in the process did not feel institutionalized family like if you will.  Appreciate the support and with any luck I 'll cook you a steak sometime.
James Buterbaugh
Semper Fi!  Great job on the course!  Thank you for your continued support to the Armed Forces.  Thank you!
Evan Bianchi
If you learn this trade, Joe Jefferys is the gentleman you want to learn this from.  Both guys will do anything they can to help you.
Stan Griffith
From first contact with Todd Petty through the completion of the course with Joe, the complete experience was more than I expected.  The calm and reassuring advice and instruction was above and beyond expectations.  Thank you both for an amazing experience!
Timothy Barnd
I truly feel this is the best decision I ever made.  Joe was not only informative but also loved what he was doing.  Joe showed a true passion for these subject matters.  He was always willing to answer any question anybody had.  I'm looking forward to starting my new career.
Ronald Oswald Jr.
Nothing compares to the knowledge and experience Joe has bestowed on us, his students.  The photos, hands-on training and support of HSTI are unparalleled.  I really appreciated the experiences and stories that Joe shared.  Thank you HSTI!
Christopher Tyack
Thanks to Joe I have been able to learn new things about Home Inspection.  Now I will watch and learn and apply the knowledge in the field.  Looking forward to my new career.
Emmanuel Mitonzi
It was fun, I learned a lot, and the experience was great.  Fast and easy course, glad I came here.  If you are thinking about coming here, you should.
James Willis
Very informative.  Became aware of things previously wasn't aware of, and kept class interesting.  Joe really wants everyone to succeed!
Jeffrey Ott
Being able to contact you in the future for guidance on inspections or business questions is key. Thank you.
Eric Bican
This class was very informative.  Hands-on is a much better learning experience than online.
Mohammed Saleh
The experience from this course was very informative.  It definitely provided essential information going forward in my career.  Instructor was very attentive to all students knowledge levels and helped all to understand.  Todd was very easy to work with when it came to admissions information.  I appreciate the welcoming feeling of coming into the profession.
Jason Vike
My experience in the Advanced Home Inspection Training Course was an overall great experience.  The course is very informational and teaches you a lot because of how hands-on it is.  Both Joe and Todd care about their students success and it shows with how dedicated they are to their profession.
Alex Chmielewski
I had a great experience.  I enjoyed Joe the instructor.  The content is great.  I look forward to being a home inspector.
Philipp Mueller
I enjoyed being in class.  I learned a lot and I appreciate the support and encouragement through this process.  I can only say thank you!
Dwayne Ward Jr.
Was a great class to get the required hours needed to become a home inspector.  The instructor and faculty were great.
Scott Hollandsworth
Best teacher I have ever had!!  Joe is knowledgeable in his field and it shows.  I learned more than I thought I could in this amount of time.  I appreciate everything this class stands for and Joe is a great instructor.  Thanks for having me.
Neil Sandford
HomeSpection Training Institute has been a blessing for me that will help me create the life I desire and make a difference.  Thank you for the education and help in the future that I will be calling you for!
Marquis Burnett
This class was everything I hoped it would be.  I was excited to take this class and be a part of this program.  I am looking forward to starting my Home Inspection business in the near future.  Thank you Joe & Todd.
Stephen Milano
This class was worth every penny!  Joe, you're a teacher that you only come across once in a lifetime!  If I died I'd want to come back and do this class again.  I'm referring this class to as many people as possible!  Thank you for everything!
Joseph Evans III
Joseph was very patient, informative and made learning the curriculum fun and easy.  10 out of 10 for Joe's instructing abilities!
Walter Thomas
My learning experience has been amazing.  The attention to detail by the instructor was up and beyond instructional.
Kathy Harrah
Very informative course.  Good mix of instruction and slides/pictures.
James "Jay" White
Joe, this is a fantastic course.  I would recommend it to everyone.
Michael Gelsomino
Great teaching, very informative and detailed.
Jeramie Burge
The course was very informative and all questions were answered when asked.
James Cox
This was such a great course.  Joe was one of the best instructors I've ever had the pleasure of having.  I will admit, I was very hesitant and nervous when I first signed up for the class.  Todd made the process so easy.  I appreciate everything both Joe & Todd have done.
Christina Shreve
The atmosphere of the class was friendly and pleasant.  The instructor and atmosphere made what started out being a very intimidating subject, seem very attainable and was a confidence builder.  The instructor made the class fun, and the material that could have been dry, was interesting and engaging.  I highly recommend this training and specifically this school.
Dorian Green
Class was great, hands-on, and very informative.  I am glad I made the decision to come here instead of another school.  Joe and Todd were both great and patient with the process.
Abdur-Rauf Abdullah
I appreciate the fact that you actually care and are actively trying to help your students.  It is also a great thing that goes unnoticed that you buy the tools for your students.  I had no construction or property experience and I was still able to pass.  Wishing both you and Todd success and good health.
Alex Vamos
Joe was very supportive throughout the course and I am extremely satisfied with the training.  Todd was very helpful and informative.  Thank you for your support guys!
Desiree McWilliams
I appreciate how informative you were in this course.  You answered all of my questions in detail, no matter the question.  I'm going to leave here and become successful because of you!
Dillon Hunt
Joe makes sure you get the information in one of the best classes I've ever been in, hands down!  He knows his stuff and his method of teaching class works with 100% participation.
Fernado Taylor
Very knowledgeable and gives great insight into the home inspection process.  Looking forward to taking additional trainings.
Harry Brenner
Excellent program.  Never a dull moment.  You can tell Joe wants everyone to be successful.  Makes it easy to learn.
Ryan Holt
I am excited to begin a new career and thank you for your help through this process.
Dan Gazzo
I thought this would be a very rough time for me to get through this course because of my lack of knowledge and experience.  Joe made this a very easy & understandable course.  I was going to do an online course and I'm glad I chose not to and came here because I learned so much with it being hands on.  Especially when Joe shows us pictures of the many defects and teaches us the right way to inspect. Thanks you!
Darius Williams
It was a great experience.  The hands on training was great.  The teacher, staff, and students were very nice.  The teacher was understanding and overall a great teacher.  I learned a lot about home inspection and my career should take off after this.
Indrit Hasani
I came in with no experience in this field.  Joe does an excellent job in breaking everything down so it's easy to understand.  His knowledge goes above and beyond and I appreciate everything he has taught me.
Michael Lane
This has been very informative.  I feel that I have been set up for a great start in this field.
Troy Smtih
I feel you are a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher who explains things very well and makes it simple to understand.  Also very patient and understanding of everyone's needs, and always available for questions and concerns.
James Paugh
Thank you Joe. I think the course was really good and I can tell you care about the students.  You take pride in what you do and it shows. Thanks again.
Patrick McNamara
Very professional and excellent training instructors.
Giovanni Ndrea
I sincerely appreciate all of Joe's experience.  I learned a lot and found the program to be great compared to other career trainings.  It is a career change and Joe gave me the confidence need.  I appreciate Todd for his assistance with everything and help with Radon and Mold courses.  Also, great hotel deal!
John Bell
Joe & Todd,
I felt great about this class not long after being here on day one.  I honestly left here each day feeling like I learned a lot.  My first impressions were that this place was neat and organized, and that's how the course was presented.  I will return for the other courses offered in the future.  Thank you guys!
Joshua Mathias
I've enjoyed this class, I feel this course will not only help me become a better inspector in my own business, but I feel it'll help me become a better home owner as well.  I also want to mention Mr. Todd Petty, he made the enrollment process super easy.  Thanks to you both!
Courtney Burgess
After attending this school, I feel so much more comfortable and confident in doing a home inspection.  The class was easy to follow along and was made interesting.  I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to get in this profession.  I used my VA Chapter 31 benefits and Todd was very helpful and knowledgeable!! Great Job!
Richard Nash
The class was very informative.  Joe sharing his personal experiences kept the class interesting and moving along at a good pace.  I feel like I definitely got more out of this class than I could have ever gotten from any online course.
Allen Lindsay
Joe was extremely knowledgeable and made the course interesting.  I think everyone enjoyed the course.  The atmosphere was light and enjoyable.  Todd was very helpful, especially with planning future courses.
Rex Neff
Joe did a great job instructing and explaining all areas covered in the classroom.  He was extremely professional and courteous to all students.  Great experience with great staff!
Jose Maldonado
Very professional, knowledgeable, and organized.  I would recommend to anyone interested in becoming a home inspector.
Andrew Davis
Joe made it really easy to understand the in's and out's of home inspections.  I appreciated that although there was side talk we never got too far off subject.
Christian Dean
I went into this class hoping that I would learn nothing.  But in this time I've learned so much more than I knew beforehand.  I am very pleased to say that I have learned so much.  Joe, you are a great teacher and I am glad I had you as my instructor to be able to pick your brain and learn so much.
Again, I thank you & Todd so much for helping me and making this experience a great one.  I will most definitely recommend this program to anyone who has any interest in being a property inspector.
Richard Breeze
Thank you for all of the valuable information, and all the hard work you have put into this course to teach the standards and the tricks of the trade.  I'm sure I will appreciate the anticipated future support you have also offered.  With the small amount of experience I have, I'm sure the support will be needed!  Thanks again!
Robert Simons
Extremely well-organized and professionally run course.  Attention to detail in all areas of instruction and including amenities in the break room and restrooms was exceptional.  It reminded me of a military style classroom training which is very organized as well.  I'm not a fan of reading out of a book, but it seemed to work well here.  The interjection of examples throughout the reading made the technique effective.
Daniel J. Walker
I have been extremely impressed by the way you get us all ready!  Your engagement with all subjects and matters is top notch!  You are a true teacher, and with all your experience and knowledge, it makes you the best!  I only wish to learn from the best, so I can become the best!  Thank you for your valuable time and teaching me!  It doesn't feel like learning with this class and you!  Highly recommend!
Graham Szunyog
I couldn't be more pleased with the experience I encountered with Joe, Todd and HomeSpection.  The classroom was comfortable and geared toward learning.  The curriculum was complete and concise and the instruction was professional and top notch.  I can't imagine the entire experience being any better than it was.
Joe's passion for this profession and passing it on to others is very evident and appreciated.
Thomas Blankenship
The Advanced Home Inspection Training Course taught by Joe has had a positive impact on the way I would inspect properties.  During this course I received industry knowledge that wouldn't exactly be a in a book.  As a new person to this industry, I was able to understand more through Joe's teachings.
Dylan Hodge
I am completely satisfied with the school.  I have learned a lot and this school has taught me more about understanding homes and how they are supposed to be built and inspected.
The instructor was the best that I've ever had to teach me something to where I can fully understand everything he is trying to teach.
Zachary Deckard
Very thorough information taught and kept my attention - thank you for the opportunity!  I learned a lot.
I will be sending my son to you later this year!  I will tell everyone about your class!  Thanks!
LeAnne Wagner
Would like to thank you Joe and Todd.  Coming into the course I did not realize how much I needed to learn about the inspection process.  I feel more confident about the whole process.  Very pleased, thanks!
Ron Gates
This course was an excellent learning experience.  Joe is very knowledgeable in all areas of the construction of buildings.  His instruction and teaching method are second to none.  I have gained so much knowledge  by attending this course.
Jeffery Wagner
I am satisfied with the instruction received during this course.
Hunter Thompson
This course was great!  I came to the HomeSpection Institute from the commercial construction industry hoping to transition to a new career field.  I was blown away by all of the new information I received.  These guys are dedicated to the students, and Joe personally makes a commitment to support you for the rest of your glad this is where I decided to receive my training!  Thanks Joe for all your efforts to your students, and to this industry!
Jordan Thomas
Indianapolis, IN
My knowledge/experience before this class was minimal to say the least.  After completing the Advanced Home Inspection Training Course I am more confident to begin inspecting homes.  Everything from the initial contact with Todd to the last class with Joe was seamless.  Joe's knowledge, confidence, and dedication to his current and past students is inspiring.  I would highly recommend anyone interested in a Home Inspection career take this course, you won't regret it!
Michael Garrett
This class & institute are extremely professional.  Joe & Todd are very knowledgeable and helpful.  Todd will guide you through the process of enrolling in courses and getting you any other information you need.  What other instructor will answer their phone from 5am to 10pm if you need a question answered?!
Chad Arbes
I am really happy that I took a home inspection course with Joe Jefferys.  He is really a professional instructor with knowledge and experience in the field.  He shares all of his experiences and expertise in the class.  I learned much more than I expected.
Ricardo Cordova
I learned so much in this class!  I knew absolutely nothing about the exterior or interior of homes before this course.  Joe is an amazing teacher and has helped me pursue a new and exciting career path.
Rebecca Browne
A very good class.  A lot of knowledge and insight of home inspection requirements.  I would recommend this class.  Joe Jefferys was a great teacher.  Nice facility and good training materials.
Chris Davis
This class was extremely informative and really helped me get a grip on what this profession is all about.  Joe is the best of the best!
Tom Rebraca
This class was very informative and easy to follow.  Amazing interactive and practical examples.  Really down to earth.
Christopher Palmer
This class is perhaps the most hands-on and thorough class I have ever participated in.  I appreciate the thoroughness and effort Joe and Todd have invested in ensuring our understanding of the materials and practices involved.
Benjamin Southard
I want to thank you for the great, well put together training.  The presentation of everything was great, and the personal touch on everything was amazing.  Todd was easy to talk to and a big reason I committed to all of your courses.  I look forward to being an inspector you can be proud of.  This experience was second to none, and  leaps over and above other professional training I have had.
Jeffrey Zwick
I appreciate the laid back, yet organized atmosphere, it kept me from feeling overwhelmed and/or intimidated.  The promise of unlimited support is appreciated and valued as I am positive I will need it!!  Todd and Joe are professional and personable.
Kelly Jacobs
Both Joe and Todd were extremely helpful in both honestly answering questions about enrollment and the school's practices.  Joe has a unique way of making being in class for 8 hours enjoyable.  I feel very confident that I have received the BEST training I could for this.  I am looking forward to the continued relationship with this school and it's faculty.
Anthony Scalia
This class was a great experience.  Joe is very helpful to everyone.  The class will change your life if you do what Joe teaches you.  Thanks Joe.
Thomas Pegg
I really enjoyed the class, and I have learned a lot of things that I didn't already know!  Class was well ran and I would recommend taking the class to anyone wanting to do Home Inspections.  Joe's knowledge was outstanding.  Hands-on training is the way to go!
Scott Sampsel
I learned what I feel will help make me successful in my new career.  The class was very informative and I felt comfortable asking questions and it was always answered in a way that was understood.  I will be returning for future classes.
David Barnewall
The class was very well structured and taught.  Joe and Todd were very professional and helpful during the course.  They both took the time to explain everything and answered all questions.  It was a very good class.
Gregory Cycyk
This class has given me so much more knowledge through classroom training and participation, as compared to watching slide shows at an online school.  I am a generation "X" individual and I learn so much more from actually doing a task rather than just being thrown information.  The hands-on and guidance is beyond beneficial.  Thank you for all your time and dedication to me and my success.  I truly appreciate everything you have taught me.
Jeffrey Smith
I appreciate the time you took to make sure we all had an understanding on what you were teaching us.  I thank you in advance for allowing us to still contact you if we have any questions or concerns when we go out into the workforce.  I was very nervous in the beginning, but you told me that I would do well and I learned a lot from you.  I'm excited for next week when you take us out in the field for practice.  Thank you for your knowledge.  Thanks to Todd for making sure that I was signed up for everything I needed.
Odessie Poston
I have really enjoyed this course.  The content was great and very informative.  Joe is an excellent teacher who has an answer for any question you might have.  He is very knowledgeable on every subject he teaches and has invested a lot of time and money into preparing hands-on training examples.  I would highly recommend this course.  I have zero complaints!
Kevin 'Brian' Sexton II
My experience was/and is very educational and uplifting.  Joe Jefferys has made my learning easy and relaxing.  Mr. Jefferys shows a tremendous amount of concern for his students.  I am grateful to have been a part of his program.  I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family.
Robert Hunter
Fantastic Training!  The information was presented clearly and easy to understand.  Joe's ability to use real-world examples during class made the training more efficient.  Much appreciated!
John W. Niehaus
This was one of my favorite classes.  I have taken certifications before at Hondros College for other licenses, but this class was my favorite.  Everything has been organized, on time and most of all, we learned a lot.  Our trainer was very personal and sincere.  The whole staff from the beginning has been the best, including the Director of Admissions, Todd Petty.
Wanda Stephens
I really get the feeling that the faculty staff really has passion in helping me succeed.  The staff is not just teaching for money, they care about the success of others.  They have great commitment to their students and the student's success.  They go above and beyond and care about everyone's success.
Tim Heiges
I am very pleased I came to this institute for training.  Overall experience was amazing.  I appreciate the time you dedicate to your students for their path moving forward.  I would recommend this training to all individuals thinking of this profession.
Matt Buschagen
This class was one of the best classes that I have ever taken.  The instructor knew his stuff, and made the class very interesting and fun.
Michael Stephens
Joe was an absolute pleasure to learn from.  I gained a great amount of knowledge in our short amount of time together.  I was nervous coming into the class without a construction background.  Joe made it very simple, straightforward, and entertaining.  I highly recommend this training course and institute.
Kyle Cassidy
Wonderful experience.  Joe is very engaging and informative.  I appreciate his willingness to help us along even in his free time.  I can tell he is sincere.  I'm thankful for the knowledge I've gained and would recommend anyone to come absorb all of this knowledge as well.
Jaime Muniz Jr.
Joe showed me the success I can have in this profession.  With this class I feel I can become a successful home inspector.  I recommend that anyone who is well rounded take this course to become a qualified home inspector.  Thank you Mr. Jefferys and staff.
Cory Kelling
Nothing but great!  I had tried to do an online course before this class and it was very confusing, only showing me pictures and definitions.  This course is 100% better, the instructors are nothing but amazing.  I also feel much more prepared and confident to take the National test.  Thanks HomeSpection!
Sterling Perry
The class I attended for Advanced Home Inspection far exceeded my expectations.  Mr. Jefferys seems to be very knowledgeable in the trades and was able to answer all of my questions.  Even after almost 10 years of trade experience, I feel like I learned more about the licensed trades in this class.
Avery Starin
The hands-on training is what mainly brought me to this school.  I don't see how you can learn by just reading and looking at pictures online.  Class was kept interesting and informative.
Adam Krut
Class was informative and interactive.  Enjoyed the hands-on and looking forward to growing with the support that is offered.  You'll be receiving some calls from me!  Thanks!
David Nelson
I was completely satisfied with the course and wished I had attended sooner.  My life experiences had come to life with every chapter i read.  I am looking forward to using what I learned to further my career.  Thank you very much.
Gregory Sawicki
Very informational class.  Instructor was very informative, answered all questions we had about subjects in class and outside of class.  Very professional.  I will recommend this class to anyone trying to become a home inspector.
Corey Piergallini
This class and instructor are very informative.  I came in knowing very little about any of the stuff we learned about.  I will gladly recommend this course to everyone that asks about where I did my training.
Bradley Bortz
Starting with no experience, this class has really taught me everything I need to know.
Logan Berger
I really enjoyed this class and appreciated the patience you showed with me.
Robert Lawton
Thank you very much.  This was a very good class.
Joseph Farelli
After having taken previous online courses for home inspection I didn't feel I was getting the proper training needed to start a successful business.  After research and reading reviews online I decided Joe was going to be a great in class hands-on instructor.  I was correct and feel a lot more comfortable now moving forward with starting my own business.
Cory Simpson
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn from the best.  Joe is an excellent instructor.  he is dedicated to his students and goes above and beyond to ensure their continued success.  Todd also makes your experience seamless.  These guys are awesome.
Bradley Fink
I really enjoyed this class as well as the instructor.  I have learned a lot in this class and looking forward to learning more as I go.  Joe made the class enjoyable with his teaching and his stories.  Joe and Todd are very nice people and I'm grateful that I was able to take this class and learn from the best!  I really love the ongoing support for the future.  Thanks Joe and Todd!
Tanisha Stewart
Mr. Joseph Jefferys is the most dedicated instructor I've ever been instructed by.  Very knowledgeable, professional and personable.  He has made this experience quite memorable.  Mr. Todd Petty was exceptional and helpful with enrollment.
Lionel McDowell
Joe made everything understandable, even for someone like me with little to no experience in any of the trades.  I would definitely recommend attending this class if you're considering a career in property inspections.  You won't be able to find anything more informative concerning property inspections anywhere. 10 out of 10!
Corey Scott
Mr. Jefferys has a great class, it was informative and fun learning.  It was a very user friendly course as it relates to the hands-on classroom setting.  I know for a fact I would not have passed this course without the hands-on.  The class itself was more than expected.  I would recommend this course and Todd was great as well.  Thank you.
Linda Stamper
Very informative.  You can plainly see the passion and effort put forth in teaching the significance of home inspection and saving lives.
Reed White
Loved it.  Joe explained everything and was very thorough with his teaching and expertise.  I couldn't have asked for a better program to learn the profession.
Anthony Costello
A great class.  Joe is very good and gives you the knowledge that you need to become a great home inspector.
Billy Pearson Jr.
Mr. Jefferys does a thorough job of explaining and going into various details of all aspects of a proper home inspection.  With no prior experience in any trade, I know that I am now more than capable of performing all requirements of a proper home inspection.
Joe Pisarcik
Joe is very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire class.  His humor kept the class interesting.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Joe and the entire team at HSTI.
Michael Moritz
Thank you for your detailed instruction and dedication to this field.  I see a start to a bright future ahead because of the great instruction I have received here.
Isaac Oatney
Joe did a great job in teaching us about how to be a great inspector.  I would recommend the course to anyone that is interested in home inspection training.
Joseph Ahler
Interesting and informative.
Brandon Miller
The HomeSpection® Team and Joe are great people.  You can tell that they have been doing this for a long time.  Joe has so much knowledge and experience that he readily shares with his students.  Know that by coming here you will have the best instructor and a great school.
Grace Walker
Phenomenal program, facility and instructor hands down.  I feel prepared to move forward into this field with the knowledge and support I have received from the HomeSpection® Training Institute.
Leah Woods
The course was very informative and entertaining.  Joe has a very good way with his students.  He's very patient with all of our questions and concerns.  He's a very well trained instructor and probably the most knowledgeable person I've ever met in this field.  Todd is pretty cool too.
Brent Barie
Thanks for the good experience and the reassurance for continued success.  This is an exciting start to a new future.  Very useful!
Eric Lloyd
Fantastic course - Joe did a great job of keeping the class fun, informative and entertaining.  Very excited to start our new business!
Eric Lloyd Jr.
Appreciate Joe & Todd for making this class an informative and hands-on class!  Met and exceeded my expectations.  Thanks fellas!
Steven "Brad" Knee
Joe was one of the best instructors for this profession.  He was very informative and thorough.  I would highly recommend.
Brandon Elkins
Joe is very knowledgeable and helps you understand how to be very successful in the career.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting into this field.
Daniel Slepsky
Great learning experience, helped make me greater and more knowledgeable in my current job and this new career.
Demetrius Mumford
I highly recommend this course.  It's one of the best for hands-on training.  The knowledge and experience provided is far above any in the state.
Kenneth Hasel
Very enjoyable and educational!  Great format and instruction.  Nice classmates!
Tim Markeson
I am so happy I found this school.  Joe is a great instructor.  I will recommend this class to anyone looking to make a change in their life.  Thanks Joe & Todd.
Nicka Long
Great class!  Very informative.  Class moved at a brisk pace and was never boring.
Jonathan King
Thank you for your time and patience.  It was enjoyable.
Rhonda Scheidler
On the occasion of my one year anniversary since graduating, I want to thank both Joe & Todd and your awesome school for training me to be a self-employed home inspector!  I find that by using the marketing techniques and the precise wording that Joe taught me makes the clients and their agents more confident that they know exactly what they are buying and are comfortable knowing that no house is perfect and maintenance is necessary.  The training at HomeSpection® was only the beginning of what Joe has taught me.  The real teaching was when i was setting up my business and reaching out for marketing help.  Joe's marketing techniques really worked for me and now that I have more real world experience, I still use what he taught me and have confidence to add my own style to it!  Thanks to Joe's continued mentor-ship (even when he was on vacation) I was able to get the first few inspections done and my clients always tell me how clear and precise my reports are.  Thanks again Joe for the great training and the really great follow up support you STILL give me!
William Burckard
The class was awesome: I was so afraid before I arrived and was second guessing why am I doing this.  After the first 5 minutes in class I was so happy to be here.  Joe you really took the time to make each one of us students feel like we can do this & we did! 
We had a lot of fun and I feel like I have made some great friends and you are the best!!
Todd, you do such a great job registering us and answering all my questions. Very Organized!
Thank you both!
Kim Aigner
No complaints!! Been to a lot of education classes, it was wonderful, no dry reading!
Loved the way you keep people reading, keeps you alert and motivated.
Great material.
Todd was wonderful EVERYTIME we called, returned calls immediately.
Kris Aigner
I feel so much better!  Joe is an awesome trainer.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about changing their career and truly helping others.  Todd was awesome and also was very attentive to me.  Thanks again Gentlemen!
Cheryl Waller
From Day 1 walking into the school, I was thoroughly impressed with the meticulous organization of this course.  All study materials are neatly outlined and materials are easily navigated.  The atmosphere is friendly but professional.  I enjoy learning hands-on and HomeSpection's® onsite models  made the experience that much easier.  The projection of slides really sets the environment that we are about to walk into.  I have really enjoyed this course and will be furthering my certificates and continuing education in the future.
Susan Fields
My experience has been nothing but great while attending class. The atmosphere is fun and easy to learn in.  Joe is a great instructor.  He is very knowledgeable and presents the information in an easy to understand way.  I would recommend this class and other courses to anyone interested.
Joshua Hamilton
This has been a great experience for me.  I'm glad I got to meet all the people in the class.  Joe you are a great teacher, you make everything so easy to understand.  I would definitely recommend this class to anyone I come across that wants to get into this field.  Thanks for a great time while learning.
DeCosta Cromwell
I really appreciated the organization apparent the moment we entered the classroom.  The materials provided were well above and beyond the standard accompanying book for the course.  Thank you for taking the time to prepare and organize all the publications beneficial to beginning our career.
Eric Johnson
I feel like I had a head start on this course, due to rehabbing a sad, tired, century home for 25 years.  This course was great at filling in the gaps in my knowledge of various systems, especially HVAC and Electric.  Real electric panels, actual furnaces and water heaters were great learning aids.
Kristine Davies
Being instructed by Joe Jefferys was a very positive experience.  Joe was patient with everyone asking questions and providing detailed answers to everyone's questions.  This class not only prepares you to inspect homes, but it also prepares you to run your own business.
Steven Ostrowski
I thought this course was extremely well done, thought out and done in a manner that made everything very understandable.  I liked the use of pictures and examples.
Michael Dunipace
This has been a fantastic class & instructor.  I was so happy that I ended up doing this.
Joshua Doster
Excellent class. Well worth my trip from Cincinnati.
Eric Durbin
Excellent experience, very informative!  Excellent teacher and curriculum.
Joseph Hernandez
Joe was very knowledgeable on everything.  I'm very satisfied.
Mike Balcomb
I am typically not a "school" person at all.  I spent the last year using AHIT online and without a doubt I learned more in my first week here than the whole previous year online!!  I would highly recommend anyone to take this course (As long as they aren't in my territory)...but really, thank you for everything you've done/supplied.
Dillon Shammo
Although I had a good knowledge prior to attending this class, there was so much that a book could not have taught, which was real world experiences.  The personal experiences are a large part of how I learn.  Combined with Todd's knowledge and humor to get us comfortable, it was a great experience!  Already have recommended this school to others.
Tami Mankin
I came here with little to no knowledge about this career/field and was very nervous.  Now I feel way more confident and supported thanks to Joe!  Mentioning kids when it comes to inspections really reiterated the importance of this career.  With the help of Joe and Todd, I feel every student's success is taken seriously and that means a lot!
Tiara Guice
I enjoyed being here and learning new things.  Service after class is a big plus for me to recommend others who wish to finish training.  Very personable and friendly staff who always answered any of my questions.
Todd is great and got all of my financials completed in a quick manner.
Great Class!
Christopher Koch
I have attended numerous training courses in my career, this course is hands down the most informative, interesting, valuable and well instructed...period!
I want to thank Joe, I fully appreciate and respect his efforts.  His passion and commitment to this school shines through in all aspects.
I have gained information here that I'll use for many years to come.
Thank you!
Wayne Balash
I was nervous at first, but you made the class very comfortable and easy to learn.  I have learned a lot of things that I never really thought about, especially while looking at safety issues in my own 'home' that I currently rent.  Thank you!
Melissa Carrick
The classroom portion was fun and engaging.   I enjoyed your humor.  I appreciate how you try to give us perspective about this profession...the good and the bad.  The slides you shared were great, it's nice to see the real world we're about to join.  Thanks
Charlie Britton
Coming to the HomeSpection Training Institute was a great experience.  Mr. Joe explaining everything in detail, made us have to use our heads and I learned so much more than I thought I would.  I'm so glad that I chose this school.
Todd was excellent in helping me get enrolled, and everything went smoothly!  Thanks guys!
Kim Grebler
You do an awesome job instructing this course.  Honestly, in the beginning I was a little scared because I had very little knowledge in this field.  Do not change a thing (not even Todd)!
Taureen Kennedy
I've appreciated your willingness to share your extreme level of knowledge with us.  Thank you for serving our great country and continuing to serve in this new chapter of your life.  I look forward to many more years of learning from you.
Todd, thank you for your kindness and professionalism with everything.
Brandon H. Ross
The class was inspiring and motivating.  Your ability to believe in us (and your ability to teach) that we will succeed is awesome.  I look forward to growing my business.  Any success I achieve in the future of home inspections I will owe to you.  Thank you Joe.  Todd was great!
Aaron Kroh
My personal experience with the instructor was great.  Your understanding and patience was greatly appreciated.  The curriculum structure was good and you were very welcoming.  Thank you.
Tyra Carswell
I have been trying to get into this class for over ten months.  I am completely satisfied and it has been worth every penny spent!  Joe is the man and not to mention his name is the best.  Todd is great!!
Joseph Greer Jr.
Good class, very informative, and displayed humor.
Darius Pippen
I was very pleased that I made the choice to take an in-person course for the training as opposed to a virtual training class through another vendor.
My experience throughout my career in an unrelated industry has taught me that personal relationships are one of the most valuable things one can have.
I know that the relationships I established in this class will serve me and my efforts for years to come.
Edwin T. Welch
Joe, your course was really informative and I learned a lot.  The information was presented in a clear way and your method of teaching and having us read through the book worked well for me.  Also the slides on the projector and your explanations will surely come as help in the future.  Thanks
Jacob Snatchko
I appreciate the personal touch and I am humbled by the thorough knowledge you have shared.  Got quite a few lessons even after 40 years in construction industry.
Carl M. Olson
I learned more in this class than I could've possibly imagined.  I will never look at a home again without recalling the points from this class.  I look forward to pursuing a new career!
Kristen Meyer
I feel very prepared and much more knowledgeable.  It was amazing how much valuable information was taught in this class.
Kenneth Meyer
Very informative, giving real world perspective on the field!  Appreciate the honesty given and insight to the actual business side.  Very thankful for new beginning!
Cliff Tillotson
Joe, thank you for the knowledge you shared.  I appreciate your kindness and sense of humor.  Please continue to be a great instructor, as you will be of service after the course.  You knowledge and kindness is appreciated.
Tomeka Thomas
I really enjoyed my time here.  This is the best time I've had learning.  You are very knowledgeable and I'm glad I had you as a teacher.  Thank you!
Thomas Day
I enjoyed the class and it was very interesting.  I learned so much and this class has made me even more interested in the home inspection field.  Thank you for putting this class together.
Jarrell Terrell Sr.
My experience with this class was awesome.  Joe and Todd heard from me for 2 years stating "I'm coming!" and I finally made it.  It was well worth everything and thank you Joe and Todd for this great experience.
Sheniece Fountaine
Thanks for all the help on this new journey.  I hope you'll be blessed ten fold for all your good deeds.
Damon Carter
I learned a lot about inspecting homes.
Bryan Kehler
Great job.
John Bright
This is one of the best trainings I've ever attended.  Joe is a talented instructor and just a great guy.  Todd was extraordinarily helpful.
I would definitely recommend HomeSpection to anyone wanting to enter this profession.
George Richards
One of the best training experiences I have ever had.  I spent 22 years working for the United States Air Force as active duty and in a civilian capacity and this class is far superior to those and other training classes I have attended.  Thank you!
Wayne Joy
This class was one of the very best I have ever taken.  I had a lot of fun in the learning process and I feel like I am prepared to do my job.
Christopher Whitehead
Joe, what a great guy, father figure some may say.  His instructions were completely understandable and his knowledge was outstanding.  Had a great learning experience and would walk miles just to recommend him.
Jerrell Williams
Very personable, answered all questions in a way that was easily understandable.  Feel much more confident in this new career.
Overall very satisfied and look forward to starting my own business.
Colin Pugh
I loved the course, it is exactly what I was hoping it would be.  I really appreciate all that I was taught.  Thank you very much!
Adam Dille
The confidence of the instructor opened my eyes to the possibility of being a successful inspector.  I am fully motivated and confident to pursue the profession to make sure people are buying with confidence.
Daniel Banks
I've learned a lot and feel very confident with what was taught.  I'm ready to start my own home inspection business, and am sure it will be a success.  Thank you.
Ken Raultston
This class was nothing but satisfactory.  The group discussions and the slides helped clear up a lot of simple confusion.  I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to enter this field.
John M. Sparks
Joe teaches a great class, makes it easy to understand everything needed to know.  It's great that he takes the extra minute to show you something or explain better.
Brian Phillippi
The course was informative and well taught.  All questions were answered and the material was presented in a professional manner.
Andy Sigler
The class did a great job of preparing for the test.  We were able to complete a large amount of material in a short time with complete understanding.
Rick Fitzgerald
Thank you so much Joseph Jefferys.  I was just a young kid who didn't know much when I showed up.  You did a great job teaching me what I needed to know to be a home inspector.
Garrett Fitzgerald
Friendly & Fun!
Jason Naro
Building and facilities are outstanding!  This is the cleanest and best organized education facility I have ever been to.  Instructor's knowledge is exceptional.  His years of experience in the business allowed his students learn years of best practices in only a few days.  Thanks for the education!
Chris Meinhardt
The course and materials provided will allow me all the tools I need to be successful.  I appreciate the time and dedication you have given us in preparing us to start our new business.
Philip Hans
This class was my introduction to the home inspection trade and business, and you made it incredibly easy to understand and grasp.  I now feel way more confident in this business with the things I have learned, and I thanks and appreciate you immensely. 
Dana Gainer
I appreciate the instruction I received in this class.  The 'hands on' experience made this a quality class.  Joe's years of experience in the building inspection industry was invaluable.  I also appreciate how much emphasis was placed on safety, not only for the inspector, but also for the people who would potentially be buying the home that I may inspect in the future.
Steve Wolfe
Great experience!  Learned a lot.  Great hands on instruction.  Would recommend this class to anyone interested in the home inspection field.
Chris Bonfanti
Joseph Jefferys continued to keep the course informative, fun, and kept every individual engaged through the entire duration I was here.  I appreciate and will refer anyone possible to this training that is interested in pursuing a home inspection career.
Michael Paul
I enjoyed the hands on and the way Joe was able to make everyone in the class strive to achieve the same goal.  I also liked how he was able to educate us on home inspections.
Jeffrey Clark
Enjoyable class!  Learned some new stuff.  I liked the pace of the class.  Had sufficient breaks, hands on, and book work to attain a successful class.
Leon Brubaker
I learned a lot and enjoyed the hands on lessons.  I would definitely recommend the school to anyone interested.
Charles Edwards Jr
I appreciate the attention to detail and how Joe really cares about safety.  I definitely learned a lot and take to heart the things he taught.
Daniel Edwards
Thank you!  Great experience, very educational, learned lots.  Appreciate the patience and answering everyone's questions.
Jerrad Woods
The class was very interesting and knowledgeable.  Learning about things you see daily, and things you would never think about.  The way you taught and explained the course made it easy to understand and learn.  Thanks Joe!
Michael Bowell
I cannot express my warm feelings about this course. From the beginning to the end, I am very completely satisfied with all you teach in this course.  I've learned a lot for my new career!  I am very thankful to you Joseph and I will really recommend this course to my F & AM brothers and sisters.
Roberto Arrellano
It was a great course, so informative and I really appreciated Joe's demeanor.  His knowledge and relaxing way of teaching allowed for me to thoroughly understand and retain the information easily.  I look forward to what comes next and the support that he offers to help me in my success.
Fernando Jackson
My experience at HomeSpection® was very good.  Coming from Kentucky to Canton, OH was worth it.  Joe is very knowledgeable about the trade and he makes learning very easy.  He not only goes into depth over the materials, but he also shows you a ton of slides to help you understand/see what is wrong with a lot of items in houses.  Will highly recommend and also be back for more courses myself.
Pete Weinel
I thank you very much.  This class has inspired me in so many ways.  You are the very best, and thank you for being patient and very effective.  Thank you both for the consistency!!
Lisa Harrison
I appreciate Joe letting me move to the front row when I told him I was having trouble seeing from the back row.  Joe Jefferys teaching methods are the best around.  The chairs are the most comfortable and the class is really clean.
Anthony Ruvolo Sr.
Thanks Joe, your patience and experience was interesting and entertaining.  You were able to keep the class attention during long read times and to simplify for those needing added clarity.  I have been a registered master trades contractor in multiple states for years.  Trained via IBEW, pipe-fitters, etc and now taking on a new career.  Thanks.
Bryan Collins
Coming into the program with very little construction experience, Joe ensured that the class material was easy to understand and was very thorough.  I feel like I've learned so much in just two weeks!  Looking forward to putting my new knowledge to use!  Thanks!
Zach Williams
I enjoyed the class and appreciate your time in helping educate us on all of the material.  Seeing pictures and having the issues explained gave me a better understanding.
Jacob Creamer
The most information I could learn in the amount of time ever!  I enjoyed every day of this instruction.  Thanks!
Jim McGreal
This was by far one of the most informative and well taught training classes I have attended!  Which made the exam a breeze.  Thank you, much appreciated.
William Carrick
The experience was great.  Everything was awesome.  The atmosphere was one that made learning easy.  There was no judgement or rudeness.  Awesome job Joe!
Andrew Thomas
Been a pleasure!  Can't wait to take what I have learned and run with it!
Aaron Russell
I'm not big on book work, I'm totally more of a hands-on learner and I enjoyed the class time.  And yes, I'm still freaking out!
Nazeeh Pasha
Thank you Joe for your excellent instruction.
Roy Sims
Class was nothing short of amazing.  Love the stories and the live action.  Excited about what will come out this new business venture.  Growth definitely come from this program. Peace & Love.
Shantel Lawler
I really appreciate you and Todd.  I really liked that you guys worked with me, seeing that I did not have a strong construction background.  I feel like I learned so much!  And you made me want to learn even more!!
Christina Cox
Every course I've taken at this facility has been tremendous.  I learn more in a few days than I ever thought possible.  The instructors are second to none.
Todd Wieth
Joe and Todd are the greatest instructors in the world.  This class was so informative and engaging.  I recommend 100%!
Travis Cassell
Joe and HSTI offers an awesome course, very knowledgeable and eager to help.  I recommend anybody to come to HSTI for their home inspection training.
Nathaniel Johnson
Thank you for breaking the course material down so that even someone like me with little industry knowledge was able to understand.  Your pledge of continued support sets you far above anyone else in the field.
Ray Speelman
Joe has thorough knowledge of all aspects of his craft!  The class was well paced and easy to digest and understand.  Thanks!
James Coons
I appreciate the time and effort put into each day of the school, and I feel prepared to pursue a full career.
Michael Elmore
This class was outstanding!  Very comprehensive overview of everything with plenty of hands-on.  I feel very confident that I will be able to adequately inspect a home after this course.
Jonathan Poindexter
I appreciate the fact that all subjects were related to personal experience and kept me engaged and interested in the course material.  Out of all the training facilitators I spoke with, you were the most helpful.
Daniel Reedy
Joe & Todd are extremely personable and make it easy to feel open to discuss anything with.
Joe is extremely knowledgeable and brings extensive "real world" knowledge to the class.
I really appreciate Joe's sincerity and genuine support of Vets.
Jason Warren
This course was very informative.  You are an exceptional instructor and the 8 hour long days flew by.  Thank you, for everything!
Monica Madey
The pictures were a great help to illustrate the points that were being made.
The hands-on was by far the best aspect.  Excellent instruction!
James Riley
Very thankful for the training, very informative, had a great time.  Joe Jefferys was an excellent instructor, was very glad to accomplish my goal of becoming a home inspector.  AAA+
Joey Torres
Joe, your class was very knowledgeable and informative.  I learned a lot and appreciate your knowledge and ability to explain all the information.
John Walsh
Great course!  Thanks for spending individual time explaining everyone's questions.  Very clear explanations and I learned a lot.
Charles McGuckin
Well-structured class.   Lots of visual aides to help describe coursework.
Stephen Zufall
He is an absolutely phenomenal instructor and conveys information very well.
Joe Nagy
Great course.  I would feel comfortable doing an inspection today!
Patrick Sandy
Excellent program! Great instructor!
Clayton Taylor
All good!
Phillip Essiambre
This course is very informative and very well instructed.  The instructor is honest, upfront, and kind.  I have learned so much that I didn't realize I didn't know.  Thank you so much for all the info and appreciation.
Jacob Jacobsen
As with a lot of people I was pretty nervous the first day of class.  Within the first 5 minutes of walking through the door I already felt comfortable due to meeting Joe.  The instruction, training and teaching methods kept me involved and interested in the material.
Nathan Hershberger
I'm very confident in what I have learned this week!  This experience is one I will never forget!  Proud to be a part of the HSTI family!
Steve Betts
My experience here was AWESOME!  I loved the training!  I loved your personality, and stories and best of all the way you teach!  I learned things that I didn't even know existed, (cesspool) ha ha!  Keep doing what you do and how you do it!  You're the best!  best wishes to you!
P.S. I will be calling for mentoring! Todd is awesome too!
Bonita Davis
I thought this was a fantastic course to take.  Driving from Indiana was well worth the knowledge you were able to bestow on us.  You made everything easy and fun to learn.  I can't wait to be able to continue to talk about things in the future.  Thank you for taking your time to help us further our careers.
Jason Carter
I cannot thank you enough for jump starting the path to my new career.  The support that you offer is like none other and I am confident that together we will work towards making my dreams a reality.  Words do not exist for how immensely thankful I truly am.
Diane Bradley
My experience was tremendous.  It's amazing how easy the content was to comprehend and retain due to your curriculum structure.  I would certainly recommend HomeSpection® to anyone seeking a career in this field.  Thanks Joe for all your help!
Seth Morales
The class was great.  Never felt rushed, everything was explained in great detail, and I gained confidence for my home inspecting future.  Couldn't ask for a better instructor.  Thank you!
Caleb Brewer
Most efficient training I have ever had.  Can't beat the knowledge and experience of Joe and the way he teaches.  No replacement for experience and or hands-on training.
Shannon Fairbanks
The best part about the course is your ability to teach everyone.  I don't learn the same as other people and I've always struggled in the classroom, but you are kind and patient and you would make sure everyone was on the same page before we moved on.  Appreciate you bro!
Joshua Jewell
It became clear very quickly on the first day that Joe is a top instructor.  Joe brings a real world knowledge to the table and includes training materials to match.  Thanks Joe.
Tony Cadwell
Joe Jefferys was willing to stay after class and go over the electrical unit with me.  You are willing to keep in touch with your students after they move on and start their own business.
Charles Lee
I am beyond satisfied with the course and with your instruction as a whole.  I feel I learned an incredible amount in this short time and look forward to continuing to learn on Monday & Tuesday.  You have already advised me past the point and scope of this class, which gives me further confidence that you will be a great support throughout my career.  What you do is so appreciated.  It is no wonder that HomeSpection is the #1 school in the country.  Thank you again!
Chad Richards
Joe is such an amazing instructor.  The ability he has to thoroughly explain all aspects required of home inspections.  The training I have received has given me a new level of caution as well as confidence.  I'm truly grateful that I attended a hands on course.  My best learning experience ever.  Thanks Todd & Joe!
Ronald Walker
A++ training & teaching.  Mr. Jefferys puts 100% into this course to make sure you walk out a changed person.  Knowing he has set me up for success in my new career and looking forward to my new future.
Natalie Fatkins
This class was one of the first times in my life that I have been excited to come back everyday.  The amount of knowledge and quick answering from Joe was incredible.  I could not have asked for more in an 80 hour experience.  Also, the openness to talk about our silly anecdotes just tells how personable you are, thank you!
Brennen McCauley
Classes were informative & entertaining.  I can walk out and have more confidence on knowing how to inspect a home/property.  I am looking forward to starting my own inspection business and seeing how much I can grow.  Appreciate all the support.
Michael Wasko
I enjoyed the training Joe provided.  He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of a house, from building systems to electrical systems.  With this new knowledge and Certification I know I will go further in my inspection career.
Eric T. Johnson
The hands on experience was great.  Joe took the time to explain everything in great detail.  Anything that required a more in-depth explanation was focused on until we had a complete understanding of it.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about pursuing a career as a home inspector.
Christopher Mazza
The class gave me a real picture of what it is like to be a home inspector.  The real world examples are highly beneficial to me.  Joe did not sugar coat this profession.  His passion for home inspection came through in his teachings.
Damon Sarrocco
Thank you Joe for all of your knowledgeable teaching.  This class will help me better myself and start my own business.  Thank you again and best wishes and continued success to you personally and the class you teach.
Terrance Davis
Mr. Jefferys is highly knowledgeable in the field.  I appreciate his insight and the ability to call on him for questions!  I feel confident this course has prepared me in a big way to start my business.
Jamie Baker
Very informational.  I really enjoyed this class.  You have given me confidence to go out in the field and inspect homes thoroughly.  Thank you Joe!
Brian Krenke
Thank you.  I have learned a lot not only for a career, but personally for my family and friends homes - keeping people safe and to prevent injuries to anyone.  Learned a lot.
James Hallos
Thank you for teaching me a lot of new things I didn't know.  You are one of the best teachers I have ever had.  You are a caring person, and I am thankful for that.
Steve Haight
Joe did an amazing job.  I'll definitely recommend his class to anyone considering home inspection.
Khalid Graham
In my experience, immediately Joe made me feel welcomed and something about the way he teaches makes you feel confident.  I was never ashamed to make a mistake.  He answered every question with patience and he has a very descriptive way of teaching that helps you visualize things.  His method of textbook and slides on the screen helped a lot.  He is a very, very good instructor, his classroom makes you feel like home.  I loved my experience and I'm grateful to have spent the time with a very nice person.  My family will forever be grateful for this advancement!
Tiara Watkins
This has been a great learning experience.  Joe has been a very good and professional instructor.  I'm really excited about starting a new career path in the Home Inspection Business.  The class was fun and held my attention very well, and gained a lot of knowledge about the Home Inspection Business.
Clifford Clark
I came into this course with very minimal knowledge of homes and their makeup.  Mr. Joe made me feel and believe that it didn't matter.  He taught with a very understood speech and the love of the craft in his wording.  I have enjoyed coming to class and gaining the knowledge to become a property inspector.  Thank you so much!!
Samantha Molesky
Hell of a class & Hell of an instructor!  I have learned a lot about the in's and out's of what to look for in a house.  Most information I never even knew about.  Because of this class I have a different outlook on how a house should be safe and ready for a potential buyer.
Corey Van Camp
This course was informative, professional and eye opening.  They teach you everything you need to know to start, grow, and operate a successful home inspection business.  I will be returning for additional certs and recommend all my friends as well.
Jeffrey Cook
Very please with this course, the fact that Joe is willing to take calls from us students down the line is really good!  Very professional and can't wait to learn more with continued courses.
William Borsellino
I would highly recommend the home inspection course to anyone thinking about opening a business and starting their career.  There are also mold and radon courses.
Daevon Woods
Great Training.  Very knowledgeable in every subject.  His passion for this field is very contagious to all students in the class!
David Reising
Good experience.  You can tell you have a passion for teaching.  Will definitely utilize your ongoing support and that is very helpful starting out!  Thank you for your time and efforts!
Derek Yoder
I am completely satisfied with the class and feel confident in my abilities thanks to your tutelage.
James Collins
I found the class very interesting.  You were very clear and articulate, your presentations were first rate.
Jack Vining
Great experience and I enjoyed learning from my instructor!
Russell Allen
Good Course, Great Teacher.  Thanks Joe!
Cole Waller
Excellent program!  Very well instructed.  I greatly appreciate the knowledge that was shared with myself and classmates.  I am excited to see where this career is going to take myself as well as my family.  Being my own boss has always been a dream of mine and this course has made that possible. On behalf of the Ranalli family, THANK YOU!
Michael Ranalli Jr.
Mr. Jefferys was a great instructor.  He accommodated our needs, as I couldn't hear well and he allowed me to change seats with another student.  Mr. Jefferys commentary and his personal experiences that he shared with the class kept us interested.  He was funny as well.  Mr. Petty also was wonderful assisting the class to be successful and helping us register for future courses.
Carollynn Alexander
Joe and Todd, Thank you for the opportunity to learn how to become a professional home inspector.  I'm looking forward to the dedicated support from 5am to 10pm.  Your service is one-of-a-kind! Thanks again!
Christopher Martin
I signed up for this course to get a real world perspective from an experienced home inspector and I would have to say I was very pleased!  I also thought the attention to detail with documentation was a huge plus!
Eric Johnston
I really appreciate the time, energy, and effort Joe put into his classes!  He shared great stories and pictures of home inspections to help tie the material in the book together.  I had a great time learning the material and connected with others!  Thank you!
Jack Pence
Very knowledgeable in all aspects of inspecting homes and i learned a lot.  You can tell Joe is very passionate of not only the profession, but his students success as well.
Javon Cox
I had a wonderful time and learned so much.  Your support and encouragement to succeed gives me the confidence to begin this adventure.
Jance Reed
I really enjoyed the course and instructor.  I have confidence to use what I've learned out in the real world.  It was a great investment in myself.
William Burckard
Awesome class - well worth the time.  Will definitely be recommending this class to others and look forward to taking further classes.  Thanks!
Matthew Sample
Joe is one of the best in the industry, if not the best!  The structure, curriculum, and support he gives is top notch.
Joe Miller
Joe is awesome, full of knowledge and kept my attention.  He makes his class extremely fun and I learned a lot.  I am very pleased with my decision to come here.
Michael Argentine
Fantastic, very happy with the class.
Larry Trombley
This home inspection training course has proven itself to be the best choice of all the options I found...including all the online options.  The hands on and in person training has not only made me feel more competent and able to thoroughly inspect a property, but also excited to start and grow my own business with confidence!  Joe made it clear, easy to understand, and enjoyable.
Danny Dillhoff
Coming in with minimal knowledge of homes I was concerned with my lack of experience.  Joe put that at ease right away.  I learned tons, gained confidence and I am ready to rock and roll.
Joe Deafenbaugh
Eye-opening, involved and entertaining.  Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to get into this line of work.
Garrett Babb
Joe was a great instructor, very knowledgeable.  I now feel confident on my knowledge of the home inspection business.  Look forward to taking more classes.
Ridge Durbin
I found this course very good for anybody trying to better their life.  I for sure am going to refer friends to this course.  Big thanks to Joe Jefferys for the knowledge.
Steve Ganzevoort
Plenty of explanations on questions asked from the class, very knowledgeable on all aspects of the home inspection industry.
Bud Shaw
Very informative, learned a lot of information...more than I expected.
Larry Szarnicki
Very informative and good hands on teaching.
Jon Giulitto
My experience with Mr.  Jefferys was very exceptional and motivating.  He explained everything in great detail and made you open up to discussions without feeling left out.  Even when you were unsure he made you feel it was OK to be wrong and told you the right answers.  Everyone read and laughter with learning was the best part.  Thank you for helping me change my life!  I have a new family in inspecting :)
Sherena Wynn
Phenomenal course, can not say it enough.  The experience and knowledge was huge in gaining confidence in the areas I was unsure of.  Personal attention and real examples of Joe's career is simply invaluable.  Look forward to attending future courses and maintaining contact with Joe.
Blake Thoreson
Awesome class!  Joe was the most thorough instructor I have ever had during a class.  He made the class enjoyable and easy to learn.  Joe has a lot of knowledge that I had the opportunity to learn.  Todd was also great and helped me with everything and answered all my questions.
Kevin Green
I thought Joe made the class fun but very informative.  For someone that didn't know much, he broke it down and presented it in a way that we could all feel comfortable with the information.  I would recommend this class to my friends and will be sending people to this class.  Thank you.
Andy Veith
This class was very enjoyable.  Mr. Jefferys is clearly very knowledgeable on every home inspection topic.  This class is well worth every penny and second!  I would suggest this class to anyone and everyone that is interested.
Derrick Stark Jr.
This class is very captivating, and keeps students fully engaged.  Instructor has tons of firsthand experiences and stories and shares his knowledge with everyone.  You can feel the sincerity in Joe's voice and actions that he wants his students to succeed.  Todd is great also!  He's a great resource for furthering education courses.
Dan Godbey
Joe, you've been a great instructor to myself and classmates.  Your humor is priceless.  The people I've met through this course were really cool.  Thank you for helping me set off on a new course in life.  Thank you, and my family thanks you.
RaShawne Robinson
I greatly enjoyed learning more about Home Maintenance and Inspection.  Joe understands the industry greatly and should be a great mentor as I start my career in Home Inspection.
Justin Schenault
I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in a home inspection career to attend this class.  It was extremely informative and a pleasure to attend.
James Justison
Joe is a great teacher.  I am extremely pleased with the course.
Michael Coble
Instruction was exceptionally presented.  It was very clear and precise.  Instructor made the subject interesting and was extremely knowledgeable.  He encouraged class participation.  Content was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and learn.  Would definitely suggest to others.
Douglas Kachele
Thank you Joe, I think that your experience in the field has made you able to convey the information needed in a very understandable manor.  I enjoyed the class!
Eric Emery
The class was very informational and Joe prepared us well for the exam.  I also enjoyed the humor - and the extra time taken to answer all questions/concerns.
Taylor Rempfor
Thank you for simplifying everything.  Very Entertaining and insightful.  I wish I had taken this class years ago.  
Timothy Bancroft
This was the best class I've ever taken.  Joe, my instructor, was great & was very helpful to my needs.
Ronald Takacs
Material was laid out very good.  Clear and concise communication throughout the class.Very professional in every way possible. 
Brett Buntjer
A very good experience and well taught.  Conveyed knowledge very efficiently.  I learned a lot and things I knew were reinforced. 
Kevin Kendle
Class was very informative and professional.  Would definitely recommend to someone looking into this profession.
Derek Lash
Great, good hands on/classroom mix.  Very professional.  10 out of 10!
Will Harvey
It was a pleasure to be in your class.  It was very helpful and I learned a lot, thank you!
Alex Pataki
Very easily presented, kept my attention throughout and informative.
David Schultz
Very educational and informative instructors.  Would recommend others to come.
Howard Stanley
Great class, really learned a lot!
Paul Antonelli
Very professional in every way possible.  Very knowledgeable of all aspects but yet a practicality and efficiency about the entire process and why we are all there.  Very caring about students with support system that is superior in every way.
Dale Lash
Thank you for taking the time to teach me the knowledge I need to do Home Inspections.  I'm very excited to see where the knowledge can take me.  Thank you for being thorough with your teachings.  I appreciate everything you have done and I will better take care of my family for that.  Thank you again, you may have changed my life.  THANK YOU!
Jacob Adams
Great job with presenting information in a professional manner.  I love the amount of hands-on training that was provided.  The use of students to read and engage made the class enjoyable.  I am very happy to say that I attended HSTI and would recommend to family and friends.
Micheal Gauthier
Joe was very personable and put me at ease.  He is very professional and informative.  He also creates an environment in which you feel excited to begin in this career.
Kimberly Hall
I am very grateful for the time, effort and depth of the training instructor Joe Jefferys on our behalf.  He covered everything we needed in a way that made me comfortable, relaxed and motivated.
Lewis Wargo
I thought Mr. Jefferys was very professional and very personable.  Also was very knowledgeable of all aspects of the home inspection procedures.  Everything was very well organized and clean.
Tim Nichols
This course was awesome!  This will greatly aid my goals of being financially independent as well as make me a much more savvy home buyer.
Thomas Vaughn
I thought the whole process from start to finish was very organized and structured.  Great teaching and ability to pass the knowledge along was great.
Christopher Buzzone
Very satisfied with the well organized form of instruction and the challenge to participate.  I was also satisfied with the patience of the instructor to answer "all" questions.
Scott Anderson
Amazing instructor, very helpful and patient.  Felt very comfortable from day one, very positive experience.
Frank Dundon
Extremely knowledgeable and always willing to share and motivate to succeed!  Would recommend to anyone!! A+
Michael Nipper
Joe, I need say no more than this was meant to be!! You are extremely professional, caring, and giving of your knowledge.  I appreciate the opportunity to change my life.  God loves you brother, thanks.
Troy Howell
This was a great class.  I have gained valuable information for my success in pursuing a Home Inspection business.  Mr. Jefferys answered all of my questions.  He was thorough in teaching all aspects of home inspection.  I really enjoyed and appreciated the class.  I believe this class will help me to be successful.
Dennis Wilson
As a former fisherman, security guard, assistant maintenance, roofer, and college undergraduate I had only basic understanding of the interior and exterior application of the home.  Took me to the next level, in depth, and increased my thinking perspective.
Trevor Kunze
I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable in the home inspection field.  I learned a lot of information in regards to home inspections.  I would highly recommend this course.
Freeman Cottrell
I had a great time here, your class has been very informative, fun, and very explanatory.  Thank you.
Jonathan King
I am extremely glad I chose this course over the online alternative.  Your experience and real life examples could not be taught anywhere else.  I look forward to working on projects with you in the future.
Kurtis Traikoff
From the start to the finish a great instructor took time to show more than needed.  Good interaction.
Timothy Perry
The class was very informative.  Everything was explained very thoroughly.
Anthony Barone
First words that come to mind...Passion and Added Value!  It is very clear to me that HomeSpection delivers over and beyond what they state on their website.  President Joe Jefferys is more than just an instructor, he's a mentor who practices what he preaches.  I could not be more satisfied with how the course was managed and executed.  Bravo Zulu!
Nathan Dujanovic
I am impressed that Joe can take a room full of strangers with little knowledge of the subject matter and train them up to pass the exam in one week!  Both Joe & Todd are very supportive, offer great help!  Super! Thank you,
Alfred Carter
I wasn't sure on exactly what to expect coming in, but you definitely put my worries to rest after the first hour of class.  I enjoyed my time here and look forward to putting everything you've taught me to use.  Thanks a million!
Jacob Davis
Thank you for your dedication and obvious commitment to your students.  I have no regrets for using your Institute for my training.  I look forward to putting your teachings into practice.  Thanks again,
Adam Howell
Thank you so much, little do you know, you've changed my life with this class.  I would definitely recommend this class to friends and family!  I've went from playing professional rugby to being a Certified Home Inspector!  God Bless!
Lamonté Gaddis
Thank you Mr. Jefferys for all the time spent so far explaining in details all of your experiences that the book cannot do.  Your input has been invaluable thus far and look forward to working with you in the future.
Ryan Flohr
Class was great.  A lot of info and you made me feel comfortable.  Amazing group, love how we all came together.  No way you can learn this info online.
Terry Moore
Despite having to drive 10 hours to attend the course, I definitely feel that this class was beneficial!  Also, Georgia does not require a license but the information presented will certainly help me as a home inspector.  I look forward to referring others that become interested.  Thank you!!
Sean Robinson
It's great knowing you have a teacher with decades of experience who doesn't compete with you.  Joe Jefferys is a man with a vast library of knowledge regarding the home inspection field, bulletproof integrity, and a well-groomed mustache.
John Jones
I've learned a lot from Joe regarding home inspection!  The class was very thorough and detailed.  One thing I think could've been different is to keep questions and answers to individuals with hands up to keep chatter down, otherwise the class was excellent!
Jesse Yeaples
Joe is an excellent instructor.  He makes everything easy to understand and takes time to answer any and all questions.  He is awesome all around.
Brian Boettger
I thought everything was great.  Really can't think of how to improve the class.  Thanks for everything Joe!
Jared Shockey
So far, so Good!  Thanks!
Dennis Cuthbertson
I felt this was a very rewarding and positive experience.  It is a new career change for me and Joe couldn't have been a better instructor.  He is very knowledgeable and experienced and I am grateful he was my instructor.  I look forward to beginning my career as a Home Inspector.
Marc Blanc
The class was outstanding.  The instructor was an industry expert and was able to share real world experiences with the class.  The classroom props/equipment were excellent for visualizing and hands-on experience.
Richard Nicholson
I truly enjoyed the training classes.  The information covered was very thorough and Joe gave several real-life examples to assist with understanding.  The class was conducted in a comfortable and professional environment.
Angela Farber
Laid back class atmosphere, great teacher, great staff.  I would recommend this class to anyone.  Thanks Joe
Akbar Tyler
The course was very helpful in bringing together the big picture of a house's maintenance as it ages and how to be a detective and find issues.
Brett Sedaker
I am very impressed with this course and school.  I feel I learned and retained a lot of information.  I will be continuing my education through HomeSpection®.
Aaron Kimmel
Thanks Joe, I have enjoyed your class and will recommend anyone to your class.  Thanks,
John Buehler
Thank you for taking the time to break things down, answer all questions (no matter how many we ask), lead and guide through the course.  The use of visuals and hands-on work really paints the scope of the inspection and the work we'll be doing ourselves.
Your experience is a "Book of Knowledge" so thank you for your years of service and for sharing all the good and bad to help us be more prepared.
Mandy DiPasquale
Greatly appreciate the patience and skill used to make sure everyone understands the lessons being taught.  The personal examples  and upbeat attitude really made the lessons exciting and enjoyable.  Looking forward to putting everything into practice.
Brett Ollie
Appreciate your candor and straight forward method of dealing with the material and issues.  You inspired all of us, and the conversations before, during, and after class were exciting.
C.H. McCutcheon
Very knowledgeable and took time to address any concerns.  Made sure class went smooth and changed up reading with the slides shows to keep class interesting.
Daniel Kinney
I'm very happy with this program, hands-on and it's the best around!!!  Thanks for helping me change my life for the best!
Arkesha Tootle
I am completely blown away by how GREAT this course has been.  Awesome in all categories!!!
Sean Kane
Great experience! Well worth the money and time.  Thank you very much!!
Kirk Shelton
I felt extremely excited every day coming to the class.  I am very appreciative of how forward the training was and how welcome I felt during this course.  Coming to this class was a big step in my future and I believe I came to the best possible instructor to teach me.  Thank you very much for all the information I have gained.  I appreciate everything you have provided us, and I am excited to further my training with you by my side.
A.J. Henry
First, I had no idea what it took to be a home inspector and sadly I thought it would be easy.  But after the second class I could only respect the knowledge that a home inspector has, because it's as much as any engineer or 4 year college grad.  I'm so grateful and proud that Mr. Joseph Jefferys took the time to explain each subject completely to where you understood the information and could remember it easily.  Thank you so much!
Sabrina Otis
The school was great.  I felt comfortable and at ease.  The course material was easy to understand.  Joe took his time and made sure everyone understood what we were going over.  I have absolutely nothing but good things to say.  So I'll just end it here.  Oh, and I guess Todd's OK too...but seriously, I have trouble understanding how simple it was to enroll here, which is a testament to the job Todd is doing.
Nicholas Sells
For a guy that really doesn't have the background of fixing and tool work it was great to learn from such a patient and enjoyable teacher.  I appreciate everything you do.
John D'Apolito
Thanks to Joe my confidence level to make a career change is through the roof.  This class has been the best decision personally I have ever made.
Timothy Asbury
Thanks for the enjoyable experience.  Your knowledge and passion is obvious.  I am looking forward to our interactions in the future.
John Larger
I greatly appreciate the addition of real world pictures and experiences to the course material as it helps to make the information more real.
Patrick Flanagan
The school and the teacher were amazing and everything was great.  Everything I learned made me look at things from a completely different direction.
Mihaela Chindea
Excellent class time, instructor was very polite and courteous.
Joseph Kerns
Good experience with lots of knowledgeable material.  Pictures on TV helped explain what the book was talking about.  Your experience in the industry helps a lot.  Not a questions you can't answer.
Jimmy Hill
Excellent class, learned a lot.  Classroom is neat and clean.  Joe is very knowledgeable and answers all questions.
Eric Stone
Joe did a great job of making me feel comfortable learning a new skill and business endeavor. Thanks!
Aaron Fleming
Thank you very much for everything.
Noah Laughlin
I enjoyed the class.
Donald Carter
Knowledgeable, fun class.
Philip Timko
I enjoyed the hands-on training.  I found the description of any questions were answered in a direct way so that it was understandable.  Past experiences and slides were very helpful to understanding some of the material.
Michael Barton
I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I can honestly say that I learned more in this class than I have in countless college level courses I attended.  Even if I didn't pursue this career path, the information and knowledge gained will help me when making improvements or purchases in the future.
Colton Masters
Taking this class was probably the best decision I've made!  The training I received here along with the support I now know I have give me the utmost confidence in starting my new career.
Cavan Weston
I enjoyed the class and learned a lot from Joseph.
McCorvin Tyler
HomeSpection® Training Institute has changed my life in such a way that it is mind boggling!  The training is unparalleled.  It is highly interactive and hands-on.  Joe is a great instructor and now a great friend and mentor.  If you have questions he will always answer quickly.  Todd is magnificent in his demanding role, always working hard for every student.  HSTI is without a doubt the best inspection training school anywhere.  My business is booming!  Everything you need is in the class and book.  I still keep my book on my office desk next to my laptop as reference.  Listen, take notes, ask questions and study!  Thank you Joe!
David Louk
This course taught me a lot about the verbiage and correct terms to use during a home inspection.  I feel 150% more confident in what I'm doing and what I'm talking about.  I feel safer and more knowledgeable on every home inspection.  Thank you so much for everything.  I appreciate everything you do.
Megan Kassinger
I could tell right away that the experience of the instructor, professional atmosphere of the classroom, and the availability of the hands-on examples made me glad I chose to take this course.  Nothing but QUALITY!
Michael Billig
Once class started my anxieties were put to rest.  The HomeSpection Training Institute is a well organized and competent program that completely prepares its students for competency and success.
Clay Breedlove
This course was extremely educational.  The material was presented in a manner, in which anyone could absorb it.  A well taught, professional class.
Joshua Williams
Having very little industrial experience, I appreciated the course was accessible and presented in a may I could grasp.  I appreciate you recognized I was struggling in the electrical section.  Thanks!
Chad Skolny
I found the course more than exceeded my expectations.  I found the instructor to be completely professional.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enter the field.
Jason Barber
Extremely satisfied and happy for the instruction and knowledge.  Well done in every way.  Thank you Joe!!  Will be back for more courses!
Mark Ungar
I have learned a lot.  This course has given me confidence in a new field.
Michael Borowski
Joe is a seasoned professional and I enjoyed his patience with me and the class.  God Bless, and wish you well.
James Nowosielski
This course was very helpful, would highly recommend.
Ronald Vincent
Wonderful instruction.  Very knowledgeable.  Great information.
Adrienne Hall
I think HomeSpection offers the absolute best teaching that the State or Country can offer.  The help and clarity is great.  I like that all questions are answered good and are further explained if need be.  I would definitely recommend the class to any and everyone who has even the slightest interest.  I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished here and I am eager to see where this education takes me.
Derrick Coleman
Joe was one of the best instructors I have ever had.  Always taking the time to answer all questions fully and professionally.  I felt I learned what I needed and then some to become a professional and excellent home inspector.  Todd was also very helpful and always answered questions fully.
Theresa Germano
I have truly enjoyed this whole experience.  I want to thank you for giving me more confidence than I realized I had.  I also want to show my gratitude for helping me change my life.  Now I have the chance to become a legit professional in my life.  Thank you for your patience and helping me through everything.  You're the best!
Kelvin Miles Jr.
I sincerely am impressed with your teaching's.  Class was very understandable, interactive and fun.  I've hated any find of schooling my whole life and was never very good at it.  But, with your teaching I have enjoyed all of it...kinda wish it wasn't over.  Thank you Joe
Nathan Willson
Joe, starting off with such a powerful introduction instantly caught my attention.  I thought to myself, "Wow, I am at the right place with the ideal instructor."  I will recommend this program to anyone interested in this career.  I feel completely prepared and motivated to take on this exciting line of work.  Thank you.
Nick Gerold
Mr. Joe, you made the course easily understood.  Thank you for your encouragement all the way through.  You have done exactly what you told us you would, so I approach this career knowing you will continue to be there. 
James "Steve" Pearce
I thought the interactions with photos was helpful to understand what to look for during an inspection.  Your willingness to share your experiences and answer questions was very helpful and appreciated.  Overall, I feel more prepared to start home inspections.
Malachi Dean
Thanks for everything, class was a pleasure.  Very informative, and fairly easy to learn.  Not boring at all, staff was very helpful.  Thank you.
David Groves
Awesome class, extremely knowledgeable and laid back.  I appreciate the time spent on everyone's individual questions and concerns, also for giving information on what is needed for success.  Thanks a million Joe.
Joe Krabill
Joe, no complaints what so ever.  Greatly appreciate your loyalty and dedication for us all.
Joshua Fagan
Good job!
Robert Moore
This class has been eye opening for me.  I truly value the time spent here and What I have learned.  I can already tell this is a major turning point for both myself and my family.  I also know one day I will be thanking God for your dedication and teachings.  Thank you!
Ryan Bailey
Joe is a one of a kind individual.  He is instructing because it's his passion.  Home inspection is everything to him.  This class cannot be better instructed than Joe has already done.  Nothing is missed.  The hands on is excellent.
Anthony Porco
The course was absolutely amazing!  The main reason this course was easily learned is due to the amount of work Joe puts into this class and the attention he gives to each of his students.  Nothing but the utmost respect to Joe and Todd for everything they do.
Keith McBride
My experience at HomeSpection has been a phenomenal experience.  Joe and Todd are great people who really take the time to make sure their students understand material.  This is a fantastic program that I will happily recommend to anyone looking to enter this career.  Thank you for everything!!!
Dustin Maurer
Mr. Jefferys provided knowledgeable insight and instruction to allow me the opportunity to confidently access and identify components in and outside of a home.  I look forward to continuing my education in this field to make the biggest impact when it comes to home inspections.
Thaddeus Burton
I was completely satisfied with the course material and I am confident in my ability to do Home Inspections on my own.  As an instructor you made this course interesting and fun.  I would and will recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a Home Inspector.  Great Job, thanks.
Ronald Foreman
Joe was incredibly knowledgeable on all the content covered in class.  He used many different teaching styles to pertain to the different types of learners and was able to keep the class interesting for the entire period of class which can be difficult in an extended class.  We used hands on and photos from past students while covering the material in the book.  I could not imagine meeting someone with as much knowledge as he has in the field and want to thank Joe for everything.
Dustin Kinn
This course was nothing short of amazing.  Your style of teaching complimented my style of learning.  Your time invested as a contractor as well as an inspector, in my opinion, equipped you with the knowledge as well as the know how to groom immaculate inspectors. Thank you!
Shareta Lynch
Loved the class!  Never got bored.  I believe this is due to the variety of instruction methods, alternating the reader, and knowledge of the instructor.  As well, my overall interest in the career path that I am choosing.  The time went by fairly quickly.  I learned a great deal and can't wait to put my training in action.  The instructor's experiences allowed for great testimonies and very conducive to my learning.
Ardale Hayes
Great course and you made it as such.  I never found myself bored or disinterested.  It was also a pleasure getting to know you have lived a unique life with experiences beyond most.
Richard Held
Joe had great on the job experience and testimonials to help portray what our experience as future home inspector will be.  He is a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to enter this field.
Zachary Singler
I felt that Joe is very knowledgeable and taught the class very professional.
Richard Guenther
Hands down I can say you are the most effective and knowledgeable instructor I ever had.  Learning from you has been a complete pleasure.  This course has been the best decision I've made.  Thanks for all the fun & all the knowledge.
Jeremy Campbell
This course was billed as one of the best in the nation, and to me it has lived up to it's billing.  I have learned so much and feel ready and able to make a living being a home inspector.  Thank you very much!
Matthew Shannon
I am completely and thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of the course and your teaching.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in home inspection.  Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening experience.
Dustin Correll
After being in the printing business for over 30 years I decided I wanted a change and researched home inspection training.  I am so glad I came to the HomeSpection Training Institute with Joe Jefferys.  Joe made the class very informative and made me glad I came.  I would recommend this class to anyone.  Thanks Joe!
Raymond Scarnecchia
Very much enjoyed the class.  It was very educational and I learned a lot.  I would and will recommend this class to others.  I look forward to more courses and the training in the future.
Kenny Snider
Great course to help get me started learning.  I look forward to being in homes and working toward consistent improvement in the home inspection industry.  Thank you Joe!
Scott Overholt
I appreciate your time and patience in teaching this class.  There comes a time in life when you have to pivot and go another direction for various reasons.  While apprehensive at first to change directions, you and your staff made this transition much easier than expected.  Thank you!
Dave McCleary
I personally thought that the instruction was thorough and concise.  I think the hands-on applications further aid in the teaching of practices needed in the field. 
Shawn Smith
I am extremely pleased with your training.  Joe and Todd both made me feel like I was more than just the tuition spent on the class.  Every time I called they knew me by name.  I will recommend to friends, and will continue to keep them updated on my progress.
David Ayala
Joe, thank you for having this class available.  This can be a life changing opportunity for me.
Keith Jackson
Thanks for a well taught course.
Robert Pappas
Top notch!!!  Goes above and beyond!!! Endless support!!! Supreme!!!
Zac Fisher
Great course.  Very enjoyable.  Looking forward to the radon course!
Arthur Duhaime
I had a great experience learning in this class.  I had no prior experience dealing with homes as all.  I learned a lot that I had never known before, especially with the hands-on training.  I believe that it'll get easier as I go on, and I look forward to learning more as I go on.  Thanks for the knowledge.
Stevan Wallace
Joe was very sincere and his passion for home inspecting is evident.  Joe knows his stuff and is very engaging with his students.
Anthony Mahone
It has been a learning experience, and it was easier with Joseph's expertise. It helped a lot to have a better understanding of the course.  I feel now more prepared for this new journey.  Really appreciated!
Angel Gonzalez
I thank you for being patient with me.
Richard Bennett Jr.
Thanks for a great course!
Michael Romig
When I first walked through the door I didn't understand anything that had to do with Home Inspections.  Having Joe as my instructor taught me a lot.  His teaching style is exceptional.  I couldn't have asked for a better person to learn from.  I appreciate everything.  Joe you are thee best !!!
Calvin Edwards
As a student of HomeSpection Training Institute's Advanced Home Inspection Training Course, my experience was outstanding!  No complaints and no issues.  The class was extremely helpful and I would recommend this class to anyone interested in entering the home inspection industry.
Evan Glaser
This has been an absolutely great experience!  Joe is a pro's pro!  I never have been more excited to be a part of a class and a future career as I am now!  All I can say is "Awesome!!"  Thanks Joe!
Thomas McCain
Great training institute.  Very informative and a great learning environment and hands on training.  Would recommend to anyone.  Mr. Jefferys is a great teacher and very knowledgeable.
Marco Rinella
Joseph Jefferys is a great teacher who taught me a lot.  Great school to learn a new subject in my life.  I recommend my friends to join this class.  Joseph helped me rock the class and now I finally get my Certificate.
Yadhu Dhital
First of all, thank you for all you have taught and showed me.  I really enjoyed the class and look forward to working with you in the future.  Thanks again!!
Erik Gross
Class is very informative.  Joe does a great job of explaining the language of the home inspection world.
Gary Malone
Very comprehensive knowledge in the home inspection industry.  Very good pace along with comfortable class size and material.
Kyle Hohman
This course has been the best thing that has happened to me since marrying my wife.  You are one hell of a leader and teacher.  Not only did I get close to my classmates, I feel that I was able to get close to you as well and can honestly say that I view you as more of a father figure to your students than anything else.  If you ever need more help around the office or are hiring I would absolutely love to work for you and Mr. Petty.  I hope you know that this training has been absolutely amazing, not only do I feel like a student and graduate of this class, I feel also like a part of the HSTI family.  I want to thank you for the opportunity you have provided my wife and I to grow into our marriage and careers.  Again, thank you for all of your attention and hard work.  You have made
me a believer in this field.  Thank you!!
Laurence Ricketson
This program had a large task in providing a large amount of information to students who had a limited knowledge coming into the class.  I was impressed with the way that the book, hands-on training, and pictures were used to bring us into the world of Home Inspection and give us a sense of what we need to look for to be good at this profession.  The time went by quickly and I think we are all better because of the knowledge that was shared.  Thank you!
Paul Donahue
This class was much more than I expected.  The material was comprehensive and presented in a professional and thoughtful manner.  Joe's experience showed throughout the class instruction and has motivated me to get started in the industry.  Thanks for a great course and knowledge!
Nathan Salmon
Joe, you have no idea how much I really did learn this week.  As you know I have been in a totally different field my entire life.  I now feel like I can start a new career in an exciting field that I am very looking forward to.  It is all thanks to you, excellent job!!!
Mike Shaffer
It was a lot of reading, but also fun.  I learned a lot of new info in a short period of time.  Thanks Joe for everything.  The way you encourage us to keep going and talking as if we had already passed was helpful.  Thankful to have someone that cared about us and that we knew his stuff.  Thanks!
Sean Hoffmann
Joe, I had one hell of a good time at the Institute.  The education I received is second to none.  I met some great guys in class and will be strongly recommending future students.  Thank you for sharing your decades of knowledge with us.
Tyler Mossor
I had an excellent experience at HSTI.  Joe is a remarkable instructor, his method of teaching and ability to simplify every area of home inspection is unmatched.  As a person who had very little to no knowledge regarding construction, plumbing, electrical or roofing I am now highly confident in my newly acquired knowledge and ability to perform at the highest level in this profession.
Hollis D.M. Crump Jr.
Had a great experience with this program, learned a ton of new stuff.  Joe was very informative and answered all of our questions.  His personality was outstanding as well as his knowledge.  Can't wait to get started, thanks again!
Eric Coles
Great learning experience.  I'm glad I took the Advanced Course, and I am looking forward to the Mold and Radon classes.  I appreciate the time you've taken to teach all of us to the best of your ability.  Again, thank you!
Anthony Knox
Very well informed and knowledgeable.  The course gave accurate knowledge to the class.  The course was very hands-on, and gives a good name and builds a good reputation in the home inspection community.
Landon Weirick
I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in.  The class was awesome!  Joe is the best teacher, he stops if you have any questions!  Definitely recommend Joe to anyone looking to become a Home Inspector.  Class was so fun and interesting.  Thank you!!
Tammy Mescan
I believe I made a great career change late in my life to once again be my own boss and start a new business.  Joe is obviously very experienced and qualified to teach this course.  Very professional course.
Ken Schroeder
Instructor Joseph Jefferys is a well of experience and knowledge and is quite patient with the students, especially answering all questions, and still maintaining schedule and graduating the students.
Stanley Freeman
Truly one of the best training experiences I've had.  Joe was extremely thorough and patient and took time to answer every issue.
Mike Kocher
I enjoyed it immensely.  I loved all of it, I love learning.  I am so excited to get out there and have this get me to where I want to be.
Gabriel Sweet
I felt that this school was very informational and also very helpful.
Brian Selby
Great Experience.  Knowledgeable instructor.  Terrific website that attracted me to the school.  I look forward to the support after the class has ended and I'm out on my own.
Brian Norris
Thanks Joseph for helping us to learn more about the course.  He has shared all of his experiences and I will recommend to my friends to attend this class.  Motivational instructor and helpful for reaching our goal.
Tek Magar
I did not know how much I had to correct at my house.  I thought this class went at a very good pace.  Kept my interest the entire week.  Looking forward to getting started.  Thanks Joe.
Ralph Verbinski
I enjoyed the class very much, Joe you were down to earth and realistic with your instructions.  Your certainty of graduation and test preparation always kept my hopes up!  You did a great job and I intend to use you for my future stumbles on the job.
Joseph Leonetti
I enjoyed the class a lot, and learned more on safety than I knew working in the field.  Opened my eyes on other safety that I had let go.  Learned more than what I knew beforehand.  Thanks for all the help here.
Jody Danks
Had a great time and learned a lot.  Thanks for the time in class, you are the best.  I will be back soon.
Arthur Williams Jr.
Joe, I appreciate your time, patience and understanding.  I will definitely recommend your school to others that desire to be in the housing industry.
Bryan Loretz II
Took your time, explained all aspects of the program, did a good job!
Jim Bornemann
Joe, I truly appreciate the time that you are willing and do provide for each and every student!!  Every aspect of the course and facility is second to none.  I only wish I could spend more time learning your experiences and techniques.  The other part of this experience is bringing 14 total strangers together and including all of us in the learning and working together to accomplish the end goal.  I thank you and Todd for making this an easy process to go through.  Todd was patient in getting me signed up.  Sincerely.
Joseph Banister
I must say that this class was very informative and structured in a way to get you involved.  I really like the method of individual reading assignments.  The teaching style of Mr. Jefferys was thoughtful and patient.  I plan to do very well and I feel prepared for the challenge.  Sincerely.
Emanuel "Manny" Leaks Jr.
The overall class is great.  The instructor was very patient and explained everything to the core.  We all read one-by-one which is a good thing because everyone gets involved.  Any questions that we had about anything, the instructor broke it down until we were able to understand.  I give 5 stars to this class and would recommend anyone to join that would like to change their life and career.
Rodney Donald
The course was very thorough and everything was very well explained.  Joe was very conscience of everyone's questions and concerns.  Joe answered everyone, was comfortable with information and did his best to assure 100% passing rate of all 14 students.
David Snyder
I thought the instructor was remarkable!  The slides, examples, and attention to detail opened my eyes and enhanced my learning.  You taught with enthusiasm and passion!  The encouragement, the belief in your methods, and also in me, will propel me to greatness!  I feel ready to succeed!!
Alonzo Shell
This class was very well planned and it kept my attention all day, every day.  I'm glad I was recommended to take the course here.  I was well trained and well prepared for the final exam.  I learned a lot and I am very excited to continue to learn in the field now!
Tony Laparo
Joe is by far one of the most detailed and hands on instructors I have ever had.  This school is top notch and I would recommend it to anyone.  Thanks Joe for everything.
Chad Formet
This class has been very informative.  Appreciate your time and patience.  Looking forward to next week.  Thank you very much for everything.
Lisa Haug
In my experience I learned a lot about home inspection and the expectations in the field.  Thanks Joe.
Wayne Simmons II
Nice job!  Joe, fun class and I learned a lot.  I would tell others to take your class.  Thank you.
Don Knight
I appreciate sharing your experiences after performing over 17,000 inspections.  You experience is what makes us better.
Gary King
Thanks for taking the time to show and inform us on home inspections.  You're a very fair instructor!
Anthony Dodovich
Very well done training in class.  A+
Ed Haug III
Great experience, good knowledge.
Riley Buckhanon
This was one of the best classroom experiences I have had in my life.  I am amazed at how much I learned in such a short amount of time.  I feel prepared to start my career as a home inspector.
Andrew Brumbaugh
Before coming to HomeSpection I only had a base level of knowledge about the components of a home.  After coming to HomeSpection, I have gained an abundance of knowledge and information regarding the integral components that not only make up a home, but any structure.  Thanks!
Marcus Screwes
Michael Holmes Sr.
After talking with Mr. Jefferys for two weeks he convinced me to attend his institute.  I was scheduled to take a home inspection course at another school, but after talking with Joe about how he ran his class and everything that was offered through this course I decided to change schools.  Overall, I've been happy with everything that has been taught in the class and you can't ask for a better teacher and course.  Thank you.
Nathaniel Martinez
Thank you for all your hard work in developing the course and mentoring new property inspectors.  I learned a lot about various aspects of marketing, home inspections, and compliance with state requirements.  Thanks for all the advice.  Mr. Jefferys was full of integrity!
William Matthew Burrows
Hands on is the only way to go for this type of subject matter.  This class was exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you for preparing me for a career change with the tools and knowledge to perform my job correctly.  I'll be back for more!
Wes Whitmore
I want to thank you so much for working so close with everyone who needed extra time on certain subjects, and having slides for us to show examples of certain situations.  The fact that you are always there when we are stuck in our career and may need help is great.  You aren't about our money, but for the benefit for our career!  Thank you!
Stephanie Webb
Joe, thank you for the excellent instruction.  I enjoyed learning and sharing experiences in 'real world' home inspection.  I also appreciate that on the last day you held us to task and kept the student comments a bit more limited.  I tend to get agitated when we stray too far from topic.
Michael Rainey-Smithback
Thanks for all the instruction.  I've learned so much and I feel a lot better about my success in this field.  Look forward to asking you a bunch of questions in the future.
Johnny Mathis
Dear Joe,  All of the teachers, instructors and college professors I've had in my life, you were the most educating out of all of them hands down!  From the heart, sincerely.  You can't get more professional!
John Juarez
Great class, very informative.  Overall great experience!  Thank you for everything!
George Sadler
Nothing but great!  Joe is a very caring person and wants everyone to succeed in class and in business.  He is extremely knowledgeable. 
Ron Scherzinger
You are probably the best instructor that I have ever had.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Excellent job!!
Michael Evans
Was a great class.  Learned a lot.  Ready to get to work.
Gail Long
Joe, I've really had a great experience attending your home inspection class.  Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated and I'm very thankful you took the time & patience to answer all of my many, many questions.  Without your instruction I would not feel nearly as confident as I do now having scored a 99% on your final exam.  Thank you!
Barant Pastorek
The training and instructions are top notch.  I am confident that I can complete a home inspection and give the client a reliable report.  I am very glad the class includes "Hands-on" training.  I do not believe that book/internet classes alone would prepare me the same way this class has.  Even more impressive is that Joe Jefferys is willing to be on call for any question I might have.  This is invaluable.
John Stromberg
I enjoyed the course, it was highly efficient in the material.  It was a lot to intake but mostly everything was understandable.  I am a photogenic person so seeing the definitions and also putting it to the real thing helped a lot.  I appreciate and will share this with my friends that are interested in coming.  Also, walking and knocking on doors for my other job will never be the same.
Michael Homes Jr.
Excellent instructor/great guy.  Very thorough and detailed.  Touched on certain topics that needed extra information and more knowledge.
Adam Marshall
The best instructor to have teach this course.  Very professional.  Hands-on teach, the best.  I will recommend this instructor to the world.  Words can't explain how comfortable he made us feel taking this class.  Thank you Joseph!
Lawrence Boston
My experience in class here was the best overall experience I have had in my extensive list of schooling.  I never once felt the need to look at the clock or the desire to want to finish for the day.  Also this was the first class I have been over eager to participate in.  Thank you Joe & Todd.
Christopher Gebhart
Joe & Staff,
I would like to thank you for a great training!!  Having come from an extensive background in construction, I was impressed with the things I picked up in your class!  Even though I had knowledge of a lot of the material, I was never bored!  Thanks again!!!
Robert Gochenour Jr.
I have never been through an enlightenment of experience like this in my whole life and sharing with my son, I absolutely love this course and its content, so much simplified information with an instructor that hands the keys of life changing experience.  Thanks Joe.
Nasser Assad
My experience in this class was amazing, because of all the new things we've learned.  And thank you to the best instructor that's ever trained me.
Zade Assad
I learned and enjoyed this class.  I feel sure that I can help a buyer learn about the home they are purchasing.  This class was fun and prepared me to start inspecting.
Nick Halpin
What I found most effective and enjoyable was the multiple types of engagement in the class - visual, hands-on, text, Q & A, peer to peer, etc.
Joe is commanding, informative, approachable, always available - a resource I have 100% faith in - both during the class and in the future.
James Goetz
Great class!  I learned more than I ever expected to, and the class was a lot of fun.  I am glad that I chose this course.
Joshua Murphy
Awesome experience!  I learned far more than I ever expected.  I look forward to a new, exciting, and profitable career.  Thanks Joe & Todd.
Martin Eagle
Your class matched what you said on your website.  hands-on, detailed and support.  You give your students much more than the other schools.
Tim Harper
This has been a wonderful experience and a great start to a new career path.  I am very pleased with the training as a whole and was also pleased with the way Joe taught the class.  I felt very included in all discussions and never felt uncomfortable or incapable of learning this trade.
Thank you Joe for the wonderful, fun and relaxing learning experience.  It's truly been a pleasure being in your class.
Shannon Hartman
HomeSpection has been the best and most personable school I've ever attended.  Mr. Jefferys took the time to make sure I understood all of the material.  He had a very good way of explaining the course material, using real life stories and examples to relate to this field.  He certainly has the expertise and professionalism that I hope to apply to my own business.  I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to attend and I plan to further my education as a home inspector with HomeSpection!
Wendy Sinkhorn
Joe, life is truly about making new friendships as we encounter people along the way.  Only knowing you for a short period of time it is very evident that are a genuine man and truly care for what you do and the people you instruct!  I had a great time here and really appreciate the experience.  I love the fact that you are available for us in the future should a questions arise!  Truly professional!!
Bryan Brownfield
To start off, your website is great and informative!  Class was great and I never felt behind.  You are a great instructor and care about your students success.  I look forward to the future and your help along the way as needed!
Gary "Mike" Younkin
I came wondering if this was gonna be "for me" and I'm pleasantly surprised that I am now looking forward to getting started on my own.  Appreciate the education.  Thanks Joe.
B. Scott Musgrave
Very professional and kept it interesting.  I would and will recommend this program to others.
Kevan Fish
Very honest and to the point.  Past experiences of yours made this very easy with all of your examples of how this job is properly done.  Thanks!
David Stuart
Very satisfied with Joe and the staff.  The class was interesting and very thorough.  Joe is extremely knowledgeable!!  Thanks for everything!
Christopher Sherman
Mr. Jefferys knowledge and ability to teach is nothing short of incredible.  This school is an absolute must for anyone interested in this field.
Matthew Pisko
This class was great!  I appreciate the speed with which the material was covered without compromising effectiveness.  For such a large body of information, I am very pleased with how well I understand the topics covered and the initial confidence gained in this field.  Thanks Joe!
Jacob Greder
I loved the class, the instructor is very patient and polite.  Very knowledgeable and explained everything very well.  The class is very detailed and leaves nothing to the imagination.  I loved it.  I'll definitely come back to more of the courses this school has to offer.
Christopher Meeks
Very positive learning environment and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and first hand experience.  The ability to contact Joe after the course with questions is invaluable.
Conrad Hershberger
Joe was a WONDERFUL instructor.  Explained everything in detail.  Answered every question anyone had, which was a lot.  Great man, would suggest to a friend.
Mackenzie Abernethy
Good people, wonderful class.  Very informative.  I would recommend everyone I know to take this class.
Tim Alexander
Really enjoyed the hands-on and the knowledge you were able to share.  Learned a lot.
Christopher Amos
Great experience was happy to take the class and learned a lot of information to be successful.
Chris Grubb
Great information and hands-on instructions and I now have the ability to start my own property inspection business.
Thomas Cassano
You have made it enjoyable to sit in your class.  Love all the experiences you have had that you shared with us.
Curtis Smith
This class was exactly what I needed to further my career.  BRAVO!
Shawn Juscak
Very good class.  I am happy that I came .  Thank you.
Erik Hills
Great learning experience, and overall great teaching and school.  Instructor was very knowledgeable and taught with the student in mind.  I had very little experience and learned a lot.
I recommend HomeSpection to anyone that wants to open their own business or even those in the real estate or even insurance business.
Jayson Wickard
Joe and Todd did an amazing job of alleviating any concerns I had about entering the home inspection field.  It is an extremely detailed program that covers so may aspects of the industry without being mundane.  The attention to detail and knowledge of the instructor clearly is impeccable.  I'm extremely happy with my experience here.
Will Gibbs
Joe is one of the best instructors I've ever had.  The knowledge and kindness I received taking this course made it enjoyable to come everyday.  I am fully confident that the information I learned from Joe will make me become a master inspector.  If you are thinking of this as a career, Joe would be the best teacher for this career path.
Martin Woods
Joe helped me to feel very confident in my knowledge and ability to do this job.  The organization and presentation of the class material was fantastic.
Robert Kruger
Joe was very good at explaining everything in detail making it easy to understand.  I'm happy I made the decision to come to this school.  Now my career change is all on me.
Charles Herpy Jr.
Joe Jefferys is experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of home construction.  His experience is reflected in teaching the Advanced Home Inspection Course.  He is supportive and entertaining as well.
Michael Lisk
Was surprised how much I learned through the hands on training, it really made a difference.  The experience the instructor had was worth the most, being able to learn from him is invaluable.
Daryl Riggs
It was a very good experience in the class and out.  Laid back but very educational.  Very personable throughout.
Ray Monnot
The knowledge Joe taught me in 40 hours will last a lifetime.  I'm very pleased with this course. Thanks,
Michael Lentz
I appreciate Joe's instruction.  He was on top of everything and helped me to understand all aspects of home inspection.
A. David Wootton
Thank you for making me feel at ease, and for your ability to make the complicated simple.
Richard Mommers
Great instructor, great course, very reliable.
Terry Moore
The environment at HSTI is very laid back and comfortable, yet professional and inviting to learning.  Joe, the head instructor, takes the time to make sure that all your questions are answered in detail.  This course IS NOT a full day of boring lecture or book reading.  There are lots of pictures, hands-on and open discussions to supplement the coursework which was very helpful for my learning style.  You'll learn the tools to get a business started, starting up your Home Inspection business and how to maintain it at a professional level.  Joe's teaching doesn't end when the class ends.  We're now a week out of the course and I've had a couple of questions.  Joe was right there when i needed him, even when I called him at nearly 9pm, he answered and took the time to answer my questions each time.  I feel like the support you get is invaluable both before, during and after the class is over.
Zachary Gillespie
One of the best courses I have been through.  Very informational and interesting.  I have never met someone who provides and enables one to be set up with all the tools and information to literally out and start their own business and start working.  It has shown myself what to put forth to others and I will highly recommend this course to others I work with.  Thank you again!
Taylor Rhodenhizer
It's always exciting to learn something new, even though I've been in the construction industry for over 12 years now I definitely learned something.  Thanks for everything and will be happy to enroll in future classes.
Anthony Chapman
Joe was great.  Answered all of our questions.  kept us all engaged in the course.  I would recommend Joe and HomeSpection to anyone that wants to get started in the business.
John Carter
The class was interactive.  A thousand questions were asked, and a thousand questions were answered.  The classes are encouraging and accepting of all people and their backgrounds/experiences.  Overall, the experience was very good.
Jonathan Sherer
I would recommend the Advanced Home Inspection course to anyone who wants to get into the field.  I liked how there were lots of samples on things to look for in a home inspection.  Everything was put into plain terms so anyone could understand.
Kevin Brown
I thought the class was very thorough.  It's nice to be able to ask a lot of questions.  Also, so many different pictures of real life situations speaks volumes to help understand the problems with these properties and their causes.
Claude Bailey III
Great class, learned a lot, very informative and explained well.  Will be back for more classes.  very friendly, comfortable atmosphere.
Michael Plemons
Thanks a lot Joe, very thorough and painless class.  I enjoyed learning everyday and I'll get the steak for you!
Joshua Watts
Enjoyed the class, kept it interesting with stories and slides.  Looking forward to the completion of the class.
Mark Troyer
It was a great class.  Not sure there is anything I would change about it.
Scott Kimmel
I would like to thank Joe and Todd from HSTI.  The education and hands-on training that I received was fantastic.  Most importantly, the knowledge I gained from HSTI in marketing enabled me to start my own business and advertise quickly.  I'm getting calls for inspections both residential and commercial on a regular basis.  When I come across an issue and need help Joe is a phone call away.  When you graduate from HSTI you are always a part of it.  Support from Joe and Todd is always available.  If you are looking to go to an Inspection School I highly recommend HomeSpection Training Institute.
David Louk
Thank you first of all for this opportunity.  You were/are a great instructor.  I don't think I could have learned this through any other means.  Again, I want to say thank you, not only for this class but for your service to the country and Veterans alike.
Brandon Klug
I appreciate Joe Jefferys a tremendous amount.  This course was very interesting & eye opening to a new career field.  Very informational; informative; I will be referring multiple associates to this program.
Julian Rankin
Joe does an amazing job.  Very knowledgeable and you can tell he is passionate about this school and us students.  Loved this course.  Makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated.
Jamie Whitacre
This class was great!  Very interesting and informative.  I'm extremely satisfied and ready to get in the field and get started.  The instruction was great, Joe really knows what he's doing and his depth of knowledge and experience shows.  And he's a 100% genuine guy that cares about his students, which goes beyond this classroom.
Tony Morrell
It has been quite a ride from the very beginning.  I enjoyed all of the learning.  The laughter in the room, the support you give me (us).  I am looking forward to a successful career.  I liked meeting everyone involved , it has been such a treat.  Just another leaf I'm turning in my life.  Thank you Joe for everything!!!
William Parker
I sincerely thank you!  This has been extremely informative and I have learned a lot.  I am actually even more interested in the field than I was originally when I started this process.  I think it is going to be interesting!!! Salute!
Michael Rouse
The HomeSpection Training Institute was great!  The facility was very clean and professional.  I was very satisfied with Joe's instruction.  He was very professional.  I'm glad I didn't get stuck with a poorly run school.  I would recommend it to my friends.
Richard Himmel
Great Course.  You already went above and beyond to help me with the course.  I'm sure I'll bother you in the future!
Jared Thrush
Joe, I really enjoyed taking your class and have learned a lot.  You really take the time to make sure everyone understands the lessons.  You can really tell that you actually care about the success and well being of every student that comes through your class.  I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who is thinking about becoming a home inspector.  Thank you!
AJ Williams
After completion of the course I am confident in my future of inspecting.  This class has been fun and extremely helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone, no matter what their background is.  I believe this course is essential.
Jarrett Wright
I didn't know what to expect when I came here.  But when I got here, never has an instructor been more receptive and the instruction I received throughout the week was amazing.  The ability of this instructor to bring numerous individuals of varying backgrounds was phenomenal.  I would recommend this course to anyone.
Michael Spencer
I was satisfied with every element that makes this course.  From day one, I felt comfortable, welcome and important.  This course was very educational and I feel I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject in a very short time frame.  I feel much more confident about pursuing this career and gained more interest in gaining further education.
Adam Dempsey
I always disliked school and taking tests.  Joe made each day fun and time went fast.  Joe made it interesting to learn about the items in a house.  I will be telling friends about this class.  Thank you for your continued support and tools to be successful.
Christopher Lacy
Just wanted to say you were the best of everything you taught us and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Mr. Joe Jefferys, thanks!
Evan Thames
Excellent course: prepared me for my next step with my future.  Thanks coach!  I definitely have nothing but positive remarks to make regarding the course and the school.
Mark Griffith
You have made school fun and interesting for learning the right way...the first time. I can say I got the best knowledge from the best in all fields.  Thank you!
Garrett Elam
Joe, you are very knowledgeable and made class very interesting, not boring.  Really appreciate what you have taught.  Thank you for everything.
Donald Johnson
The class was excellent.  Coming in with no previous experience I was not sure what to expect.  You made every aspect of class fun and very informal.  I was amazed at how quickly I picked up on all the information.  I am very satisfied with the way you taught the class and how you presented the material.  Your constant support throughout is very appreciated.
Josh Needham
I feel very well trained to begin a new career in the home inspection field.  There is no aspect of a home inspection for which I am unprepared or do not have the resources to become prepared to complete a quality, professional home inspection.
Rose Kienzle
My experience with this course was better than I could have hoped for.  It was a great decision to take the class and I'm glad I was able to.  I'm confident that my time here has prepared me for my career as a home inspector.  I have no doubt I'll be successful with my business.  I will definitely be urging any of my friends to follow in my footsteps.
Mark Merchant
Joe, thank you for making the information so easy to understand!  Your patience with all of us in answering our questions was excellent!  The hands on training was excellent as well.  Most of all I appreciate your willingness to help us after the class.  I'm sure I will find your insight invaluable!  Looking forward to working with you in the future!
Justin Whitacre
I came into this class knowing a lot about the construction industry.  Was not sure I was qualified to do this job though.  I realized here that I do know a great deal, but learned a great deal more while being here.  You were an excellent teacher, with relating the material and explaining how to use it.  Thanks for all the help and continued support.
Derek Knack
I found your class to be everything I expected and more.  Very informative and found the hands-on feature extremely helpful!  Thanks for everything!!
Kenneth Fletchall
This was and is a very great class.  I have nothing to say negative about anything.  Thank you very much for everything you guys have done for me this week and weeks to come.  The knowledge I have received goes above and beyond any other schools I have looked into.  Thank you.
Joseph White
Outstanding course, very intelligent instructor, interesting, and fun, thank you!
Chad Carlson
I enjoyed the class, it was very educational.  I learned a lot, I would recommend the class to a friend.
Ed Sheridan
Very knowledgeable.  Please don't stop taking calls.  Glad to have you as a mentor.
George Seese
I appreciate the time you took to thoroughly go over all the information we needed and making sure everyone was comfortable before we moved on.  I chose your school over schools in West Virginia much closer to home because as a tradesman I know the hands-on is how you learn and retain the knowledge.  Thanks again and can't wait to get started.
Charles Hinton
Joe is a very good teacher, he takes the time you need to learn.  Very smart guy with a good sense of humor.  Enjoyed the class very much.  Can't say enough about the guy, I wish him well.
Randy Keiser
The class was very enjoyable.  It was a fun environment to learn in.  It was more like a family atmosphere than a study course.
Chad Tuthill
Excellent course, enjoyed being in your class.  Anybody taking this course has been led to the water!
Richard Byler
I feel prepared to become a good Home Inspector.
David Horvath
This is one course I wish I would have known about 15 years ago.  I am a retired firefighter from the city of Cleveland and this course would have been beneficial during my tenure there.  Mr. Jefferys is the best instructor on earth.  My success will directly reflect his instruction.  I look forward to my career as a property inspector.
Asa Newsome
I enjoyed the insight from Joe and the class.  The reading is an excellent way to keep the students engaged.  The Army uses the same technique.  I have learned a lot and appreciate the time spent working with us.  I also look forward to having a mentor as I launch my business.  I know I am in good hands.  Thanks, Steve.
Stephen Flannery
I am glad I opted to take my home inspection class with HomeSpection versus online classes.  This course increased my knowledge tremendously.  I would highly recommend HomeSpection to anyone wanting to get taught how to become a professional Certified Home Inspector the right way.
Kimberly Baker
I am very satisfied with the training that was provided by Joseph.  He explained everything with precision and professionalism.  He truly cares about his students and wants them to be a success.  I recommend HSTI to anyone interested in pursuing this field.
Jeff Caporaletti
I thought the class was excellent.  Top notch instruction.  The only minor thing I would say is to save the slides for the end of the chapter.  Thanks for your expertise in the field and knowledge.
Daniel Bailey
The class was very informative and gives the students the know-how to start their own inspection business.  Would recommend to anyone looking to get into the inspection field.
Adam Jones
Joe is a great instructor with his many years of business experience.  His genuine outlook for kids safety made him down to earth and real.
Steve Magoolaghan
I honestly loved the class.  Everything was set up very professional.  I liked Joe's teaching.  Great experience.  Hope people that come through think the way I did about the HomeSpection Training Institute.
Daryl Garwood
It was a great class.  Learned some new things.  Can't wait to inspect Monday and see all the ways you recommend.  You will go far with this school.  Thanks again.
Richard Lister
Book training was good.  Conversations went long at times.  Very attentive to individuals needs.  Appreciative of the offered support from Joe, in class and out.  Anxious more to learn the marketing side.  Overall thanks for the opportunity and sharing your knowledge.
Mark Nesline
I feel you did an awesome job.  It helped a lot learning a chapter and then looking through the pictures of actual deficiencies. I feel once we do the actual inspections on Monday & Tuesday it will all tie together.  Great job Joe!!!
Brian Freeman
A lot to learn in a short amount of time and Joe makes it interesting and easy to learn.  A good class and Joe is very passionate about his school and the students.  Thank you Joe for everything!  Todd is also very helpful and I appreciate that as well.  Thanks Todd!
Tara Roberts
Coming in with limited knowledge, it was very refreshing to take the test and understand everything on it.  Thank you for the effort you put in with us.  I am also extremely happy with the course.
Thomas Molina
This has been a wonderful learning experience.  Your teaching style is flawless.  I can't wait to come back for your other two courses!
p.s. Todd is a pretty cool dude
Mark Bromer
A thorough class well instructed with good slides and explanations.  Classroom and staff very professional.  Excellent experience!
Michael Lasko
Great class, easy to follow and understand.  Very informative.  I would recommend this class to anyone interested in getting into home inspections.
Kevin Doyle
Joe has been very helpful and thorough.  I plan to recommend a student to use his course.  Joe, Todd and the other students were very supportive.  You did a great job Joe!
Kevin Hinkle
I enjoyed the hands-on detail of the class and I learned a lot about home inspections.  The instructor has practical knowledge of the subject.
Matthew Leavitt
Thanks for the education.  Very thorough and covered a lot of material.
Martin Bennett
Very good instructor.  Best class I've ever been in!
Kenneth Ayotte
I could not have made a better choice in a school.  The experience and knowledge of our training instructor, Joe Jefferys, gives each student the opportunity to be the best they can be.  I enjoyed the hands on training and attention to detail.  The class was fun, informative, and instructive.  I know I have the knowledge I need to be successful.
Michele Miller
I can't thank you enough for all the improvements you have done for this community by starting this school.  With each student that comes through this program, you add another building block to the community by raising the standards by which we are living by.  I will be using my new found knowledge to help others and ensure honesty and fairness in the industry.  Thank you.
Jacob Tilton
I was very excited to come to this course.  It was a life changing experience for me to be able to have a chance at a career at age 42.  This class is giving me the ability to thoroughly inspect a home as well as being an informed home owner.  Thank you Joe and Todd!
Anita Kelley
Very happy with this course and instructor.  Even though there are other options out there, this training institute is definitely worth it.  No other can offer what this school does.  I would recommend this school to anyone.  Thank you, Joe, for going above and beyond in training and teaching us to be the best in this field.
Traci Bower
Thank you for all you taught me.  I feel that what was learned will be very helpful in my new career.  The knowledge was great.  Very presentable, the school with hands on training was great.  Again, thank you to your and your staff, great job!
Robert Myers
Joe Jefferys is an amazing instructor at the HomeSpection Training Institute.  The course is very informative and Joe creates good conversation to keep everyone engaged and learning in the classroom.
Joshua Schenck
I would tell people if you want to go into Home Inspection this is the class for you.  Don't take an online class, you will learn more from this class.  Thanks Joseph!
Kathy Lee
Fantastic experience!  Todd and Joe are exceptional!  Thank you so very much!
David Louk
Very knowledgeable instructor, great facility, interesting and engaging everyday.
Stephen Page
Excellent instruction, great classroom and atmosphere.  I learned a lot.  I would highly recommend the course.
Scott Kordos
I appreciate the time you put into the course and lengths you go to in order to make sure your students fully understand the info you are giving.  Your continuance and dedication to your students is inspirational.  It's really nice to be taught by someone who has been there and has real field experience, and not just book knowledge.  I can tell your passion for the protection of people and the children.  Before I started this class I figured it was about money and your investment.  The safety of the community and all put the meaning of home inspector in a whole new perspective.  Thank you very much for your time.
Shane Worth
This course is the best, simply the BEST!  Joe and Todd were great, so informative and detailed.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Home Inspections.
Sean Edwards
Joe, it has been a pleasure meeting you and really glad I took your training class.  Your examples, explanations and demonstrations have been very valuable and looking forward to our future.
Benjamin Beaumont
Although very early in this career, the HomeSpection Training Institute has given me great confidence with their thorough training and support!  I feel Joe has offered me the opportunity of a lifetime to help others and make great money while doing so.  I look forward to furthering my business connections through this establishment!
Jessica Lipchak
This class was a great experience.  It built upon the basic knowledge of homes I had, and gave me the necessary in-depth understanding of house systems to be successful.  Since I am currently in the process of purchasing a house it will also help me know what to look for in house deficiencies.
Frank Glover
I was going to take an online class but coming here was a way better choice.  Joe was helpful and always took the time to explain what I didn't understand.  I've learned a lot about houses and I didn't know anything about a house at all!  I just took a chance and it was worth it!
Zane Allen
Thanks for your time and expertise.  The class was really informative and I feel confident that I can inspect homes and properties with confidence.
Mark Bergman
This was a great course.  Highly recommend for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the home inspection field.
Mark Krenisky
This course will completely prepare you to become a Certified Home Inspector.  This week is the start of a great career!
John Dragomier
Thanks for everything.  I have learned a great deal of information and I am confident to start a new career.
Derek Lawson
Good info, very informative, and everything you need to start a new career!
Kenneth Wilson
I appreciate all of the information I've learned during this class.  I look forward to continuing my education through the certification in other related classes as well.  I'm excited to see where this education and knowledge will take me in my home inspection career.  Thanks to Joe & Todd for everything!
Amanda Bruns
I had a great experience.  I'm very excited I had the opportunity to attend this class and be taught by such a knowledgeable teacher.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  I got to experience being taught by the #1 teacher instead of only hearing about how great the school is.  Thank so much for everything Joe!
Vincent Kozlowski
Enjoyed the course.  It expanded my knowledge base on what I already had experience in and taught me many new things I did not know.  I have confidence in my new skills and look forward to practicing with the hands on portion.  I believe taking this course has set me up for success in my new business venture.
David Fischio
I thought Joe was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, helpful, answered all of my questions and very methodical about the class instruction process.  I am very happy.  Also he offered continued support even after our course is over.
Kamora Thomas
Good session.  Lots of new learnings.  Exposed to info and items that I was not aware of in a house.  Useful info, especially since my wife and I will be purchasing a home in the next few years.
Charles Gross
Although I felt well versed in mechanical and structural elements of a residential home, the course offered many insights into site observations and general safety of homes.  Thank Joe, great session!
Chris Twarek
All-in-all, good course!  I'm glad to have attended.  I look forward to developing a professional relationship with you!
Chris Armentrout
What a great week!  The instruction was extremely clear and provided more helpful information than I could have imagined.  The printed material was detailed in every aspect of home systems and photos helped to clarify everything.
Thomas Mountjoy
Had a great time - Loved the atmosphere, attitude, and comradery of the staff and other students.  I had no doubt this class would be great.
I've obtained my master's degree but found this class enlightening and as valuable as that degree.
Very happy I came.
Mark Adams
The experience I received was great.  The instructor was very direct and the hands-on support was awesome.  I would recommend the HomeSpection Training Institute for anyone looking to get in the inspection industry.
Leslie Walker
Taking this training course was one of the best decisions career wise I have ever made.  I have found a passion for this trade and I cannot wait to build my business from the "Ground Up."
Randy McCarthy
I really enjoyed the course.  Everything was very professional and educational.  Feeling very excited about starting a new career in inspections.  Nice to know I am a phone call away from expert advice.
Matthew Orr
Was the best course that I have taken.  Great way to teach the class, great info.  Looking forward to calling with questions in the future.
Patrick Harris
I felt Joe has done an excellent job preparing his program.  I would recommend this to anyone who asks without hesitation.
Tom Congdon
This has been a very rewarding experience for me, and I look forward to the future.  Thank you Joe for your knowledge and insight.
David Blessing
You made schooling fun again.  With all the fun the days flew by and I learned more in five days that I have in years.  It was a privilege to be here, thank you.
Jeff Nelson
What a great class!  I have learned alot during this time.  I would recommend this to anyone.
Bryan Johnson
You will not be disappointed, excellent school.  Highly recommended.
Stanley McKee
Joe & Todd were extremely helpful & supportive.  There is nothing they would not take the time to answer or explain.  The instruction that I was given will no doubt make me a better Home Inspector.  Joe's expertise & teaching methods were far & above any course in any subject that I have taken.  Thank you.
Brett Baldinger
I appreciated the welcoming atmosphere.  The class was very informative.  I enjoyed all of my classmates and the instructor.  Joe was very informative & knowledgeable. He was very attentive to our questions & needs.  Todd was also very attentive to my questions.  I appreciate all you guys have done for me.  I feel that after this class, I will be very successful.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is thinking about becoming a professional Home Inspector.
James Preston
I appreciate the willingness of Joe to help all of us with any questions or problems.  This has been the most personal education experience I have had.  Joe is very knowledgeable &  personable.  I feel confident that I am prepared to start my career as a Home Inspector.
Travis Conn
This class has taught me a lot about home inspection and how homes should be constructed.  I learned more in this course than I could have imagined.  It is way more informative than any computer course could possibly be.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering starting a career in home inspection.  Joe & Todd are great guys who create a fun environment where it is easy to learn.
Christopher Haught
This was a great class that I enjoyed very much.  The instruction was very informative and the hands on was a great way to learn.
Richard Haught
I was nervous going in about my future, but after completing the class I was excited and looking forward to my future and my career.  Thanks to Joe I am confident in this field and can't wait to get started.
Josh Smosarski
I am very pleased with my decision to come to this school, the teacher and classmates and Todd were excellent.  Joseph really made it easy to understand the course.
Deverran Gray
I had a great time and value to time spent in class.  The education couldn't be beat.  Thanks Joe for putting up with me.
Mark Wasie
Joe is a really informative and up to date instructor.  Size of the class is really good.  I enjoyed all classes.
Pradeep Gurung
I took this class and really enjoyed the friendships.  I learned a lot from Joe; he is very encouraging & supportive.
Warren Snow
Mr. Jefferys is an exemplary instructor who not only gave me the tools and training necessary to excel in this profession, but gave me the confidence as well.  Mr. Jefferys was patience and reassuring when addressing my very limited background in construction.  When you receive his training you will learn as I did that he is very invested and sincere in seeing his students succeed upon graduation.  With his training I feel confident and capable in my abilities to be a successful home inspector.
Elizabeth White
I am very excited for this new career in home inspection and I want to thank you because at first I thought maybe I was too young for this career but you made me believe I am at a good age and also more motivated.  You also told me about your past life of being a boxer which made me feel more comfortable to come to class and joke around about boxing because I did boxing.  So thank you for your help, and I will recommend friends and family to you.  Also, everyone at class was nice so made class easier.  Thank you.
Elhan Nevzadi
Joe, your knowledge, experience & obvious concern for us students is phenomenal.  At first I thought the reading was going to not be too effective but after starting it I think in this atmosphere with a small class and discussion it was extremely effective.  It kept all of us engaged and helped to absorb the information.  Thank you for working so hard to ensure we do this right!  Providing the tools is a nice touch as well!
Terri Siwik
Looking forward to putting what I have learned to work in the field.  I'm hoping and praying for success.  I feel more confident with this training program and feel like I will be successful.  Thank you!
John Turner
Learned a lot, very thorough.  Professional in every way.  Very easy to understand.  Teaching everything to the point.  Has everything covered.
Kevin Westfall
I appreciate your patience with our class, "Even when the same question was asked three times," ha ha!  Thanks again.
Andy Kehl
I have been through a lot of classes and courses from schools and the military.  This class has been the best class.  Very easy and thorough instructions.  Interesting and motivating.  I feel like I have been set up for success.
Joseph Gorham
This was a very educational experience.  Mr. Joe was very helpful with questions and answers.  I'm extremely happy I took the course.  Highly recommend!
Matthew Jenkins
It was a pleasure to meet yourself and Todd.  Loved your teaching style, your story telling, and your patience with all levels of knowledge.  Thanks for caring enough to do this.
Nick Shough
I've thought about home inspections may times and am so glad I finally made the move.  Terrific instruction, and a comfortable class.  Never a moment of discomfort.
Ryan Martin
Thank you for the kindness you and Todd have displayed and for the welcoming environment of the school.
Joshua Taylor
I believe the class covered all aspects of home inspection.  Suggestions to begin and market a business were appreciated.  Safety was emphasized.
Mark Sibole
The information I received at the HomeSpection Training Institute was very informative.  I learned a great deal of information in a short period of time.  Joe was fantastic as the instructor!
Dennis Rosier
The school, instructor and curriculum were unique, interesting and very informational.  I will be recommending this school to others that are interested.  I would even come back for refresher courses.
Michael Woulard
Great training course.  Will recommend this class to others.  I wish I had known about this course before my fiance purchased a home, we would have saved thousands!  With the Advanced Certificate I can now have a reputable business.
Michael Thompson
Great experience!  Joe is very knowledgeable and a great instructor.  The industry information and techniques taught in this course are second to none!
Charles Nikic
It is very informative and Joe is very knowledgeable in this field.  Wonderful class, would take it again.
Daniel Caulder Jr.
The process was above my expectations.  Excellent program! Had fun.
Anthony Munoz
This is the best course in the country!  I had a great time.  Thanks!
Gerardo Zertuche
I would recommend this training to anyone.  I have 10 years of experience inspecting homes and still learned a huge amount of info during this training.  If one wants to succeed as a home inspector this is the school to attend.  I've recommended it to 3-5 people already, and will continue to do so!  I have nothing but great things to say regarding this school.  Driving an hour to travel here meant nothing due to the knowledge gained.  Huge Success!!!
Huey Thomas III
This class has been a dream come true for me.  I passionately  wanted to do this course for the last 2 1/2 years.  Your school is therefore a blessing and a dream come true.  Your teaching and details you offer has been remarkable and has made me feel more confident in my journey to be a home and property inspector.  I truly do appreciate your teaching, your school and experience.  Thank you a lot - sincerely.
Andrew Chege
Great teaching method, Mr. Jefferys made the whole class become one team to work together.  He used humor as well as serious points to keep our interest.  Hands on displays and actually using the tools gave us valuable skills.  Would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering Home Inspection as a career.
Harry Henry
I was not sure if I would understand everything that I was going to be taught in such a short period of time, but Joe really made it easy for me to absorb the information and understand it completely.  He made the course fun and the interaction with the class and participation was excellent.  I would recommend this course to anyone who would ask me.  Excellent and very enjoyable.
Rick Vincent
I figured I would be lost due to a lack of experience with HVAC, plumbing, and structures of a home.  The educational materials, Power Points, pictures, as well as hands-on demonstrations made the process seamless and easy to understand.  I'm glad I decided to pursue the Hands On Training as opposed to the online course.
Tracey Lane
It is my opinion that this course has given me a new perspective on home inspection.  I believe my training at this institute will give me advanced knowledge to perform all duties as a home inspector exceptionally well.  Thank you Joe for everything!
John Cheeseborough Jr.
This course has been great; from recruitment/admissions through to completion.  Thank you for allowing my wife and I to conduct a walk-through of the facility and explaining the course prior to signing up.  Looking forward to starting my own business and keeping in contact with the school and staff.
Bradley Lambes
I have appreciated the background and information shared regarding the performance of quality home inspections.  Joe gives a realistic, experienced explanation of what it takes to be successful in this occupation.
Alan Zimmerman
Enjoyed the openness of the class.  Laid back but still maintained a professional atmosphere.  Loaded with a lot more material and hands on material than I expected.  The knowledge of the instructor.  I could go on and on...
William Jacobs
The Advanced Home Inspection Training Course is the best course I ever took.  The teacher is great and I would recommend anyone to come to this institute, the energy is great.
Ricardo Walsh
I am new to the construction and home inspection industry.  Mr. Jefferys made every component relevant and easy to understand.  He used various techniques to ensure we were knowledgeable.  I enjoyed the hands on experience the most because I was able to connect the learning.  This is something I could not get from an online course.
Sonya Holland
I am completely satisfied with the course.  The course met and exceeded my expectations.  I feel prepared to move forward with my career as an inspector after Joe's course.  Joe is a great example of how to be a professional in our business and is inspiring to be around.  Incredible class and experience.
Roger Sommers
Your teaching methods have given me confidence.  This industry from the outside looks so intimidating, you have made me feel like I can really achieve my greatness.  Thank you.
Aaron Griffin
Overall, the experience was great.  Joe made it enjoyable to come in and made me feel comfortable while in class.  Very laid back and made the whole experience great.
Randall Vayo
Class was very informative.  Joe was very personable.  I would recommend class to everybody.  Instructions were very thorough.
Matt Ulrich
Very informative, paced very well and organized.  Not much else to say other than Joe has found his niche.  Perfect instructor for this class.
Chris Ulrich
Joe, I just wanted to tell you thanks for doing such a great job with training and support.  Your suggestions for marketing have really paid off.  It is now the prime season for real estate transfers and my business is really taking off.  Thanks again and take care.
Carmen DeLisio
I really appreciate your training and help.  I am a person who holds high standards to the people I let in my life.  You, Todd, and the rest of the HomeSpection group are in the good group!  I know that I am headed in the right direction and will use the training and feedback you have given to drive my business.  I hope to be one of the guys who comes in and helps out the class one day.
Mike Brown
Thank you so much for helping me become a Home Inspector.  You are a great teacher!  I am looking forward to my "new" life and have you to thank for it.
Steve Toohey
I enjoyed the class and I am glad I decided to take the course.  I already had a good idea and some knowledge about performing a home inspection having completed my certification through InterNACHI but I knew I would learn things I didn't know.  It was great having you teach the course with all of the experience you have in the industry.  Thanks for your dedication towards your program and the time you spend making sure we are successful.
Ryan Coy
I enjoyed every bit of the class. Wouldn't change a thing.  Way better than the last school I attended because everyone was involved in the learning process.  I would send anyone here in a heartbeat. Thanks Joe & Todd for all your help!!
Brian Ali Sultan
Thank you Joe & Todd for being so understanding of everything that I endured this week.  You gave me confidence and understanding when I didn't myself know how I could.  I'm happy to graduate but also sad to leave.  It's very rare that you come across such dedicated faculty.  I appreciate you guys and I'm very honored to have been a part of your class.  I would recommend this class to any and everyone.
Celine Davis
The class was very informative and a lot of information, but Joe was able to break everything down.  Every question was answered and whenever able, hands-on examples were used.  He explained everything in detail which made the class less stressful.  I appreciate his willingness to go above and beyond in helping all the students achieve their certification.
Thea Wellons
This was one of the most informative classes I have ever taken and I thank you for everything.  I will tell everyone I know how wonderful this class was and recommend it to anyone.
Ryan King
The teaching technique was different from what I expected but found that was far more effective than the usual techniques I have encountered before.  The class size was small and that made learning easier.  The attitude and moral was upbeat and it was a pleasure to be here.
Douglas Bergold

I'm more than satisfied with my instructor, the class and the information that I received.  What impressed me the most was my instructor's passion towards my success!
Damone Jackson
I waited a long time to take a course in home inspection.  After taking your class I could not be more satisfied that I chose you to be my instructor.  So happy Todd kept contacting me and helping me decide this was the best thing for me.
Gary DePriest
Helpful information!  I enjoyed the class, it was inspiring.  Useful class participation helped to ease my experience.  I will use this information for many other things.
Theodore Brady
Class was very informative & interactive.  open conversation between classmate and instructor was good.  Sometimes students need to be reeled in and kept in focus.  Will refer other interested individuals.
Robert Schlaud
Excellent instruction and experience.  150% professional.  Shared years of experience, hands-on, and great Certification preparation for the final exam.  100% support throughout my career.
Mark Kibler
I came to the HomeSpection Training Institute because I was pretty well convinced that I would receive the best home inspection training available in the country, and know I know for sure that I made the right decision to drive all the way from Virginia.  I really appreciate the fact that you have dedicated your career to providing such high quality instruction and continuously working to ensure the success of your students.  As I said one day during the class, "I think that what you do is very commendable." THANK YOU!!
Matthew Sholly
The class content, instructional experience, facilities and teaching methods were fantastic.  Joe, you really know your business, thanks for sharing your personal experiences and insight.  I am really prepared for this new phase of my life.  Thanks!
Sean Carpenter
I thoroughly enjoyed the class and class instruction and conversations.  And the ability, at will to ask any questions, even to the degree of interrupting the teacher; you.  Anything I did not understand, I asked, with no fears.  Much appreciated.  Thank you very much Joe for an excellent class.
Gerald McCausland
This course was easy to understand and allowed for individual thought.  I like that its taught at a pace that allows for students to get a great deal of info with the ability to ask for clarification on what they don't understand, but doesn't waste time on going over information over and over unnecessarily.
Kathryn Sijakovic
It has been an absolute pleasure taking this course.  Joe makes it very entertaining and gave me the knowledge and training to start making my own money!!!  Thank you Joe!!
Matthew Blile
Thank you for your time.  I am leaving with the confidence that I will succeed in the inspection business.  I am looking forward to a new career.
Courage Woodward
Joe instills a great deal of confidence in all of the students.  His knowledge is second to none and I look forward to calling him with questions in the future while out on the job!!!
Selden Makin
Very respectful and attentive towards all students.  Took time to make sure you understood before moving on.
Matthew Richards
This was a very good course.  Taught me how to look at home VERY differently now.  I am glad I took this course.
Marcous Grandberry
This was a great experience, I personally enjoyed the hands-on training.  Also Joe was a great teacher.
Cecil Wine
I feel that I couldn't have picked a better school or instructor than Joe Jefferys at HomeSpection Training Institute.  From the first day of class, I felt at home and comfortable.  The information that was shared in addition to the book was invaluable.  I am most pleased to know that I have a friend who truly cares about my success and puts his heart and soul into what he does.  Thank you.
George Wyatt
Joe & Todd; you made this experience very enlightening and very educational.  As Joe mentioned on the first day; I'm asking myself why I didn't take this course before.  As I realize completing and passing the course with exceptional training; I wouldn't have had the chance to come to this great institution.  I really appreciate you Joe, your relaxed yet very enthusiastic training style.  You gave me confidence in this profession per the wealth of knowledge that you have and competency of the business.  Thanks for giving me a renewed hope for my future; I will always remember you and Todd.  Respectfully,
LaSean Rice Sr.
Joe, my experience here at HomeSpection has been the best I've encountered in any program whether hands-on or not.  You are meticulous as an instructor and you have attention to detail in all you teach.  Thanks for the knowledge.  Now as I move into the field of inspections I'm fully confident in my ability to service my clients with the best home inspection possible.
Nathaniel Hudson
I was thoroughly impressed by the knowledge that Joe possessed and the fact that he was able and willing to convey all his knowledge to my class.  I also really appreciated his patience and attitude, as well as his humor throughout the course!  Lastly, since I only possessed knowledge about some of the subjects, he made sure that I didn't walk away that day without fully understanding all topics.  EXCELLENT JOB - I will recommend to a friend!!
Gregg Parker
The course was a great learning process and helped me to step out of my comfort zone.  I can't wait to put this new knowledge to use and finally step out of my comfort zone furthermore, since I believe it's the first step to success.  I'm thankful for, and appreciate this class!
Mercedes Fry
Sincerely satisfied with the class and the information you provide.  I don't think any other school would provide the student with as much knowledge and information for success that you have.  Your passion truly shows and is deeply appreciated.
Daniel Wahl
Very good class.  I liked everything about the training.  The days went very smooth.  Joe you are very knowledgeable about home inspections.  Thank you for everything!
Edward Rosenberger
First, I want to thank you!  I was unsure at first, but now a lot more confident!  You are definitely an expert, I appreciate you sharing.  I can't thank you enough!
Daniel Shawver
Very knowledgeable and proficient in field.  Excellent instructional environment and teaching aides.  Great examples on overhead, great models and displays.
Bill Davis
Outstanding course and awesome learning experience.  Very knowledgeable instructor.  Thank you Joe.
Ronald Viers
First and foremost, thank you.  Your instruction to myself and the others in class will be used everyday for the rest of our lives.  This course will provide the successful future we all are looking for along with being better homeowners ourselves.  Thank you very much!
Mike Brown
Enjoyed the hands on training experience.  I am always thankful for the people I am blessed to meet that help me improve my family and my life.  Thanks so much and God bless you and your family Joe.
Scott Roop
It was a very interesting class.  Very helpful and learned alot.  Relating his personal experience is very helpful in learning and looking for problems when i go out and inspect.  Thanks for everything!
John Karcher
The class was very complete.  Enjoyed the professionalism and expertise in all that was taught.  Would recommend this course to anyone who is interested.  Thank you Joe!
Michael Wells
Pleasantly surprised at the demeanor and relaxed but professional atmosphere.  Strongly recommend this course and instructor.  Opens your eyes to inspecting for children which is more important than just a general inspection.
Steven Cobb
The class was very involved, but Joe was able to handle any question that came up.  Very happy with the class.  Thanks for all the help.
Bill Hahn
Enjoyed the class and Joe is a great instructor, looking forward to get out there and use my training.
Jamie Bell
Very informative and helpful.  Thanks for believing!
Jillian Olihan
Joe, I would like to thank you for your understanding, I would also like to thank you for your encouragement.
David Layne
Joe did a wonderful job!
p.s. So did Todd!
Donald Harris
Not only was I impressed with your knowledge and experience in the industry, I am also very grateful for the support and encouragement shown from Day 1.  Your teaching, discussions, advice and opinions on all aspects of home inspection will give me the best possible chance of success and for that I am grateful.  I will strongly recommend this class to anyone I can. Regards, Kevin.
Kevin Butterfield
This is a wonderful and knowledgeable course.  Joe is very helpful throughout the course and challenges you.  The administrative process was even easier thanks to Todd.  Thank you for all the education and training you provided.  Can not wait to start my first home inspection.
Patrick Hughey
This has been an excellent experience.  The information and hands on learning is a great way to approach this subject.  I felt very comfortable from the start and feel like a success at the end, thanks Joe & Todd.
Tyler Lloyd
It was a very helpful and informative course.  I was nervous about starting a business, but after the class I felt very comfortable and ready.  I'm thankful Joe is willing to continue to help us with and advice as we pursue our new business venture.
David DiFrancesco
Excellent course and instruction.  Very informative.  Professional experience is a major bonus to the course.  One of the best vocational/trade schools I've ever attended.  Passion for the career and students really shows.  Thanks for everything.
Cody Knobloch
The course and the instructors and facility was more than I expected.  I found everything above what I could have wanted.  Excellent training facility, with all of the equipment, training, and knowledge.  The number 1 home inspection school.
Michael Zieroff
I have really enjoyed this course.  All questions were answered and all the information was explained clearly.  My only thought would be to include one hands on inspection within the first 5 days.  Thank you for your time and patience.
Michael Noel
When you have been given a real chance to take care of your family it's beautiful!  Career Liberation!!!
Brandon Belcher
Extremely Informative.  I would recommend this class to students looking to enter the Home Inspection business.  Three years ago I attended the AHIT course, this class completely covered every question I had, unlike the AHIT course.  Thank you Joe!
Gary Kennedy
I am very thankful for the training I received at the HomeSpection Training Institute.  Thank you Joe for helping me learn and understand the in's and out's of a home.  I am thrilled with my passing grade of 98%!!!  I will put my knowledge to work in the field and can't wait to get started.  God Bless.
Myron Yoder
I wasn't sure what to expect, but after the first day I was at ease and comfortable with the students and Instructor.  Joe was very good, honest and full of knowledge and background with material that was very impressive.  Thanks Joe!!
Enrique Mondragon
Great and thorough explanation of materials.  Interesting and engaging teacher.  Helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience.
Niesha Finney
This was the most enjoyable and informative class I have ever taken.  Thank you!
Thomas Notman
The class exceeded my personal expectation and your explanation of all aspects of the class, the job and what may be encountered were extraordinary.  Your instructions, appearance and knowledge are and will always be something to continue to build on for my future.  Also, thank you for your support of the Veterans, it is greatly appreciated!
Timothy Chandler
The HomeSpection Training Institute's course has been very informative.  I've taken many courses but none compared to the ability of the instructor to present and teach useful and work related material.  I would recommend this course to any person whether entry level or experienced.
Lorenzo Parker
Quality Material, well presented.  In-depth coverage of details and processes, and what we need to be successful.  Great facilities and very accommodating.
Jeffrey Dalton
I was not sure what to expect, but this class way exceeded my expectations.  Instruction was very clear.  I feel adequately informed/trained to do an inspection.  I would highly recommend this course!  Thanks Joe!
Steven Miller
I have been looking into starting this career for over a year.  It wasn't until I found this course, that I felt I would be comfortable charging for this service.  Most online courses seem very inadequate.  Due to Joseph and the HSTI program I now feel comfortable starting a business.
Trent Cowgill
Thank you for providing the hands-on training.  Definitely the best way to learn.  The open discussion and comfort level of the class was great.
John Seifert
Overall the class was well done.  The way I look at my house now is totally different than before I took the course.  The pics helped with the different things to look at.  Great Class.
Jeff Divelbiss
Joe was informative and as comprehensive as a classroom environment will allow.  Thanks Joe.
Joseph Young
The HomeSpection Training Institute is an excellent program.  Joe is an excellent instructor and has professional integrity.  I highly recommend this program, in my opinion the best in the State of Ohio.
Timothy DiPadova
What an amazing experience!  I received the education and hands on training I could never have received by online training.  Joe and Todd...great guys!  I can't thank you enough.
Bryon Reed
Whatever anxieties I had going into the class were quickly dispelled.  Not only was I put at ease with the laid back environment, I was amazed at how quickly and easily I was able to absorb the materials.
Josiah Poore
You're the best! Thorough! Complete! Awesome Joe!  Thanks!
Michael Hay
I have nothing except great comments about the entire course.
Richard Beck
I really enjoyed this class, it was well worth the time and money.
David Cox
I would like to thank you for the knowledge you've shared.  I have enjoyed my experience here and am extremely satisfied that I made the decision to attend this course.  I am confident that I will be able to use the skills and information I've learned in class to successfully complete quality and honest home inspections and I am excited to begin my new career once I'm back home.  Thank you for a great educational experience and the discussions of your experiences throughout your career.
Joshua Coulter
I have truly enjoyed this past week!  I have learned a ton.  I really look forward to building my future in the home inspection field!  You guys really do a great job of answering questions and offering all sorts of support!  I appreciate the way you teach the class and the laid back atmosphere here at the school!  This past week lived up to every expectation I had for the class and exceeded many of them!  Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to working in the field next week and learning even more!
Gregory Smith
Hands on learning is the best way to learn for me.  I am completely satisfied - and will finally get over the hump and start making my life and career much easier.  (You have given me nothing but confidence!)  Thank You!
Steve DiRuzza
This was a big step in the right direction.  I am enthused to start my own business and work for myself.  I believe that Joe Jefferys is the reason why I will be successful in my new career and would like to thank him.  I feel the support system provided by the HomeSpection Training Institute is one of the strongest I have been a part of.  I will be involved with the people in my class and feel certain that my success will be evident by my work put into it.  Thank you again.
Jeremy Strain
The class was very informative and instructive.  Me coming from the service industry still learned a tremendous amount of knowledge.  This class and Joe Jefferys is one of the best instructions I have received in any classroom setting.
If you are thinking about entering Home Inspection as a career I would strongly recommend the HomeSpection Training Institute and Joe Jefferys.
Rick Hamilton
Class with Joe Jefferys was exactly what I was looking for in order to start my home inspection business!  Joe is clearly passionate about this field and sacrificially gives his time and attention to ensure you have all the knowledge needed.  I would strongly recommend anyone to be trained at HSTI that wants to be a home inspector.
Robert Watkins
The class was very well put together and kept the group engaged!  The training was very informative and Joe explained in a way that was easy to understand.  I am very happy I chose to attend HSTI.
David Pryjma
This class was spot on.  Joe went through all the material so thoroughly.  He didn't leave you wondering about anything.  If you didn't know he made sure you knew it.  Great course.  Great instructor.  Thanks Joe!
Donald Ford
Class was very enjoyable, instructor is knowledgeable and instruction was in depth.  With your training I can't wait to test the knowledge and practice it in the field.  Thank you Joe.
Michael Lamb
I wanted to say thank you for the excellent radon class Joe and I attended.  It prepared us for the national exam that we both passed.  As new inspectors this will really help our business grow.
On a side note, we were very impressed with your home inspection classroom set up.  We were most impressed by the numerous hands on displays you had available.
I have recommended your course to several people.  Thanks again for all your help.
Eugene and Joe Iacona
I was debating whether or not to just order a book on home inspection and teach myself or to enroll in this course.  I without a doubt made the right choice.  I can count on one hand the number of instructors/teachers that I actually enjoyed listening to.  The best teacher is the one who shows passion towards what they are teaching.  You have definitely demonstrated that Mr. Jefferys.  I appreciate it!
John Wasson
I appreciate the relaxed atmosphere but very informative and complete material presentation.  Snacks were also a big hit.  Well run, very professional.  I really appreciate the level of integrity portrayed with the profession.
Tom Jones
I enjoyed attending this course.  I found Joe to be very knowledgeable and thorough in his instruction.  He took a personal interest in all his students.
Jim Emmerich
Great class, enjoyed it thoroughly.  I feel this helped me for my future as a home inspector.  Both Joe & Todd did an excellent job for the students.  A+ Guys.
Tom Lucas
I have enjoyed this class.  Joe and HomeSpection has been very accommodating to difficult circumstances.  This is a very professional course and I would highly recommend for future students.
Derick Evans
It was a pleasure to be in Joe Jefferys class.  He was very knowledgeable and informative.  There was a lot of information to learn but the school made it very easy.  Highly recommend this school looking to get in to the profession.
Tyler Johnson
The class was great and I wish that I had known about it earlier.  The information was really helpful and my fellow students were great also.
Allie Wims Jr.
Joe, great job on class content and interactions with students.  Pictures were very helpful although I personally could have better eyesight (I had some issues seeing the pictures clearly)  Other than that, fantastic course!
Carmen DeLisio
I came in with a building background.  You made the class interesting and made me think about the safety of kids.  I now look at homes differently...Thank You!!!
Doug Mineweaser
Joe, I just wanted to keep you in the loop on how K9 Property Inspections, LLC has been doing since I finished your school.  Business has been great and through the knowledge and support you have instilled in me, I am happy to say I have done over 100 paid inspections in less than six months.  I appreciate your input along with a few late night phone calls to go over a few items that I had questions about.  I knew before I started your class I was going to be successful, but I didn't realize that it would come as fast as it did through your guidance.  Thanks for always being there and believing in me and my abilities.
Chris Mehl
I appreciate Joe Jeffery's teaching style.  The content of the course was presented in a well-organized, easily understood format.  The classroom experience was enjoyable and moved at a pace that kept my attention and interest.  I would recommend this class to anyone interested in the Home Inspection field.  Thank you, Joe!
Jon Boley
I appreciated the level of expertise that Joe had and the passion he brought to the curriculum.  The attention to detail was present and valuable.  I am confident in my abilities to go out into the field and deliver competent reports to my future clients.  Thank you Joe!!
Mathew Wendelken
I enjoyed my class experience here.  I wondered how I'd handle driving one hour to class everyday and If I'd end up nodding off in class.  As it were, you kept things light and stress free!  Class was relaxed and open to any and all questions.  Thank you Joe for a pleasant and care free class!  Oorah! Semper Fi!
Kenneth Koehler Jr.
I was nervous at first, but after meeting you I was comfortable.  The course was great in every aspect.  Joe Jefferys is an outstanding teacher and mentor.  His care for the students and our success means so much.  I wish I took this course years ago.  I am grateful for being trained here by Joe Jefferys.
Michael Hall
I enjoyed this class.  I would recommend this to anyone that wanted to pursue this field as a career.  I thought Joseph was a very great Instructor.  A very caring person on how he treated everyone with respect and answered everyone's questions.  Thank you very much.
Edward White
I enjoyed learning in the classroom setting, with a knowledgeable, experienced instructor.  The hands-on training was very helpful in gaining the knowledge I need to perform home inspections on my own.  Thanks for everything!
Lisa Poirrier
My experience with the class was wonderful.  I came nervous and afraid I wouldn't learn anything.  I can honestly say that was not the case.  I learned a lot and felt many of my questions we answered.  I enjoyed the class very much.
Brigitte Beegle
I learned a lot from Joe.  He had a sense of humor and made class interesting and was never boring.  I can only hope I end up being half as smart as him.
Ed Albright
I enjoyed the class.  Felt that I learned a lot and opened my eyes to many different aspects of the home.  The hands on training and slides were extremely helpful.
Jeff Bloom
The HomeSpection Training Institute is very well designed to help reinvent yourself.  Joe is a great person, instructor, and he teaches from the heart.  The passion he has for this career as a home inspector is above and beyond.  No regrets on anything that the class has to offer except I wish I would have found him earlier.  Thank you so much.
Damon Armstrong
This course was first class from the initial call I placed.  Joe and Todd were extremely professional throughout the course.  Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in home inspections.  Thanks for your patience.
Ron Lorenz
This was an excellent course.  I couldn't imagine anyone more experienced or qualified to teach this class than Joe Jefferys.  Everything about HSTI has been fantastic!
Andrew Rotuno
Absolutely the most thoroughly thought out training program I have ever attended.  Very knowledgeable, professional, and ethical.
Linda Bryant
Great course.  Clear and enjoyable.  Very professional. I am glad I had the opportunity.  Thank you.
Justin Powers
The course was more than what I expected.  Good content and the instructor made it easy to understand and fun.
Brian Victor
Class went well, even being a contractor it opened my eyes to diagnosing issues with homes.  Can't wait to grow my business in the home inspection career.
Joe Killiany
Learned lots and look forward to working in the field.  Thanks!
Paul Groninger
Thanks for all your support and help, it was a pleasure working with you.
Fred Stanback
I enjoyed it, familiar with a lot of the terms, just not as in-depth as we went over in class.
Fred Haught
I am so impressed with all aspects of the training provided by HomeSpection.  From the cleanliness and functionality of the classrooms to the depth of knowledge and experience of the instructor, this was a very classy experience.  If a reference is ever needed please feel free to contact me.
Jeffrey Tarski
The class was truly a pleasure to take.  It was a demanding curriculum.  Joe did a good job of spelling out the particulars and making it a understandable process.  I look forward to the next step of my new career opportunity and am thankful that I can reference Joe when needed.
Bill Edie
I totally enjoyed this class.  Joe is an awesome instructor.  He really made sure we understood.  If we had trouble in an area, which I did.  Joe took extra time to work with me and make sure I understood and was comfortable.  I really learned a lot and can't wait to put it to work.  Thanks Joe for everything!
Robyn Nelson
An absolute professional training experience that will be invaluable to the success of my business.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge & experience.
Brandon Bair
Really enjoyed the class.  Thought Joe was a great instructor.  Had wonderful examples in class and listened to his students.  All questions were answered, two thumbs up!!
Jerry Jaffray
I thank you for the support and education.  The class was great. I have a hard time hearing and should have asked to be placed closer to the instructor.  The class was awesome all together.  Thank you again - Joe & Todd are great people, one of a kind!
Jonathan Lindsell
Enjoyed the class very much.  Instructor and administrative very friendly and encouraging.  Glad I picked this course and opportunity to attend!
Judy McComb
I enjoyed the class, found it very helpful to start my new career.  Instructor was very helpful to learn all of the information.
James Austin
Thank you for sharing your personal knowledge that we learned.  The material you have for hands on is very real no "plastic apples".
Alexander Khlystov
I really enjoyed the class and thought it covered all information completely. 
Brian Leach
This is by far the best experience I've ever had in a classroom setting.  I recommend anyone who is thinking about a career in home inspection to take this class.  I am very satisfied with my decision to take this class and I feel very confident with my training that I will have the knowledge for a great career.  Thank you!
John Delrio
Everyone says it, now I'm going to say it, I should have done this years ago.  Joe is very down to earth, knowledgeable and definitely has a passion for educating people about the home inspection business.  Thanks Joe!
Tony Silverman
Thank you for taking this course in such a manner for understanding the process of becoming an inspector.  You run a class very smoothly, down to earth, in-depth so where you can understand everything.  I have to say this has been the best schooling I have ever encountered. Thanks again.
Matt Walters
The complete experience and education I received is more than I ever expected.  I am thankful for all the hands on training and patience that I received to help me pursue fulfilling my dreams and helping the start of my business.
Teresa Reed
I have a background in many aspects of construction and wanted to further my knowledge with 'homes' in particular.  There were many topics discussed in the course that made me more aware of what to really look and search for.  Joe made it fun to be here and could answer any question on every topic.
Robert Del Torto
I started class a complete novice.  I leave class prepared for my new career and my future.  Sincere thanks to the HomeSpection Training Institute and to Joe Jefferys.
Hyde Anderson

The experience here has been very rewarding.  I feel I learned a lot and will be able to be successful with a business.
Michael Kavak
Thank you Joe for sharing your vast knowledge of this industry with me.  The course was put together well and presented in a way that was understood and easy to apply.  Thanks again!
Darin Oen
Very thorough and I recommend highly to anyone interested in the field of home inspection.
Matthew Blackburn
Great experience, great teaching.
Randy Morrison
I would recommend this school for anyone who is thinking of becoming an inspector.  Joe is an excellent instructor.  Explained the material very well and in a very understanding manner.
Jared Wackerly
This training was excellent and very informative, also the instructor knows his field.  I am completely grateful of the school and staff for what they have done for me and I will be looking forward to getting my career started.
Leonard Rodriguez
I really thank Joe for such a great class, complete with humor, stories, and a relaxed atmosphere.  I am excited about my new career and the relationships I have acquired with Joe, Todd and the guys (Can't wait to get started!)  Thanks so much!
Steve Toohey
This class was amazing!  Well worth the small amount that was paid for the class.  The class lessons were taught professionally and with complete respect to the students.  I would refer this to anyone that is looking for the right school to attend for their certification.  Joe is a great teacher with a lot of experience on the material.  They gave us everything needed to know exactly what to look for in the field and from the customers.  Thanks again guys!  Very professional.
Justin Schmitz
I've enjoyed being a part of Joe's class.  He has made learning the ropes of the home inspection easy to learn.  It didn't seem like I was in a classroom.  His own experiences in the field are very helpful.  I learn best by hands-on approach.  Thank you very much.
Ed Mast
Gotta say I was apprehensive about the course and came to visit, prior to committing.  Joe and Todd were both very helpful and stayed late to answer my questions and allay any concerns I had.  Now that I've completed the course, I feel comfortable that I chose the "right" school and I am very pleased with the entire experience.
John Caris
Thanks Joe and Todd for a great experience.  Very informative, I've learned a lot and feel that now I can start my own home inspections business with confidence.  HomeSpection Training Institute pulls out all the stops and is first class all the way.  I can't tell you how much this new adventure means to me.
Roger Stark
I appreciate the small class size and the hands-on style of teaching.  It is such an enhanced learning experience to physically see the items only illustrated in books.  Great Job.
Rick Weyandt
I have enjoyed coming to this Training Institute knowing this was taking my career to the next chapter in my life.  Joseph Jefferys is an awesome instructor.  He is very knowledgeable and will teach you in a manor that makes this training very interesting.  I would only recommend this Training Institute and no other.  Joseph Jefferys is the best there is.
Tabitha LeSuer
I could not be more satisfied with this course!  The hands-on experience was very helpful to develop a deeper understanding of the material.  Joe is very committed to our success as quality home inspectors.  How may teachers give out their personal cell phone numbers and give you permission to call any time you have questions?  I went through high school and college and never experienced that!  thank you Joe for your dedication to our success!
Joshua Mellin
I had a great experience during training.  All aspects of the training exceeded my expectations.  Joe is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions.  The facility is very conducive to learning.  I thank Joe and Todd for their efforts.
Jody Norris
I have very much appreciated the quality of instruction, both verbal and hands-on teaching.  Joe's abundance of experience translates well in his instruction and I would recommend this class to any considering it.
Jesse Selman
I really enjoyed class hands-on, Joe did a great job at keeping the class very interesting and very informative.  I have been thinking about taking this class for a couple years and wish I would have taken it three years ago.  Thanks again Joe Jefferys, great teacher and mentor.
Ronald Iacoboni
I wanted to thank you for the support and knowledge that you have shared with us.  I was impressed with the depth of the subject material.  I have had many years of construction experience and there was still some things that I learned that I didn't know.  This training will help me and my family start a new career in the home inspection industry.
David Ludwig
Great Course Study!!  Great Instruction!! Size of the class makes for a very personal experience.  Having all materials provided and the expertise level of instruction made the course extremely comfortable and thorough.
Andrew Smith
Great class and time!  Very happy with all of the training.  Looking forward to an ongoing relationship with all faculty instructors.
Greg Austerman
I attended the HomeSpection® Training Institute back in November. I was very impressed with Joe as a teacher. He was very thorough and made learning the home inspection business a very pleasurable experience. Joe's continuing support system is unheard of. He helps you all the way through the process of starting your home inspection business. After finishing the school I did my first inspection for pay just six weeks later! Joe was there for me every step of the way! I since have performed another inspection and have several positive leads all thanks to Joe Jefferys and the HomeSpection® Training Institute! Great job Joe and keep up the good work!
Bill Harmon
 This course was exactly what I needed to become a certified home inspector. Joe is a hell of an Instructor and goes out of his way to make sure that the students understand the material. I would recommend to ANYONE whom wants to change their career to look into this wonderful course and become a Certified Home Inspector.
John Mauro
Good instruction of a great amount of information. Comfortable classroom environment and encouraging staff.  I appreciate the education and hands on training as well as the continued support offered while in the field. I look forward to honing my skills and building a successful business.  Thanks Joe!
Scott Haywood
My experience here at the HomeSpection Training Institute was one of my best experiences by far. This was a totally new field for me. I walked in knowing nothing, and in one week I walked out knowing so much more in HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing etc. Thank you Joseph Jefferys!
Lakea Moses
My experience at the HomeSpection Training Institute has been extremely educational and exciting. I look forward to being able to put my education into practice and expand my business.
Alex Martin
The experience I've had at the HomeSpection Training Institute has been great including the reaction with all the new people I met including the Instructor. Joe did a great job teaching and I would recommend this school to who ever would like to try it! Thanks Joe and Todd.
Josh Schultz 
Joe taught a very comprehensive course. I feel like I could start my business now with the training I've received.  Thanks Joe!
John Kruis
I attended HSTI almost a year ago.  Immediately after graduating I jumped into starting my own Home Inspection business all thanks to Mr. Jefferys and his excellent training.  Any time I had a question after graduation about home inspections, Mr. Jefferys was a phone call away to help in every way he could.  Mr. Jefferys is an honest person and takes pride in sharing his wealth of knowledge and helping others learn and succeed.  Mr. Jefferys I thank you for all you have helped me with.
Joshua Lindner
Joe has been absolutely outstanding!  Every claim he makes on the site is true and more.  He made the material easy to understand and very relative to everyday use.  I am even more excited to start my home inspection career!
Drew Kairis
Great information!  Joe was very detailed with explanation of training.  I appreciate the order of the classroom and the structure of the content.  I would highly recommend this class to my friends and family!
Paul Clemens
Joe, this class has been a great experience.  The information learned will be invaluable to a profitable future in the home inspection business.  You have displayed that you are very knowledgeable and have transferred that info to me and the rest of the class.  I am excited to get out there and use what I have learned into practice.  Thank you!
Dave Eckert
I had looked into other online schools and had taken some self-paced classes, but nothing like this school did.  I learned things that I did not know and understand.  I thank Joe and Todd for their help.  Thank you!
Matthew Yovich II
Joe is a great instructor.  I had no knowledge about home inspecting at all.  By the end of the course I feel I'm ready to get started on my business.  The HomeSpection school is a great school, you learn a lot.  I just want to thank Joe.
Rob Roberts
Joe is a knowledgeable, friendly instructor.  His passion for this field and for each of his students to succeed is very evident.  I feel I've been given the proper tools to enter this field of work and begin to gain even greater hands-on experience.
Jeff Whytsell
Joe, there is no way in hell I could have passed this course with any other instructor!  I believe I have a great future ahead of me thanks to you.
Martin Ferro
I learned a lot and it added to my knowledge.  I thought class would be boring.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Keep up the good work!!
Steve Mathis
The experience that I had at the school was a great learning class, it was very organized and very productive!  Joe, I spent many years in school, including college, and I do have to say, you are one of the best instructors I have ever had.  This school is a great learning tool for anyone that doesn't even have experience in the trade.  I appreciate everything you have done for me,  Thank you.
Joseph Venerosa

I just want to thank you Joe for teaching me about the home inspection business.  I feel with what I have been taught, that this will make me extremely successful as I venture into this new and exciting career field.  The study tips and info shared really helped me and is what I accredit to me being able to score 100%  on the final exam. Thank you for keeping the classroom light and humorous as well as informative.  Again, I can't thank you enough and I look forward to our future relationship down the road.
Jospeh Price

Class was very well organized and conducted.  Joe has a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate of his profession.  It's refreshing to be around a teacher that wants to develop and bring in educated students to this field.  I am very excited about the opportunities ahead and hope to make the most out of this education.  Thanks Joe, and keep up the great work!
Christopher Pavlik

The class enhanced my knowledge of all facets that make up a residential property and enlightened my awareness and attention to issues that may be present in a residence.  The class has greatly prepared me for pursuing an alternate career in the home inspection field.  The class was very well taught and provided in depth insight that was only obtained from an instructor with extensive field experience.
Jeff Brannan

I have had an outstanding experience in this Home Inspection Training course.  Joe & Todd have made coming to the school easy and comfortable.  The appreciation they show for everyone being there is greatly returned.  Joe has shown great leadership and knowledge that will be used and passed on for years to come.  Thank you for everything you have done for me and fellow students.
David McGee

The course was a very educational course with hands-on experience that was and is necessary for learning experiences.  Joe Jefferys was an excellent teacher and coach that gave us all an education that we may have not ever had without his expertise.
Douglas Albert

Joe, I enjoyed the structure and organization of your course.  I can tell how important it is to you to have all your students succeed.  This course exceeded all of my expectations.  I couldn't be happier making the decision to take your course.  Looking forward to working with you more in the future.
David Robinson

For me it was a tough decision to attend this school because of the cost and distance from home.  But, after completing the class I believe for me it was the right decision!  Everything Joe and Todd told me was correct.  I look forward to my new career.
Mike Fox

It feels good to be apart of this great organization. This was something I thought about doing for several years, but just never followed through with. This course was exactly what I was looking for and the support system is unheard of. I am very excited to start my new career!
William Harmon
I am very pleased with my decision to attend this course. The structure of the class coupled with Joe's experience in the field helped me to learn the necessary information to become a certified and more so competent Inspector. Joe was very attentive and helpful to answer any questions or concerns from the class. Again, I am very pleased to have completed this class.  Thank you!
Matt Guba
Class was well taught and educational. Joe has a great deal of care and concern for us and our ability to succeed. He has a great deal of passion for the home inspection profession which shows through his teaching. I am very glad I took this class and am very appreciative of the ongoing support that is offered even after we leave the classroom.  Thank you Joe!
Russ Weston
The instruction of the course was understandable and explained very good. I would refer anyone to go to the class. I am pleased with the class and am looking forward to starting in the Home Inspection industry.  The training could not get any better.
Andrew Whipkey
Taking this class enabled me to learn and perfect my new career as a Certified Home Inspector. After having 25+ years in the HVAC business, I still realized that I needed a more one on one training on areas that I wasn't as familar in. Joe took me to the that next level with his presentation and experience. I appreciate all his knowledge and information to help me excel my life to being the best Certified Home Inspector I can be.
Chris Mehl
The course was in depth and properly instructed. Overall the course was very informative and rlevant. The small class size was ideal because there was more indivisual interaction for questions and concerns. This course was definitely worth attending!
Michael Nocera
I enjoyed my experience and education I received. I appreciate your expertise and the training you've given me. I look forward to your help in the future as I build my home inspection business.
Chris Letson
The class was great! Joe taught an awesome class course.
Donald Pugh
I have had a great time and excellent training in this class. Joe Jefferys is one of the best teachers I can ever remember having. His concern for the success of each of his students is unconditional. He will go above and beyond to make sure you understand completely what he teaches. And then when your done with class, he is still teaching and advising you on everything you can and will encounter forever after. He does what he saids he will do and you can't get that from just anyone. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend your school. I have learned a great deal and am now anxious to go out and put it to work. Thanks again!
Brenda Blevins

I think it would be hard to find or get a better or more professional or more informational class than this one. Thank you for your effort!
Jack Brinker

Could not have enrolled in a better class.  Joe kept us all interested and well informed.  Anyone wanting to become a Certified Home Inspector should take this course!
Edward Parker

Dear Joe,
My family and I are forever in debited to you and the staff of the HomeSpection Training Institute for your training and experience. I'm looking forward to a very satisfying and rewarding career and again thanks to you.
Adam Henry

Absolutely Wonderful! Can't wait to start my new career!
Duncan Wallace

HomeSpection Training Institute teaches you not just how to inspect a home, but how to run a home inspection business.  Joe has continued to provide assistance to my company long after I graduated.  If you want to become a home inspector and run a successful business, you need not look any further.  I can not think of another place that will prepare you any better.  Thank you Joe for your continued support.
Scott Shepherd

It's been a awesome experience. I'm glad that this is the school I chose to go to 10 times over. Though it's a drastic change from being a chef, I am extremely excited about what the future holds for me and my family. I'm looking forward to building my business and make the school and Joe proud. When I make it big, please hold me to it, I will come back and cook steaks for Joe and Todd. Both Joe and Todd have been extremely helpful. This is a exciting time, thank you so much for everything.
Michael Brady

I thought the class was very well constructed from the materials to the Hands On Experience. I am very glad that this school is set up the way it is being able to gain the knowledge and experience to start my own business.  Thank you Joe and Todd for the instruction and support that you have given to me.
Kristin A. Deem

The class was great! Joe was very informative, helpful and motivating along the way. Joe and Todd were very helpful with all aspects of the class. I'm very much looking forward to beginning a new career as an HSTI Certified Home Inspector.
Steven Fitzpatrick

I was very impressed with both Joe Jefferys and Todd Petty. They were very professional, courteous and patient. They answered all my questions and my Sons questions. My Son which took this course a month ago after losing his job as a fireman due to injuries to his knees. He was excited because now he has found a real profession that he can do. I was so impressed with my Son taking the course I also took this course and look forward to this profession to supplement my retirement.
Kenneth J. Wisniewski

Best hands on training I have ever received.  I can not wait to go out and use what I was taught out in the field, and to make a living of this great new career.
Robert Wisniewski
This was probably the best class that I have taken.  Joe was great at pointing out important parts of our text books that we would need to know.  He took time to answer any and all questions from the students.  This class was a great learining experience.  I learned alot about some things that I didn't know. I would like to thank Joe & Todd for everything.  Thank you!
Paul Kreimer
I was very impressed and satisfied with Mr. Joe Jefferys, his technique of teaching was very easily understood and clear.  I will surely recommend this course to any one I know.
Felecia Bradford
I really benefited from the way the class was handled, things were thoroughly explained for us and we were helped along.
Ronald Huston
Thank you very much.  You made learning a great time.  I appreciate your sincerity, the hands on training meant so much to me.  Thanks again Joe!
Gregory Steffan
I am so happy I took this course.  Joe and Todd have a great course, facility and have made it worth my time and money!  Thank you both.
Thomas Brace
Thank you for the lessons you have taught us.  You made your class fun and built camaraderie with all the students as we became friends through this. You surely run a great school.  I hope you continue to thrive throughout your years!
Andy Walton
I am very pleased with the course.  You are very knowledgeable and a great instructor.
Bill Chappell
Since day one of graduating from the HomeSpection Training Institute, Joe Jefferys has stood by his promise of 24/7 support after graduation.  He has answered every one of my calls and helped me through any issue I had.  I don't know of any other home inspection school that offers that kind of support and delivers.  If you are looking to start a great career in home inspection, the HomeSpection Training Institute is a great first step!
Joshua Lindner

Joe, it's been a great experience. You have taught the class well! It's been an interesting experience.  I have learned a great deal from you.  Your experiences, and your knowledge has been great.  Great classroom environment and great support! I've made a friend.  Thanks Joe for everything!
Timothy Zeigler

Joe was GREAT, the class was great! I enjoyed every minute!!!
Dustin Griffith

Very Informative, very professional.  I am very excited about starting my new business as well as confident to do so.
John Sawyer

The material was well presented. The staff maintained a professional demeantor at all times. All questions I had were answered thoroughly. The Hands On experience really made the course come alive for me. I am completely satisfied with the course, staff, equipment and support of the HomeSpection team. I would recommend this course to everyone looking at starting a career in the home inspection field.
Amir Zaher

I was skeptical of taking this class at first, but the minute I met Joe and Todd they immediately eased my mind. They are both professional and down to earth and follow through with everything they promise.
Ray Ranallo

I didn't think I could accomplish this course to be honest. Had me nervous all week and up to testing time or the Final Exam. My instructor Joe really made it happen for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope I can make you proud and plan to do my best. Again thank you Joe Jefferys. May God bless you!
Thomas Urbina

This class has been very rewarding for me. The style you use to train with is fun and helps keep everyones attention. I look forward to getting in the field to practice what I was taught.  This is a life changing opportunity!
Jeff Babb

Great experience! Appreciated the real life experience and the practical information that will benefit me in the field. 
Lorenzo Exgentico

I've been looking to become an Certified Home Inspector for some time now. I almost did an online course and now I am so glad I didn't! You helped out so much and your course work and your total Hands On Training is what makes your school stand out from the rest. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Thanks you so much for every thing Joe!
Randy Tumsis

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in your class. You made every one of us feel welcome and at ease. This made for a great atmosphere for learning. You have given us a great working knowledge of the Home Inspection profession. This gives me great confidence in my ability to give my clients a profession product. I also appreciate the ongoing support you give to each of us.  Thanks Mr. Jefferys!
Andrew Frazier

Thanks for your time and care to each detail of the subjects that we covered. You personality and humor allowed for a comfortable class setting and a great learning experience even for those who might come in feeling lacking in knowledge, experience and skill level. GREAT job Joe.  I really enjoyed your training program.
Ralph Klayko

This was one of my best decisions of my life for not only me but for my family! I truly appreciate what you do Joe for not only your students but for perspective home buyers.  Thanks Joe!
Paul Grilliot

Exceptional Course! The best career decision of my life. Joe sets you up for success and is there with you all the way to make sure you don't fail.  Thanks Joe!
Tyler Thompson

I learned a lot from this course.  The teacher was very knowledgeable and kept the subjects very interesting.  I appreciated the course so much I have recommend it to my Son.
Mark Stein
Joe, after attending your class my confidence is 150%.  Your personal attention towards your students is unsurpassed.  Thanks for everything.  100% satisfied (Student)!!!
Scott Presser
I appreciate the time Joe puts in his students.  Very educational, The greatest classroom experience I ever had.  Thank you Joe!  God bless!
Marty Mock
Joe is a great Instructor who went above and beyond to insure each student recieved one on one support and education when needed.  Thank you for your knowledge.
Justin Klingshirn
I have enjoyed and learned a lot during this course.  The Text Books and Hands On Training was awsome.  After this class I feel very confident that I can conduct a very thorough and complete home inspection.  I also feel very confident that if something comes up during my years that I will always have Joe there to help walk me through.  Thanks and God bless!!!
Kevin Kleve
I was a bit skeptical at first but skepticism disappeared quickly once class started.  Everything you need to know about the Home Inspections is taught right here in easy understand terms.  Take this class, you will not be disappointed.
Nick Arbino
I really appreciated the extra time you spent helping me.  I liked having all the displays you have that helped me quite a bit.  While I did not have as much experience as most of the other students, you did not talk down to me.  This class was well worth the money and long drive.  I would highly recommend to others.
Scott Shepherd
Joe Jefferys goes above and beyond what you'd expect from a typical instructor.  His years of experience mixed with the Hands On examples made the material easier to learn.  The class was interesting, eye opening and fun.  Prior to the class I was not sure if I would be able to fully understand all the materials covered, but now I feel much more competent.  Thanks for giving me the knowledge and the tools to be a success.
Todd Petty
This course was very informative as was your teaching instructions.  I was glad I signed up for this course and was blown away with the family type atmosphere you provided as with which lead to a great amount of learning from you.  Thanks for keeping the class sizes small.  Thanks for everything!!!
Chad Allison
I have completely loved this entire experience. I have felt right at home here in a class full of male students. Never did I once feel out of place or inferior to other students. Although this is primarly a male dominated field, Joe made me feel like just another student and didn't focus on my sex. He gave a boost of confidence from day one. I am recommending this school to anyone who will listen. 
Junera Holt
I cannot find where to input the testimonials on your site or if I can even do so. I wanted to write something as a honest feeling of my experience with your training course. Like many others that take Mr. Jefferys training class, I was in a job where I was not working consistently and somestimes finding work was harder than the work I performed. I ran across The HomeSpection Training Institutes web site and at first I admit I was skeptical, it didn't seem it was possible for me to complete a class in less then two weeks and be Certified to inspect homes. After one visit with Mr. Jefferys my mind was at ease, his abundance of knowledge and professionalism surpassed my expectations. I can honestly say I am for the first time in my life confident in my career choice. If you are on this web site reading these testimonials as I did, please do yourself a favor and call Mr. Jefferys, you will not be disappointed that you did. Thank you again for all you have done for me Joe!
Sam Strickler
Joe is an excellent teacher. At first I was a little skeptical when I saw the ad but that was put to rest on day one. I haven't been in school for six years and was a little nervous about taking the exams but once again with Joe teaching the class the nervousness and the hesitation was put to rest. I'm looking foward to starting my new business from what I learned. 
Cory Irwin

The experience was a great one. Joe is a wonderful teacher, friend, and mentor. The school was informative to help me start my own business. The over all experience was great. I will forever take this knowledge with me. It will be wonderful to know I gained a education and a means for providing for my family for the rest of my life.  Thanks you Joe Jefferys.  Honestly,
Tom Wood

This class is worth the money spent. Joe did a great job teaching us.  Not only did he teach us the Home Inspection aspect but also alot of maintenance issues that can be solved around your own home.  This class will help to prevent future people from getting ripped off when buying a home.  Help yoursef, help others.
Joshua McMullen

It was very interesting and I learned alot.  Would like to see others come to take this class.  It was well worth the money and my time.
Rick Carpenter 

I am very satisfied with the course.  I learned alot of helpful and interesting things about being a Home Inspector.  I am very excited to start my own Home Inspection business.  I feel more than confident to do so after taking this course.
Joshua Lindner
I feel the class was overall a good class and very informational. I really learned alot. It was nice putting what you learned in class to work in the field.
Tim Miller

This class was fun and laid back.  Alot of information was introduced in an easy kind of manner.  Joe was very easy to understand and was full of useful knowledge.  I had a very good experience coming to The HomeSpection Training Institute.
Tom Fender
I am very happy with the training and the course.  I can't wait to start putting all my training to use and start my own business.  Thank you Joe!
Steve Crnjak 
I had a great time taking this class.  I learned alot on Home Inspections.  Joe did a great job teaching and on the Hands On Experience.  Great job Joe!
Ervin Troyer
Met a great person and teacher.  I now have a great friend.
Mick Conkle
The course delivered a great deal of information. The methodology allowed all of us to absorb all the information.
John Rodeman
This is one of the best classes I've ever been through. Joe is very understanding, and very professional. I am glad to have been able to have this experience in my life.
Jason Dunseith
Really like the class. Alot of fun and alot of great information.
Tom Hunter
I recently finished the course at The HomeSpection Training Institute and couldn't be happier with the outcome!  Due to Joe's commitment to being there for all of his students, I have already got my business off the ground and running.  I couldn't have done this without Joe's relentless support and guidance. You could not get this help from any other school. If you listen to Joe...YOU WILL SUCCEED! My only regret is not enrolling in The HomeSpection Training Institute years ago. I couldn't be more appreciative of Joe's help and advice that I've continually received every week AFTER I graduated from the Institute. Thank you Joe for changing my life and sending me in the right direction, towards success. After establishing my business and doing my first paid home inspection, my client stated how thorough I was with my inspection and how informative the report was. She also stated that she would always recommend me as a home inspector in the future! I couldn't have done this without Joe and The HomeSpection Training Institute.
Ian Elmerick

I am truly happy to know you as a friend.  I cannot thank you enough for the patience and understanding that you have shown from the moment that I called you to this day.  I look foward to the next chapter of my and my families life, I couldn't have done this without your support.  My appreciation for you and this Institution will not go overlooked.  I will always look back at this time as a substantial turning point in my life and career.  You will forever be a great memory to me and my family.  
Thank you so much.
Sam Stricker

I was glad we had a smaller class and I was grateful for the extra study time.  I love your professionalism and attitude towards your profession.  The organized class room and your preparedness was outstanding and your generosity with the little things (coffee, coke, candy and coupons) 
was appreciated.  Thank you for your confidence you had in all of us and for the support!  Great job Joe.
Keith Haydu  

My experience was great.  I am happy with everything you have done for me.  Thanks alot Joe.
Charley Kelly

Great overall experience.  I gained a lot of knowledge.  Thanks to Joe.  Knowing I have a mentor with 35 years experience and is only a phone call away is something that you can't find anywhere else.  The best way to learn is a "Hands On" class, which Joe provides and makes learning easy, fun and understandable.  Thanks to this class, I'm able to do something I finally enjoy.....instead of a job that I have to do and now one that I'm happy with. 
Ian Elmerick

Hi Mr. Jefferys.  I just wanted to write you and let you know how well I am doing since taking your class.  My business is thriving!  I am working three counties in the Pittsburg area.  I am averaging 7 to 10 inspections per week.  I love it and so does my wife.  After working in the shops for over 25 years I can now spend much more time with my family and Grandchildren.  I investigated your school and knew I could not recieve the training you provide anywhere else.  Your support, the Hands on Training and your friendship was truly appreciated.  As you know I drove over 4 hours to class each day,  the best miles I ever put on my truck!  This was the best money I have ever spent.  You really do care!  Thank you again Mr. Jefferys and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Larry Curtis 

You are an extraordinary Instructor.  Your passion for the profession is evident in the way you teach your students.  You hold yourself to quality and high standards.  I greatly appreciate the follow up phone support on my progress, after I completed the course.  Joe you are a man of your word, from reviewing my marketing materials to always being there when I have called you for your opinion on my progress.  Your encouragement and guidance has been more than I expected.  You made class interesting and fun.  I feel that you are more of a friend than a teacher.  Thanks for the push to SUCCESS!
Jeff Ewart
 Joe has been and continues to be very thorough.  After the completion of the course, Joe has continued  to show support.  His weekly calls ring in every Friday, and he always urges for me to call should I need anything.  He shows through both words and actions that he cares for the future of his students.  All in all a great class, great instructor and solid plan to help students move forward in life and business.
Christopher Rossiter

Mr. Jefferys does everything he says he will do with the training and with his follow up support!  I have taken the training recently with The HomeSpection® Training Institute with Mr. Jefferys.  He said during the training and also when enrolling in the class, that he follows up weekly with each of his students.  He does what he saids and I expect his call every week.  Now if I cannot take the call he will follow up within a short time frame if I haven't returned his call.  I can get all the support needed by Mr. Jefferys and at almost anytime of the day.  Yes even late at night he takes our calls.  He continues to help me after the class is done just like he promises.  He wants me to succeed and helps me along the way.  While he guides me, it is up to me to complete his recommendations.  Mr. Jefferys has also assited me in my marketing materials.  I have sent Mr. Jefferys my marketing materials to review and he has enthusiastically provided his guidance and opinion through his many years of experience.  Where else can you find this in any other training?  NOT!  You get more than just HANDS ON classroom training from The HomeSpection® Training Institute and Mr. Jefferys, you get a mentor as well as a friend!
Dave Matheny

The way the class is set up makes it very easy to learn.  The Hands On Training and slides were extremely helpful and I greatly appreciated the flexibility to be able to make other mandatory appointments. I also greatly appreciated Joe taking the extra time to go over chapters I missed due to the appointments.  Class particiipation from everyone was great and greatly appreciated the help I recieved from fellow students.  Great class and well worth the money.
Aaron Burns

I very much enjoyed my experience here at The HomeSpection® Training Institute.  Joe goes above and beyond. He was also very knowledgeable about how to run the business as well as the details of the Inspection.  He answered every question I could come up with.  Thanks Joe!
Katherine Jackson

The class was great!!!  The instructor and the course gave me complete confidence and ability to do my job in the home inspection field.  I would recommend this class and course to men and woman of all ages.  
Don Costello
Thanks for all that you have done to assist in the change of my life and wish everyone in your current class great success from me to them. I'm sure if all of your current students take to heart EVERYTHING that you say that they can and will become a great success!
Ron Lendon
I wanted to drop you an Email and thank you for all the opportunities you have given me. Before I met you I really didn't know what direction I was going to go as far as my professional life.  As you know I was a truck driver.  It was an honest living but not something I was proud of doing, basically it was just another job.  You run a business to educate and help people find a new career.  I know by watching you teach you really love what your doing.  With your help and guidance I can finally say I am proud of my career.  I wanted you to know that you gave me a new career, but more importantly you gave me hope.  I thought I was going to be in a meaningless job all my life.  I never thought I would be so happy going to work.  Thanks for all you have done for me!
Matt Adams
 I thought this class was very well taught and extremely thought provoking.  The Hands On Training was very informative and helped give me the confidence to start my own business.  Thanks Joe!
Jason Porter
This class was very detailed and the learning experience was impressive to say the least.  Mr. Jefferys did very well to assist every student in the class including myself.  I would tell anyone considering the class to jump at the opportunity and expect to thrive after.
Christopher Rossiter
The class was an unbelievable great class.  I have learned I believe everything I need to know to complete a Home Inspection in any house.  The Hands On Training was probably the best part.  Just being able to touch the things I learned about helped me alot. Thank you Mr. Jefferys.  I appreciate your efforts and time.
Dominic Walicki
I found your class very informative and easy to learn under the Hands On approach, and class room atmospere.  Mr. Jefferys is very professional and had the answers when asked.  I would highly reccomend the class to anyone considering a career in Home Inspections or related field.  Thank you Joe.
Jeffrey Ewart
I enjoyed the class and it strengthen my knowledge to be successful as a Certified Home Inspector.  The Hands On Training and discussions of the presentations of the slides were very beneficial.  Thanks Joe!
Dave Matheny
My experience with this class has been real.  Very informative, made sure topics were understood before we moved on.  Great teacher and Best Hands on Training.
Mike Loparo
Very well done!  Professional and very informative.  Was given all the knowledge needed to complete the course and begin a new career.  Thank you Joe!
Darrell Salyers
The HomeSpection® Training Institute provides awsome training.  I know I will become a success after this training.  The instructor Mr. Jefferys was a great instructor.  Best educational course I have ever taken.  I've learned so much and enjoyed the total hands on training.  Without it I would have been lost. 
Spencer Wight
Thank you Joe for the class and the chance to learn.  Your a great teacher.  I highly reccomend taking this class!
Ronald Crawford
Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful experience with your class and made some new friends.  I really appreciate all that you have done to assist in helping so many people better their lives with sharing your experience!
Ron Lendon
This class was one of the best choices I've had during my life.  This prepares me to make the kind of money I've always hoped for!  Attention to detail and the Hands On experience makes this class well worth it.  The class was also extremely fun.  My new career will help me provide for my family!  Joe, you were FANTASTIC!
Gregory Kraemer
My time spent here during this class has been educational and enjoyable.  Joe has taught me in a very thourough manner that is above not only what I thought this class would be but what he had to do.  I would reccomend The HomeSpection® Training Institute to anyone interested!
Chris Roctz
Very well presented curriculum, excellent Hands On training , small class ensures detail, and focused instruction.  A great course.  Highly reccomend to anyone considering a career as as a home inspector.  Instructions and material easy to understand reference materials.
Rob Shulin
I feel the class was very well planned, well scheduled, and the Hands On ttraining was very helpful.  Everything was explained also very well.  The friendliness of our Instructor Mr. Jefferys was great!
Ronald Lendon
The HomeSpection Training Institute was a great Hands On training school. I now know how to give a proper home inspection because of Mr. Jefferys.  He is a great teacher.  Definitely worth the money.  Thank you Mr. Jefferys!
Anthony Loparo
Class was well thought out and delivered in a straight forward easy to follow manner.  I am very pleased with the class and material that I have learned.  I now feel I have the knowledge and tools to become a great Home Inspector.  Thank you Joe for your time and knowledge.
Shawn Oplinger
Joe makes learning fun and easy.  He is very thorough and patient with all of his students.  This is the best money I've ever spent.
Thomas Ruth
You made the learning process fun and easy to learn.  Thanks Joe for the confidence in us.  Thank You!
Jose Deoliveira
This class is great, very education and personable.  Mr. Jefferys takes great pride in this profession and in the class itself.  I am very lucky to have had a teacher/instructor like Mr. Jefferys.
Robert Kerschenske
Class was thorough and very well planned out.  Was very informative also.  Coming to a class room enviroment was the best way to obtain my knowledge.  I am so glad I came here instead of attempting to take a class on line.  The class Joe provides is amazing.
Martin Malloy
I liked the open form of discussing the course material  The course was very well taught and very informative.  The experience and wealth of information was priceless.  I am excited that I can call after graduation if I may have any questions on a job.  The Hands On approach and examples in the classroom helped me tremendously.
Jason Blankenship
I just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am for all the help you have given me while I've been getting my business off the ground.  You've always been there for me whenever I had a question.  You've helped me proof my business cards, my website, my brochures, and my first few inspections. The wisdom and experience that you so freely give to your students is invaluable.  You really do mean it when you say you are here for us after we complete the classes and that you want us to be successful.  I couldn't have done it without you! Thank You.
Chuck Shaffer
I went through The HomeSpection® Training Institute this past December. The school and the Hands On Training was excellent. Joe Jefferys gives each student 110% of his attention and time.  After completing the training Joe called me every week to check on my progress and offer advice and support.  Following his training I have started a successful business.  I'm averaging 3 to 5 inspections per week and have done 9 in one week.  Any one considering his school will NOT be disappointed!!
Matt Adams
Thank you Joe for your time and patience.  You make learning not just easy but enjoyable.  With so much to learn, I now know I will be ready for the next step as a Certified Home Inspector.  Thanks again!
Gerald Williams
Mr. Jefferys made it very enjoyable and informative during classes.  I didn't really know that much regarding homes but feel like I have a better understanging of how things work.  The hands on and being able to ask tons of questions helped tremendously.  Thanks for being a good teacher and taking time to answer all my questions.
Jonathan Brownlee
Joe, I just wanted to update you on my business success after being a student of yours just a short three months ago.  I can't say in enough words how grateful that I am from the training and support you have provided me from day one of school.  You have trained me to become a professional and provided me the marketing tools to become a successful business owner.  Without your will and drive in making sure your students succeed, I would not be in the position I am at today.  I know I can afford buying you that steak dinner!  Again, thank you so much for the continuing support as an Instructor and friend.
Todd Hoffmeyer
I wanted to thank you for all the continuing support that I have received since I've taken your class.  I know its probably hard for you to keep in contact with all your students you have had over the years.  Every time I've ever had a question or wanted your opinion about something, you've always called back or emailed me the same day.  With the knowledge you have shared with me thru class, I know I have a great start on those indivisuals who only took classes on line.  Once again, I just wanted to THANK YOU as an Instructor and as a friend.
Dale Starcher
I think the class was exciting and excellent and I learned alot over the first 40 hours of the Hands On Training.  I also think Joe Jefferys is a great teacher.  I can only suggest anyone that is interested in this profession should come to this school, again EXCELLENT!
Joseph Miller
Thought the class was excellent!  Enjoyed the Hands On Training in the class.  I learned a great deal.  Thanks Joe.
Steve Blasenhauer
This is definitely a highlight in my life.  I plan to take what Mr. Jefferys taught me to move up to the next level!
Brian Mathys
The class was very informative and interactive.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this profession.
Cateena Taylor
I think the class was GREAT!  I highly recommend to any body to take the class.  I got the best teaching for my money.  Thank you Joseph!
Denetrica Brooks
I can say that coming into the class I had little to no experience with any and everything I learned in the last 56 hours.  I'm very happy I came to learn from the best.  Joe Jefferys is a good teacher and made the class fun and exciting.  This is a profession that will last forever.
Jason Muscari
Thanks to my Instructor Joe.  He goes into complete depth on each subgect that involves Home Inspections.  Joe has the experience to Instruct a course with so many variables.  The Hands On experience makes this course above and beyond any other courses offered.  Thank you again Joe!
Todd Hoffmeyer
With 25 + years in construction remodeling and maintenance I was'nt sure what this class had to offer me.  I am happy to say that the class material and the teaching methods that Joe employs showed me that I had plenty to learn about Home Inspections.  I feel I am prepared to Inspect homes and do a good job for my future clients.  Alot of time was patiently given by Joe.  Thank you Joe!
Charles Shaffer
After attending The HomeSpection® Training Institute I realize now how important it is to learn the Hands On Training with all the levels of a home.  Mr. Jefferys takes the time indivisually with each student to make sure we all understood each topic from HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and so on.  I really appreciated at the end of the course that we were taken out in the field and Inspected real MLS listed homes on the market.  I suggest to anyone who is interested in the Home Inspection field that this school is the best!  Thank you Mr. Jefferys for your friendship.  I now can inspect any home with the upmost integrity and confidence. Your school was worth the drive.
Allen Noffsinger  
I truly am impressed by the training I have recieved during this class.  I wish I would have done this years ago!  I can"t wait to get started to start my own business.  I highy reccomend this school to anyone who is wanting to get started in this field.
Dale Starcher
This class was a great class to take.  Joe went above and beyond to teach me what I needed to know about Home Inspections.  He is a great teacher and guy!  He is now a friend.  Would recommend anyone to take this class.
Joseph Jones
Joe, I think you are a great teacher.  I like how you go in depth if we as the student don't understand something.  I enjoyed the environment of the class, also how the class wasn't to big.  I also enjoyed the hands on experience.  It was a great school and a great learning opportunity for me.  Thanks.  P.S. Thanks for making the class fun and entertaining.
Mike Yoder
My thoughts on the HomeSpection® Training was above and beyond my expectations!!  By far a great experience.  Thank you Mr. Jefferys for sharing your knowledge. A+++ on your your teaching skills.
Earnest Bally
Mr. Jefferys was very personable and makes you feel very comfortable.  I would recommend this Institute to anyone interested in the Home Inspection business.  Mr. Jefferys made sure that everyone in the class understood every topic before moving on to the next.  Again I recommend this School to anyone who is serious about the Home Inspection business.
Sean Bibey
I honestly didn't know what to expect when I started the class.  I didn't think I had the knowledge to inspect a house.  However, Mr. Jefferys teaching style and approach as to explaining the class materials are very effective.  He takes his time and makes sure you understand all material before moving on.  I enjoyed every minute of the class and the week flew by.  Mr. Jefferys even instructs you on how to set up your own business.  I would highly recommend anyone to take this excellent course.
Matthew Adam
After investigating all other schools and being a contractor for over 20 years, I knew it would be impossible to learn this profession on the so called ON LINE schools. I could not imagine learning my prior professions as a Carpenter, Plumber and Electrician just by reading text books.  The HomeSpection Training Institute went way beyond the text material which is important.  Mr. Jefferys answered all my questions as I progressed through the class on many important topics I had no experience in.  The hands on training was excellent in the class room and especially out in the field inspecting real homes with real problems.  Thank you Joe for my new career.  Your a great teacher!
Jerry Balswell
Joe, Thanks for the training, you exceeded my expectations!  The class hands on training was excellent but your personal insight and professional experience made all the difference.  As we all know , the text books can't teach you everything such as my off the wall questions during the course.  The time you took to explain things really gave me a confidence boost.  First day out of class, I feel like I am missing my new found friend "Joe"!! I can't imagine getting my training anywhere else.  Thanks again Joe for everything!
Donald Cockrell
After meeting and talking to Joe, he reassured me that I had the knowledge & experience to succeed.  His experience of Home Inspections and his hands on approach made all the difference in the world.  Joe's not only a great person inside and out, but he also cares about people, especially his students.  There is no doubt this is best school in the country. I wish him all his continued success in the future.  Thanks again Joe,  you are a class act!
Matt Kendziora
Mr. Jefferys instructions were very thorough.  He takes the time to answer any questions you may have at any time throughout class.  He shared experiences with me on topics I was not familiar with in return provided me with more retain-able knowledge.  I would recommend this class to anyone.  Mr. Jefferys was smart to teach in his career, he is very good at it!
Chris Weed
The HomeSpection® Training Institute is a great school and a great way to learn all the components and how a home functions.  Mr. Jefferys does a excellent job explaining training and the job requirements of a Home Inspector.  I'm glad I chose this school compared to all the rest due to the Hands On Training.  I see now it would be impossible to learn this profession on line.  This class is by far the best investment I have ever made.  If I had to do it over,  I would take the class again and I will refer the class to anyone.
Matthew Wesney 
"From day one, Joe's enthusiasm for teaching me and providing support and guidance has never changed.  After I completed my training, he never stopped calling me every once and a while to see how things were going and to answer any and all questions I had on the important steps I had to make on my business.  Joe was always available 24/7 to help me in any way.  And it's because of that my start in my business was a great one.  I can't thank him enough for all he has done!  Hands down, he is the best teacher I've ever had". Thanks Joe!
Tony Guardalabene
"I think the class and Joe as the Teacher were excellent. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting into this field."  Thank you so much Joe!
Rick Gaster

"Excellent hands on instructions, Great atmosphere, Great friends made during the course. A wonderful experience.
Jeffrey Coles
"I took the basic course at another college and was very disappointed with the instructor and the quality of the course. This school was the total opposite with 100% positive re-enforcement and great instruction.
Charles Taylor
"I enjoyed very much taking the class. I learned a lot and gained some very important knowledge about the Home Inspection profession and what to look for. From this class I will never look at a home again in the same way."
Trudie Middlebrooks
"I wish to thank Joe for his understanding of how to help me and my family. This class teaches the finer points of a Home Inspection. I was not capable of doing it correctly but now I can start my own business with the right tools and education and succeed in today's world. Thanks so much Joe."
Daniel Sedlock

"Class was very educational & fun. Very helpful. I would suggest to anyone to attend the school. Mr. Jefferys was the best."
Larry Michel

"What a great experience! Mr. Jefferys without question has been one of the greatest teachers I've ever had. He makes the learning process fun and becomes a great friend along the way. Easily the best decision I've ever made". Thank you Mr. Jefferys!
Tony Guaradalabene

"Excellent class! Relevant information combined with hands on as well as visual training. Joe is engaging, always willing to answer questions and go over anything the student is still in doubt about. Would and will highly recommend this class to anyone interested in Home Inspection field."
Ryan Smith

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